Playing Minecraft On Playstation: Do You Need Ps Plus To Play Minecraft?

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A never-ending terrain with infinite tools and resources can never get boring. Minecraft is one such game that has gamers hooked to it for these very reasons. But if you play the game on PlayStation, switching from PS3 to PS4 Minecraft might be a bit confusing process. 

Many users notice that on PS4, they are unable to get the whole experience of Minecraft as they did in PS3 or previous PlayStations. Why is that? Searching for this, you might come across a term called ‘PS Plus.’ What is it? Do you need PS Plus to play Minecraft? Read more below to find out:

What Is PS Plus?

PS Plus stands for Play Station Plus. It is a subscription service created by Sony PlayStation and is accessible on PS4 and PS5. In simple words, PS Plus offers enhanced features that you don’t usually get in normal PlayStation gaming. These benefits can make your gaming experience effortless and smooth.

A prominent feature you will get by getting a PS Plus subscription is multi-player gaming. This service offers you to play games with your friends online and enjoy a thrilling time together. A Share play option enables you to share your screen with your friends while you play.

During Share Play, your friend can take over the game with their consoles whenever they want. The option of just observing is available as well.

Another important feature of getting a PS Plus subscription is that it lets you play a minimum of 3 PS4 and PS5 games per month. Every month, it is guaranteed that you will get two PS4 games for free. 

These games will be accessible to play as long as you stay a PS Plus member. As a result, you get to build a collection and play superhit games every month for free.

Occasionally, PS Plus offers PS5 games for free as well. But they become unavailable in a month or two for playing as the offer is limited. 

Nonetheless, PS Plus can also get you exciting deals on different game extensions and advancements unavailable to the public. It also offers 100GB of cloud storage to download additional games.

Do You Need PS Plus To Play Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game that has taken the whole world by storm. It is so addictive and satisfying that there is hardly anybody who doesn’t like this game. Minecraft can be bought on almost all platforms starting from Xbox, android, Windows — which makes PlayStation an obvious option.

But how do you play Minecraft on your PlayStation? Does it need additional charges? Do you need a PS Plus subscription for it? Well, the answer is both no and yes. If you’re playing the game on PS3 or any older versions, you do not need a PS Plus to account for it. The game is yours, ready to go.

However, on PS4 and PS5, you will, unfortunately, need a PS Plus account to access online playing. Though online play is optional, offline playing will not let you have all the fun since many features will be unavailable. 

The online version gives you a whole experience of the game, and you can build endlessly with no interruptions.

Minecraft’s PS4 version has required PS plus accounts since the time it was launched. This is not just in the case of Minecraft but most games on PS4. Although you can play a few games like Fortnite online for free, God of War and most other big-league games need a subscription. 

Besides, with the help of the subscription, you get full access to several other PS Plus benefits.

For example, one such benefit is getting to play the game with your friends. Games like Minecraft are designed to be enjoyed more when played in groups. Whether it be making a fort together or breaking somebody else’s, team playing increases the fun in all ways.

Whenever gamers need to pass the time playing something sweet yet straightforward, Minecraft becomes one of the top choices. That’s why Sony has made it mandatory for users to have a PS Plus subscript to enable the multi-player feature.

However, you can use the ‘split-screen option’ on all platforms without the need of having a PS Plus. 

We know spending a few extra bucks sometimes to play a game might sound unnecessary. But if you look at the perks of it, it can be worth it. Besides, all platforms need continuous maintenance work to ensure a good experience for their users. 

The subscription pays for this service, and you get a smooth and non-lagging performance.

Therefore, the moral of the story is you do not need a PS Plus account to play Minecraft on PS3. But you do need it on PS4, PS5, and all other upcoming PS versions.

How To Get A Ps Plus Subscription?

If you have a PS4 or PS5, buying a PS Plus subscription is easy. All you have to do is click on the PS Plus icon on your PlayStation home screen and click on ‘Join PlayStation Plus.’ 

Next, your screen will show three different plans you can choose from to buy your subscription.

The plans of PlayStation Plus are:


You have to make the payment every month for the monthly subscription, and it costs not much per month. 

The benefit of this plan is that you can cancel your subscription anytime and not incur a significant loss since the bill is paid monthly. This subscription plan is perfect if you know you will use the service for a short time.


This subscription is a 3-month plan, and it costs below thirty dollars every three months. With this plan, you’ll have to make payments at every quarter of the year. If you want to discontinue the plan, you can do so after each quarter. It is a good plan if you like to are a frequent gamer but like to stay safe with your subscription plan.

Notice that your cost per month is much less than the cost of a monthly subscription with this plan. Therefore, if you know you’ll use the PS Plus for more than three months, it is better to get the quarterly plan.


The final subscription plan PS Plus offers is the yearly plan. Here, you pay for the subscription once, and the subscription is yours for a year from that day. Now, we know it sounds crazy to pay for your subscription so early in advance — that too for such a long amount of time.

But yearly plans are actually very common for people who use an online service frequently for a long time. Moreover, it can save you a lot of money. For example, the PS Plus yearly plan can cost about sixty dollars every 12 months. It sounds like a lot that you have to pay compared to the previous plans, right?

However, do realize that this plan comes around way less per month! You’re only making the payment in advance all at once. With this plan, you’ll save about 50% more than paying monthly. Whereas in comparison to quarterly, you’re saving approximately 40%. 

To be honest, these are all marketing strategies used by big platforms to hook the users to their service. But if you are a regular user and you know you will use this platform for a very long time ahead, it is better to use these strategized plans. I mean, the money-saving is not a lie.

Therefore, to enjoy an uninterrupted Minecraft experience on PlayStation, consider getting a PS Plus plan.

Advantages Of Playing Minecraft With PS Plus

With a PlayStation 4 or 5, having a PS Plus account has almost become mandatory. It unleashes access to a bunch of amazing games with great deals. Likewise, playing Minecraft with a PS Plus subscription also has its own set of advantages. Such as:

Cross-Platform Play

With a PS Plus subscription, you can play the Minecraft Bedrock version with players across other platforms. This means that if you have a PS4 and your friend plays Minecraft on Xbox, you’ll need a PS Plus account to play the game with him.

Multi-Player Gaming

Like mentioned before, PS Plus enables you to play Minecraft with your friends online. You can add up to 8 players to a session.

Exciting Deals and Offers

Community-made products can be purchased from the Minecraft marketplace with a PlayStation Plus plan.

Final Words

Minecraft is an enjoyable game that explores never-ending terrain, and you can build your dream structures. It is a fun and exciting game that has developed a lot over the years. With its graphics and features improving every season, you can never get bored of Minecraft.

Therefore, as consoles for playing a game vary, their technicalities and processing differ as well. In the case of PlayStation, it’s whether or not to have a PS Plus account! Hence, if you were questioning, “do you need PS plus to play Minecraft?” we hope this article gave you the answers.

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