Do Converse Stretch Out? Can I Make Them Wider?

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Allstar converse is pretty popular. They were and are still in style. However, one of the things that many asks before buying them is: do converse stretch out or not. 

And as you have clicked on this article, we believe you have the same thing in your mind too.

Well, you just came to the right place for the answer. We have a couple of pairs. And we tested all of them out to find out whether they stretch or not. Yes, we abused our beautiful and perfect shoes for this! But it did not go in vain! It was for science!

Nonetheless, we did not only find out the answer but also got to know many things regarding them. And we will describe all the things we found out in this article. So, grab yourself a refreshing beverage and continue reading!

Are Shoes Stretching A Bad Thing?

Before we get into anything else, we would like to address that the trait of shoes being capable of stretching is both a good and bad thing. 

First, let us see why do these stretch out? Well, the reason would be the construction material. These are constructed of canvas. 

Now, what exactly is canvas? It is a specific type of fabric that can stretch out. That is why the shoe conforms to the shape of the feet. And after you take your feet out, they will return to their original condition.

But what is good about the stretchable trait? It ensures that you have a proper fit. Also, it will make sure that the wearing experience is comfortable. 

Without the stretchable attribute, these shoes would be pretty notorious for leaving blisters all over the skin, which is certainly not the case for these.

However, the canvas material will not always be capable of returning to its original form. Over time, it can stretch out permanently. And there is a good thing about it as well. 

If you cannot find a size that fits perfectly on your feet, you can just get something that is a tad small. 

Eventually, the material will stretch out to a specific amount that the fit will be perfect. But do keep in mind that it will take a reasonable amount of time for this to happen.

Nonetheless, there are disadvantages as well. Firstly, if the shoe fits perfectly at the beginning, the fit will not be the same after the canvas stretches out. 

It can go to a point where the shoe might not be wearable at all. Secondly, the stretching property can deform the shoe. It can make the pair lose its form permanently.

Do Converse Shoes Stretch Out?

Like we mentioned, these shoes are of canvas material. And this material has a stretchable property, which makes them conform to the shape of the foot. 

So, in theory, converse shoes should stretch out as well. Now, the stretching will not be permanent in the very beginning. The material will shrink back to its shape.

But over time, when the material has handled too much wear and tear, it will lose its ability to reverse the stretch. And the stretch can then be permanent. Once that happens, you might lose the feeling of having a perfect fit that you enjoyed once.

How To Make Converse Shoes A Bit Wide?

Due to the construction material of the shoes, these have the ability to stretch out a bit. 

The stretch is not usually permanent at the very beginning; the fabric will generally shrink right back into its original form. But what if you got a shoe that is a bit small for your feet and you want to widen it a bit?

Well, then what you are looking to do is to stretch out the fabric permanently. But does not that requires you to wear the shoe and use it for a long amount of time? It does, but there is a process that you can follow to widen the pair up permanently when they are new. 

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Stuff the Shoes with Something

First and foremost, get yourself some paper. Tissue papers are going to work exceptionally well too. 

Form the paper or tissue into small balls and stuff them inside the shoe. Get as many of these balls inside as possible. The reason behind this is to make the shoe widen up.

Also, do not forget to put a good amount of paper balls in the middle region of the shoe. If you stuff the toe region only, that specific area is going to widen up, not the surrounding areas. And that would be another issue that you would have to fix.

Step 2: Tie the Laces Tightly

After you have stuffed the inside with paper balls, it would be time to work with the lace region. 

You would need to tighten them up. But before that, stuff some of the paper balls in that region and fill up the void. Then tighten the laces up as tightly as possible.

If you leave the laces are left loose, the shoe will not widen up. So, we would recommend double-checking the tightness of the laces.

Step 3: Dunk the Shoes in Cold Water

Take a bucket that is wide enough to accommodate both of the shoes. Fill it up with cold water. Put the shoe inside the water and put some ice cubs on the top. Leave them for a while.

Once the water gets warm and gets to room temperature, take the shoes out. Your guts might tell you to dry them up with a dryer, but that is something that you would not want to do. It will cause the fabric to tighten up, which is something we do not want to gain here.

Instead, leave them out in the air and let them dry up naturally. While the shoes are drying, try to stuff more of the paper balls inside. 

That will hinder the fabric from shrinking. If you are out of paper balls, throw some shocks inside. Once it dries up, you should end up with a widened-up converse.

Other Processes Of Widening Out The Converse

Apart from the method that we have discussed above, there are two other ways of widening the converse shoes. And they are:

Shoe Stretchers

There is a dedicated tool available for widening up the leather shoes. This tool will be of wood and metal parts. 

The modification knob allows the user to widen up the overall width and overall length of the shoes. And it works for the canvas material that converse uses as well.

On that note, the great thing about these tools is that you will find them in your local stores. So, there will be no need to worry about not being capable of getting one of these in your hands.

Sun Light

Many would recommend not wearing or keeping the shoes out in the sun. Well, that is because the material breaks in faster in heat, and the pair might get widened up exceptionally fast. But that is all that we are after, right?

Considering that, you can achieve a similar result to the method we have discussed above but leaving pair out in the sun. 

All you need to do is stuff the shoe with paper or socks. Tighten up the laces and leave them out. The heat from the sun will make the canvas material break in fast, and eventually, it will widen up.

However, do note that the process can fade the color a bit. But the faded off-white look does not suit the overall outlooks of the converse. Also, this process will not be as quick as the method we have elaborated on above. 

You might have to leave the pair out for a long time and in multiple sessions to get proper results.

Is It Possible To Narrow Up The Converse Shoes?

Well, we hate to break it to you that the material only stretches out. It does not shrink and get narrower than the original form. In other words, the shoes will not get slimmer over time; they will only widen up. 

For that reason, choosing something that is smaller is a good idea than selecting a size that is larger than your feet. 

So, if you are planning to avoid widening up the shoes, stay out of the heat, take proper care of the shoes, and try not to wear them too much.

Final Words

To sum things up, the main takeaway from this topic regarding do converse stretch out or not is that they do stretch out. 

And by following one of the processes we have mentioned above, you can widen up the width of the shoe. But it is not possible to make the shoes narrower than it already is.

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