Am I Republican Or Democrat? Understanding Politics

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The United States of America is a free country and has one of the most robust democracies on the planet. 

This freedom means that Americans have many political opinions that they can express, classifying them as Democrats or Republicans.

You need to know where your ideas put you, vote for the right party, and identify with the right groups. 

Let us break down this complex political structure and help you figure out which party you should be rooting for;

Am I Republican Or Democrat? 

Your ideas and social policies will make you either a Republican or a Democrat. The best way to know whether you are a Democrat or Republican is by understanding their ideals and knowing which ones conform to yours.

The most significant difference between them is their ideals. The Democratic Party exercises a strong government with a more progressive means of helping their Citizens. 

They are generally more liberal in their opinions on Citizen Rights. The Republican Party, on the other hand, works for a more limited Government. 

This idea makes them take a conservative angle towards the rights of the Citizens. They allow citizens to make choices that affect them. 

From the two governing policies, you should be able to know where your vote should go. There are more differences between the two parties, and you must know them to determine which party best suits your needs.

What Are The Social Differences Between Democrats And Republicans?

Democrats and Republicans have many different policies, which you need to understand to know where your political inclination leads you. They differ in taxation, medical care, and much more, so let us break it down.

1. Logos and Colors

This symbol is the first difference you will notice in the two parties. A donkey logo represents democrats. 

A donkey is a tough, strong-willed, and hardworking animal that speaks a lot about the policies of Democrats.

This logo started in 1828 with Andrew Jackson, who used the donkey on his campaign posters. This poster was adopted and is now the official symbol of the Democrat party.

The Republicans use the elephant logo. It started with the 1st Republican Party; Abraham Lincoln was chosen to the Whitehouse during the civil war. 

This idea was adopted from a phrase, seeing the elephant, which was common by the civil war soldiers. 

2. Healthcare

Democrats have the idea of a more federally funded healthcare program. This program is best seen through Obama Care which gave all citizens access to inexpensive healthcare. Democrats also root for all citizens to be able to pay for their healthcare services.

Republicans support the idea of keeping healthcare private. This means that citizens get to choose a healthcare provider that suits them best.

The healthcare providers then compete with each other to make the services affordable and get more customers.

3. Marriage And Abortion

Democrats generally support gay marriages. There is still some division in the party since some members are against same-sex marriages. 

Democrats are for a pro-choice policy that allows women individual choices in matters of abortion. 

Republicans are for the constitutional amendment to illegalize same-sex marriages, and they only support marriage between a male and a female. 

Republicans support a pro-life policy that is against abortion and recommends other alternatives like adoption.

Administrative Differences Between Democrats And Liberals

Apart from social issues, there are critical differences in how these two parties believe people should be governed. 

These policies make up most of the United States’ laws, so you need to be well versed in them. Let us get into it and see all their differences;

1. The Economy and immigration

Democrats believe in a progressive taxation system for their citizens. This system means that rich people will pay a lot of tax while those with low wages will pay less. This is to make sure that citizens don’t get drained by paying the taxes.

Democrats believe that each citizen must have a wage that is enough to raise a healthy family. A wage that will allow each citizen to meet their financial needs, especially the basic needs.

Republicans, on the other hand, embrace cutting taxes as much as possible without damaging the overall country’s budget.

They believe in free-market rivalry and numerous forms of entrepreneurship, such as launching a personal business.

They also believe strongly in capitalism. This idea means that each American has the freedom to invest, build, prosper and make their money. Financial independence is a priority to Republicans to make all citizens comfortable.

On the topic of immigration, Democrats push for more lenient immigration restrictions. This will make it easier for immigrants to move to the US. 

This is an approach to make the US a more hospitable place for foreigners in the greater goal for world peace.

Republicans support strict immigration laws and a closed border system for foreigners. They are against letting immigrants easily get into the US to protect its resources and limit threats to its people.

2. Military

Democrats are completely against the creation of nuclear warheads. They believe that nuclear warheads are a threat and should be safeguarded worldwide. 

They believe the military’s budget should be reduced and that peace can be achieved with other nations. This policy also applies to Gun control, where democrats are against citizens owning and carrying guns in public even if they are concealed.

Republicans, on the other hand, believe that military strength is the way to keep America safe. They believe the country should have a powerful and well-funded military to build a safer world and guarantee peace for Americans.

Republicans want to allow more civilians to have guns following the second amendment. They allow citizens to carry weapons in public places as long as they are concealed. 

The Best Way To Express Your Political Beliefs

Although these groups differ in their policies, they compromise and coexist when drafting laws to help serve Americans. 

This move is a show of tolerance and understanding that needs to be embraced by every American. 

Even if you have strong political opinions, you need to know how to make your opinions known without offending other people. 

This skill is the key to building a safe community in which all members feel accepted, so let’s get into it;

We need to connect better with those with whom we differ in opinions. There is a difference between standing for an idea and standing against another idea. 

It is easier to communicate by telling someone what you believe in rather than shunning what they believe.

Most people have been raised with values that make them either Democrats or Republicans, so it is a part of their identity. 

Having this in mind, you need to be careful when addressing such a topic, so you don’t insult the other person’s thoughts. 

Know the right places to express your feelings and thoughts. Where you talk says a lot about how much respect you have for the other side. 

The best locations for political conversations are neutral areas that none of the parties identifies with.

It would help if you dealt with politics intelligently and coherently. Don’t get violent or aggressive with people who have an opinion that differs from yours. Throwing a punch or a couple of insults could land you in a lot of trouble.

You could get beat up or arrested by the police for assault. The brawl you start could easily escalate and cause a lot of damage. If you need to demonstrate, make it peaceful, don’t destroy any property or engage in violence.

Some tricks you can use include making people laugh as you make your point. If you get someone laughing, they will be more agreeable with what you are saying rather than when they are serious. 

You can do this by making ridiculous mental images and get your point without offending the other party. 

Before you make your point, partially affirm their beliefs to make them feel like you are trying to understand them, then go into your take.

Always try to offer an olive branch to meet the other person’s opinion. Talk like you are willing to compromise your beliefs to make them more comfortable. 

This open-mindedness will let them know that they are a priority to you, and they will be more open to a peaceful discussion.


Understanding your political beliefs and where they put you is important in any country that practices democracy.

For Americans, you need to know whether you are a Democrat or Republican as soon as you can to keep the country politically upright.

There are numerous differences between these two parties and their policies. Eventually, they come together and settle their differences to create balanced rules that meet the interests of all Americans. 

This correlation is an example to guide Americans in expressing their political opinions. It would help if you were nice and keen whenever dealing with a political topic since it is a sensitive topic for most people. The wrong expression could land you in a lot of trouble with a civilian or the police. 

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