Do Whippets Kill Brain Cells? A Guide On Whippets And Brain Cells

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The human brain cannot function without Oxygen, and the longer the brain goes without Oxygen, the more damages caused. Whippets are common drugs also referred to as Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas used to get “high.” Since they stimulate the brain and make the user hysterical, they can cause some long-term damage. Whippets are strictly regulated in most countries of the world today, but that has not stopped individuals from manufacturing them even from the comfort of their homes. 

So, Do Whippets Kill Brain Cells?

Yes, long-term use of whippets can deprive the human brain and heart of Oxygen, causing a condition known as Hypoxia. The blockage of Oxygen to vital organs like the brain will eventually cause severe damages. 

How Whippets Affect Your Brain 

Occasional use of whippets may not cause long-term damages as the brain recovers quickly when Oxygen and blood supplies are restored. 

Like many other stimulating drugs, whippets may cause irreparable damage to the nerves and brain cells when used in the long term. There is a wide range of noticeable signs or symptoms as the drug reduces Oxygen supplies to your vital organs. 

Many people consider whippets as fun drugs to use in some occasional instances until they become addicted to them. 

Whippets are recommended for dental use often where a dentist uses the drug to alleviate pains during dental procedures. 

What Is Nitrous Oxide Or Whippet?

Nitrous oxide, whippets, or laughing gas is used in controlled amounts, and it does not put a patient out when the right dose is used. The ratio of this gas within the drug is customarily controlled, and supplemental Oxygen is given to a patient undergoing surgical procedures like dental treatments. 

Whippets can thus be described as Nitrous Oxide substances comprising mainly Nitrogen and Oxygen. The use of this drug began in the late 1700s and early 1800s. It was initially designed as an inhalant to smoothen muscle tissues. It works by dilating blood vessels, especially those in the lungs. 

Nitrous Oxide is also known to reduce pain while providing the user with some pleasurable feelings. Many users will describe whippets by the happy-drunk type of feeling. Whippets are also known to cause some auditory effects, such as hearing a continuous electronic throbbing sound. Blurred vision is also possible after prolonged usage. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Using Whippets?

Aside from partial clogging of the ears, visual effects are noticeable when whippets are taken for several minutes. Whippets’ users can notice lightheadedness, dizziness, and cloudy eyes. 

In addition to euphoria, other symptoms of using whippets are; sedation, laughing uncontrollably, low blood pressure, confusion, and lack of coordination. In severe cases, whippets may cause a heart attack or sudden death. 

Several factors will likely determine the effects of whippets on the brain. The amount is taken, the age, size, and medical records of the individual, the period of usage, whether whippets are mixed with other substances like alcohol. 

Difficulty in breathing is also common, especially when you take whippets for the first time or take them for prolonged periods. An increase in heartbeat rates and temporary loss of motor control are also common issues suffered by whippets’ users. 

When used directly from cans or canisters, you may witness cold burns on your lips, throat, or skin after sniffing the gas. The reason for this is the acute exposure to the temperature of the nitrous oxide gas. 

When consumed in large quantities, whippets may cause severe side effects. A sharp drop in blood pressure is one of the side effects of consuming large amounts of whippets. When a single large dose is taken, you may suffer from fainting, and when you continue using large quantities for a long time, you may suffer a heart attack or asphyxiation. Asphyxiation is one of the leading causes of death associated with prolonged use of whippets. 

The Negative Long Term Effects Of Whippets

Long-term abuse of whippets has potentially severe side effects on the health of individuals. Oxygen deprivation alone can cause the steady death of brain cells due to a lack of oxygen supply. Death of brain cells may also result in brain damage that could be permanent.  

Since an individual requires a substantial amount of B12 vitamin for optimal brain function, this vitamin contributes immensely to forming essential red blood cells. Individuals who abuse Nitrous Oxide deplete their Vitamin B12 complex regularly, which significantly affects the nervous system. 

When nerve damages occur, limb spasms are witnessed. The onset of brain damage in whippets’ abusers is characterized by memory loss. 

Though psychological issues in abusers of whippets are rare, such psychological problems often characterize the possible loss of memory. Depression and psychosis are also advance symptoms of whippets’ abuse. 

Ringing and buzzing sounds in the ear, disruption in the reproductive system, and incontinence are some other common advanced symptoms of the problem. Pregnant women who take significant doses of whippets have kids with birth defects.

How Is Whippets’ Addiction Treated?

The treatment offered to individuals addicted to whippets is similar to those suffering from other drugs that trigger psychological dependency. The physician may have to discover the underlying cause of addiction in the first place. Addiction treatment typically involves a combination of behavioral change and possible medications. 

Helping the victim develop coping mechanisms, especially after withdrawal from whippets, is also essential. Equine-assisted therapy is one of the common treatments used in speeding up recovery in patients. Treatments are typically customized to fit the needs of the individual victim, and progress is monitored throughout treatment.

What Happens When you Take Whippets?

Whippets may cause some tingling sensation and mainly in the arms and legs few minutes after taking them. Some people may experience warmer body temperatures and some vibrations. The individual can experience some floating feeling. 

Those who use whippets will eventually witness extreme tiredness or weakness. You may experience some floating feeling and some uncoordinated movements too. Uncontrollable sweating, laughter, and numbness are also common occurrences after several minutes of ingesting whippets.

Like many other drugs, the manner of reaction of an individual to whippets will depend mainly on their age, medical conditions, and size. It will also depend primarily on the dose used, the frequency of usage, and whether the individual combines the drug with other substances. 

How Do Whippets Work?

Do the exact mechanism of operation is unknown, but it has been observed that whippets work by depressing most sensations in your body. Researchers observed that the substance depresses most feelings especially hearing, and touch. It also works by preventing some of the emotional regulatory centers of the brain from normal functioning. 

Experts observed that the substance would mildly affect intelligence, concentration, and memory; hence the user may still manage and control some normal activities. One theory that all researchers have agreed upon is that Whippets cause euphoria because it deprives the brain of Oxygen. 

How Are Whippets Used?

Generally, the food-grade version of whippets is recommended in many cases. You can obtain it from whipped cream or the whipped cream charger. The Nitrous oxide inside whipped cream is not preferred often because it leaves an oily residue. Nitrous oxide is used in propelling the whipped cream from the canister. Many people do suck the gas after eating the whipped cream. 

Whippets also come in the form of cartridges, and all you have to do to use the gas is puncture the top of the cartridge and let the Nitrous oxide escape. You can put a balloon at the end of a charger and then suck the gas out of the balloon, but most people suck the nitrous gas directly out of the whippet. 

Automotive-grade nitrous oxide is never recommended for inhaling because it contains a very poisonous Sulphur Oxide gas. Sulfur oxide in automotive nitrous oxide is known to damage the lungs. 

Mixing other substances with whippets has potentially dangerous side effects, and such implications may even aggravate many of the known side effects of whippets. Intense dislocation may occur when you combine whippets with other substances like cannabis or mushroom. When whippets are mixed with alcohol, you will likely suffer reduced concentration, confusion, and sluggishness. 


Whippets can be used controllably, mainly when strict adherence to doses is observed. The food-grade whippets are also the ones used in medical practices such as dental treatments, and those come with some supply of Oxygen to compensate for the loss of the gas. Whippets in any form can be potentially dangerous, regardless of whether they are food-grade or automotive-grade. IT is also important to avoid combining whippets with just any stimulant to avoid aggravated complications that can lead to irreversible damages or death. It is also essential to deal with any underlying medical conditions before taking whippets, to avoid even more severe complications.

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