Best Canister Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

best canister vacuum for hardwood and carpet

A dirty floor can easily become a proper breeding ground for lice, bacteria, mold, and fungi. (And perhaps a new foul species or two!) If left untreated, the dirt and other pollutants in your carpets or on your hard floors will contaminate the air, make your socks dirty, and overall present a real biohazard for … Read more

5 Best Vinyl Floor Cleaning Machines Reviews

best vinyl floor cleaner

Cleaning a vinyl floor can be a little bit different than cleaning other kinds of solid floors, and yet the process is also very similar. The trick to cleaning a vinyl floor properly is to be able to embrace the similarities and be well aware of the differences. Possessing a cleaning machine that is similar … Read more

Best Laminate Floor Cleaning Machine Reviews

Laminate floors have quickly gained a lot of popularity because of the advanced features it comes with at a very reasonable price. They are usually designed with hardwood and covered with a long-lasting photograph wear layer. Now, you may install a laminate floor because of the beauty it holds. But can you keep it that … Read more