Do You Have To Be Married To Be President? : Answered

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Well, we get it! Suddenly, you’re passing your time freely in the wild, and questions appear from left and right. Right at that moment, you might start wondering whether the president needs to be married or not.

 Or perhaps, you want to take on the world and become the president! So, you ask everyone – do you have to be married to be president?

Well, fellow dreamer, you certainly don’t need to be married to become the president! We’ve seen a lot of unmarried presidents around us. And, trust me, they did a wonderful job!

 But, what about the first lady, then? 

We get it! Your curious mind won’t stop until we break everything down. Keep reading to get the answer.

Do You Have To Be Married To Be President?

Drum rolls for our most awaited answer! No, you don’t need to be married to become a President. In fact, there’s nowhere written that you need to be married before becoming a president.

Out of the 5 requirements of being a president of the USA, there’s nowhere mentioned about getting married. You’ll just need to be a resident of 14+ years, natural-born in the USA! Plus, you’ll need to be at least 35 years old.

That’s all; there’s nowhere mentioned that you’ll need to get married for being a President of the USA. On the other hand, there were many presidents before in the USA who were single.

These presidents served for longer tenures. As a matter of fact, they did their job well and served the country properly.

 In terms of Asian countries, marriage has been quite the thing. And, it has been followed as a common tradition for all. That said, in countries like India and the Philippines, the presidents have been unmarried.

 Some countries have prime ministers who serve as the head of the state. Even these individuals don’t need to be married to go in that position. If you ever need to be prime minister, you don’t need to be married either.

So, to conclude it all, you don’t need to be married to be a president. All you need to do is fill in the requirements of being a president. And, not all countries have marriage as a requirement for being the head of state.

Current Unmarried Leaders In Different Countries

Well. If you thought there were unmarried presidents in the past, you’re wrong. There are a lot of unmarried presidents in the world.

 These presidents have served their country well. But then again, they have to share their presidential suits with no one. Well, there is nothing we can do about that.

 The Best we can do is provide the list of the presidents who are unmarried throughout these times. 

Mark Rutte

The Dutch Prime Minister is the first bachelor on our list! The president is 40-years old. And, he has kept his private world discreet to everyone.

Park Geun Hye

South Korea’s President is unmarried! In fact, she also served as the First Lady and the President of the state.

Evo Morales

Bolivia’s president has been unmarried as well. However, there are some speculations about him being a bit flirtatious. Still, it’s fair to assume that he is contented with his single status.

Benigno Aquino III

Philippino president hasn’t married as well, which made him the first-ever bachelor President of the Philippines.  

Dalia Grybauskaite

Another addition to our bachelor’s list is Lithuania’s president. There’s been a poll where it’s found that Lithuanians who are single reported being the happiest of any population. So maybe we can say the ultimate proof is their president. 

Ian Khama

The President of Botswana has been unmarried as well. Ian Khama is also known as the most eligible head of state in all of Africa.

Vladimir Putin

You may not know, Vladimir, The President of Russia, split from his wife a while back. But, he has been unmarried since then. Also, he has been termed as the most eligible bachelor in Russia!

What Does History Have To Say About Unmarried Presidents?

We’ve given you the answer to your question already. But, you might wonder what history has to offer. And, yes, some Presidents were single and married. Most importantly, they served the state pretty well without a problem.

To make it easier for you, we’ve even enlisted the Presidents who haven’t married in their tenure. So, let’s begin with the list, shall we?

There were Presidents who haven’t married and still served their office. President Woodrow Wilson served as a single President. But, he was married, and this spouse died in 1915.

When it came to candidates, there was one in the 2016 elections named Lindsey Graham. He was unmarried, which didn’t cause any trouble for him at all. Then again, he wasn’t the president!

If you want to know about our list of unmarried Presidents, here it is –

Thomas Jefferson

His wife, Martha Skelton Jefferson, passed away in 1782 before his husband got declared president. And, the president served this tenure being unmarried.

Andrew Jackson

The head of the state’s wife passed away shortly after he was elected!

John Tyler

President’s wife Letitia passed away while he was serving!

James Buchanan

The chief of the state remained unmarried in his tenure. In fact, he was never married to anyone!

Grover Cleveland

He didn’t marry anyone as well. Cleveland remained unmarried throughout his service.

Nelson Mandela (Special Case)

Now, we know Nelson Mandela was married to his wife, Winnie Madikizela Mandela. But, they were on cold terms with one another.

And, their frosty relationship was known to the world throughout this time. After 1990, everyone started knowing about their cold relationship.

So, the president got separated from his wife in 1992. After this, they divorced in 1994. And, finally, the divorce was finalized in 1996. 

The finalization of the divorce took time. Otherwise, the president would’ve been unmarried throughout this tenure as well. Here, the president was accompanied by his daughter Ms. Mandela Dlamini.

Ian Khama

The President of Botswana is unmarried as well. In fact, he hasn’t married since 2008.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

The 11th President of India never married anyone. He was unmarried throughout his tenure and has been the most lovable person.

Who Is The First Lady For Unmarried Presidents?

By now, you’ll know the list of unmarried presidents. But, the question might come about who acted as the first lady. Well, as these Presidents haven’t married anyone, they’ll need to have the first lady.

In these scenarios, the president gets a First Lady appointed to him. Most commonly, it’s the relative of the president who becomes the First Lady.

Here, the First Lady has to serve all the roles as the president’s wife would. Also, the First Lady gets all the power as the president’s wife!

So, if you wanted to know, here’s the list of the unmarried President’s First Lady –

Thomas Jefferson

The United States of America’s 3rd President chose his daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph as the First Lady.

Andrew Jackson

The USA President chose his niece Emily Donelson as the First Lady. Later, he appointed his Daughter-in-law Sarah Jackson.

Martin Van Buren

The 8th President of The USA appointed his Daughter-In-Law Angelica Van Buren as the First Lady.

John Tyler

Daughter-In-Law Priscilla Tyler of the USA president served as the First Lady. 

James Buchanan

15th USA President’s niece Harriet Lane served as the First Lady.

Chester Arthur

The 21st President of The United States of America had appointed his sister Mary McElroy as the First Lady.

Grover Cleveland

As the president of the United States of America remained unmarried, he appointed his sister Rose Cleveland as the First Lady.

Benjamin Harrison

The 23rd USA President appointed his daughter Mary McKee as the First Lady.

Woodrow Wilson

President’s daughter Margaret Wilson acted as the First Lady as he remained unmarried. Woodrow Wilson was the President of the United States of America. 

Reaction To Unmarried Presidents

Honestly, unmarried Presidents have served their states for quite some time now. And they have done their jobs exceptionally well. That said, people do have their own perceptions regarding this matter.

Even though people have never raised their voice on this matter, times could change! Also, nowadays, the influence of foreign media could easily gulf this issue.

They could say a lot to an unmarried President. And, people could say a lot as well. But, if these individuals were widowed, then things would’ve been different.

In the end, family values do matter! And, the people could easily raise a voice about these Presidents being unmarried.

That said, unmarried Presidents were there in the past. And, them being unmarried possessed no problem whatsoever.

Final Words

That’s all on our plate. We’re happy to conclude this article. Here, we’ve answered your question about ‘Do you have to be married to be president?’ And, it’s been an absolute pleasure serving you.

In the end, we’d like to say that the Presidents have served well. And, it doesn’t matter if they’re married or unmarried. In fact, Presidents being unmarried didn’t face any criticism from society.

So, if you’d like to take on the world one day, you don’t need anyone by your side. You might as well go there alone and fight your battles.

That’s it, friend! Goodbye!

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