Can You Use GameStop Gift Cards To Buy Other Gift Cards? 

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GameStop isn’t just the largest video game retailer in the world. There are also other interesting facts about the company that will blow your mind away. One of such is that they have their browser-based video game, called Kongregate. 

GameStop acquired the browser-based video game named Kongregate from a San Francisco-based firm called Kongregate in 2010. The video game offers game developers a platform for displaying and hosting their video games free. 

Another interesting thing about GameStop is its gift cards. With the gift cards, you can purchase games from GameStop. The retailer boasts a wide range of new and used video games, giving avid gamers a chance to own their dream video games without breaking a sweat. 

But here’s a question regarding the retailer’s gift cards, which many have been asking.

Can you use GameStop gift cards to buy other gift cards? 

You can use GameStop gift cards to buy other gift cards, provided they are gaming gift cards. You can’t use GameStop gift cards to purchase Amazon gift cards or Vanilla cards. 

Why so? The reason is that the cards mentioned above are non-gaming gift cards. However, it’s crucial to contact the brand you intend to exchange your GameStop gift cards with to know the possibility of such an exchange. 

You need to contact the brands to get firsthand information because brands can alter their policies whenever they deem fit. So, by contacting them, you’ll be up-to-date with the latest happenings.   

Alright, that’s the answer to the question. Continue reading for more information on GameStop gift cards. 

What GameStop Is

GameStop family comprises a range of specialty brands that makes popular technologies accessible and affordable. They’re popular consumer electronics, video games, and gaming merchandise retailers.

Headquartered in Texas, United States of America, GameStop is the biggest video game retailer globally. The company came into existence in 1984. It was founded by James McCurry and Gary M. Kusin. GameStop boasts 6,900 retail stores spread across 14 countries, with 4,816 of them currently in the United States of America.

Apart from the United States of America, you’ll find GameStop in Denmark, Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, New Zealand, Ireland, and Switzerland. They have over 20,000 full-time employees and over 17,000 part-time employees, as well.

What GameStop Gift Cards Are Used For

The GameStop gift cards are similar to PowerUp rewards, trade credits, and digital gift certificates. They all contain store credits, allowing users to purchase a range of products at GameStop.

You can purchase any products at GameStop stores in the United States of America. Or, you can visit, including, to purchase the item you need.

So, please remember that you can redeem your GameStop gift cards at any U.S-based GameStop store, Babbage’s, EB Games, Planet X, Electronics Boutique, and Software Etc. Stores.

A Handy Tip: Unless where it’s required by law, please note that you can’t return your GameStop gift cards, redeem them for cash, replace if stolen or lost, or apply as payment on an account.  

Where To Buy GameStop Gift Cards

You can purchase GameStop gift cards online or by going to their physical store. Online, you can purchase GameStop gift cards on too. Just choose whatever means is convenient for you. 

You can visit to buy your gift cards. But please note that gift cards ordered online take time to arrive. The gift cards are sent via US mail (first class), and they will arrive in one or even two weeks. 

A Handy Tip: The delivery time for gift certificates or digital gift cards is much shorter. You’ll receive details of the cards or the certificates within 48 hours after making payment. Your cards will arrive via email, containing the pin code, certificate, or card number. 

How To Know If Your GameStop Gift Card Is Usable Online

Firstly, keep in mind that you can’t use every GameStop gift card online. So, it’s best to determine if the gift cards you have are usable online to avoid wasting your time. 

How can you know which gift card is usable online? It’s simple. Check the back of the card. If there’s a portion that you need to scratch to reveal a pin code, know that you can redeem the card online. 

The pin code is only four digits. In addition to that, the card should have a 19 digit number. You need both numbers to redeem your gift cards online, so protect them very well. And if you find the pin code portion of the gift card scratched, know the card has been used by someone else. 

A Handy Tip: GameStop gift cards redeemable online and gift certificates or digital gift cards are quite similar in that they all require pin codes and card numbers. 

The only major difference is that the GameStop gift cards boast scratch-off pin codes, with the card number boldly written on the gift card. However, gift certificates or digital gift cards are sent via email. And the pin codes and card numbers are attached to the email. 

Additionally, please ensure you keep the pin code and card number of your gift certificates safe. If possible, copy and paste them on a notepad or Microsoft word document and save on your device. And ensure no one except you has access to the pin codes, including card number. Otherwise, they would steal and use your details. 

Redeeming GameStop Gift Card For Cash: Is It Possible?

Though GameStop gift cards are like cash, you can’t exchange them for cash or get a refund once your purchase has been processed. The only option you’ll have is to purchase items on GameStop with the available credit. 

However, the only way you can redeem GameStop gift cards or get a refund is if the law makes it possible. In other words, if your state law permits the exchange of gift cards for cash or refund, then it will be possible.  

A Handy Tip: In addition to gift cards, you can’t get a refund or exchange PowerUp rewards and digital gift cards for cash, except there’s a law in your state that allows it.   

Is There An Expiration Date For GameStop Gift Cards? 

According to GameStop, gift cards are like real cash. Now, does cash have an expiring date? No. So, GameStop gift cards don’t have an expiration date.  

You can use your gift cards to purchase a wide range of products from GameStop.  

Does Amazon Accept GameStop Gift Cards?

Yes, the eCommerce heavyweight does. So, you can purchase GameStop gift cards on Amazon. You can also purchase it via debit cards, credit cards, cash, or gift cards.

Does Roblox Accept GameStop Gift Cards? 

Yes, Roblox does. You can use your GameStop gift cards to purchase Robux, which is Roblox’s virtual currency. Additionally, when you use your GameStop gift cards to purchase Robux, you’ll be able to upgrade your avatar and enjoy other in-game content.  

How can you use your GameStop gift cards on Roblox? It’s simple, and here are the steps. 

Step#1: Visit the website Here is where the whole process takes place.

Step#2: Now, log in. If you don’t have an account, you have to create one to proceed. But don’t panic; the process isn’t time-consuming. 

Step#3: Prepare the gift card for use. What you have to do is scratch the card to reveal the pin code.

Step#4: Now, enter the pin on the website and use the GameStop credit to purchase some Robux.

Does Steam Accept GameStop Gift Cards?

Yes, Steam accepts GameStop gift cards. How it works is that you have to use your GameStop gift cards to purchase a Steam gift card. Once you buy the Steam gift card, you can then redeem it for wallet money whenever you’re ready. 


Can you use GameStop gift cards to buy other gift cards? The answer is yes. You can use them to buy gaming gift cards. For example, you can use GameStop gift cards to buy steam gift cards.

GameStop is the biggest video game retailer on the planet. So, they have what it takes to meet the needs of avid gamers around the world. But if you plan to use the platform, you need to know how they operate.

We have shared some information about GameStop gift cards here. So, read to make an informed decision.   

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