Does Borderless Window Affect Performance? What We Discovered

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Games are fun. One thing that makes playing games on your PC exciting is the ability to customize them.

When you launch a game on your PC, it shows you the display mode setting. 

There are three options in the display mode setting, full screen, windowed, or borderless window.

A borderless window is like a compromise between full screen and windowed mode.

So, here comes the question.

Does playing on borderless windows affect performance?

Playing on a borderless window can affect performance. However, this depends on your PC’s hardware specs and the game you are playing.

In borderless window mode, your game can cover your screen, just like in full-screen mode. However, other applications will still be running in the background.

Your mouse cursor will also move freely, making it easier to move in and out of the game window. You can also access other sites without losing your game.

This feature is advantageous if your computer can handle the pressure.

Other Display Modes Versus Borderless Mode

In full screen, the game covers the entire PC screen. The mouse cursor is stuck on the page and cannot be moved.

It gives you full access to the game without any interruption from other applications. And the gamer needs to exit the game by using the Alt + Tab keys. 

In the windowed mode, the game takes up only a part of the screen. You can play your game and use other applications. 

Recommended Usage For Borderless Window Mode

Borderless windows usage is recommended with high-end computers with powerful processors and sufficient RAM size. Such devices will offer a seamless gaming experience regardless of background apps.

If your computer has fewer resources, use a full-screen mode to play your game. Your computer dedicates much of its power to run the game. 

A windowed mode is only recommended when you do not want to play at full-screen size for some reason.

However, to have a smooth gaming experience, it is better to close all apps running in the background.

What Are Some Troubles You Bump Into Using Borderless Window Mode?

Playing games in borderless window mode consumes more space in the random-access video memory (VRAM) as other background applications are still running.

If your resolution is high, it will use even more space. If you have enough space, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Using borderless window mode may not affect your frames per second (FPS). However, your input latency will increase. While the full-screen latency is at 40ms, that of borderless windows is at 65ms. 

Using borderless window mode takes up more resources. Applications running in the background are prioritized as much as the game you’re playing.

In borderless window mode, the game is not the center of attraction. Other applications are also running fully, unlike in the full-screen mode.

A handy tip: Borderless window mode works better if you have a multi-monitor setup, so you can easily switch the displays.

How To Switch To Borderless Window Mode

Borderless window mode is the latest model added to the display mode settings. So, if your PC does not have this feature yet, it can be maneuvered.

You have to download a freeware application known as Fullscreenizer.

Fullscreenizer will enable your system to go on full screen in a windowed mode, making it a borderless window.

After installing Fullscreenizer, go on to configure your game. In the configuration panel, change the display to windowed mode instead of full screen.

Before you change the display, increase your resolution to the highest. This setting will enable your monitor to work in line with the windows in the exact screen resolution.

However, since this window is not used to this interface like the taskbar, you will not immediately see a full screen.

Once you apply these changes, verify them, or restart your game.

With the game and Fullscreenizer on, you need to switch out of the game with the windows Alt+Tab command. If you still can’t find your PC game amongst the running programs, go back to Fullscreenizer, click on it and then click ‘refresh.’

Once this is done, you can click on your game and then click ‘Fullscreenizer.’ 

Tada! You have a full screen for yourself, covering up the taskbar, and you can still move in and out to other pages just by using the Alt+Tab keys.

The good thing about it is that you will not see that black screen because of the delay.

On the other hand, if you already have a borderless window in your mode of display setting, you need to take these steps to use it.

How To Add A Game To Borderless Window Mode

First of all, you need to run the app and then start the game. Run the game in windowed mode before you add it to the app.

Now that your game runs in windowed mode go to the apps tray and click on ‘Add Window.’

Now, return to your game, and as the game window is still very active, press F3.

Your game now is in borderless window mode. 

Your settings are already saved, so once the system notices a game in windowed mode, it automatically converts it to borderless mode. So, you won’t have to repeat this process.

Another way you can force borderless mode is by pressing F4 while a game is going on.

How To Remove A Game From Borderless Window Mode

To remove a game, go to the app’s tray icon and click on ‘Open game settings. After that, you will see the delete button.

Press this button, and the game is deleted. Once deleted, the app will no longer manage that game window style.

In knowing more about borderless windows, there are some key points that we need to know.

Some Key Points About Borderless Windows

#1. It enables you to use a full screen, but you can also alternate between windows, unlike the full-screen window.

#2. It also provides native features in today’s modern titles. You can also force the borderless mode in most of the older titles.

#3. By resizing the game’s viewport, borderless mode permits higher resolutions and even wider ones. 

#4. You can quickly move between tasks with an unnoticeable drop in performance but without the risk of losing your game and the absence of a black screen.

#5. Vista can remove screen tearing on windows due to the Vertical Sync (VSync) presence that the Desktop Window Manager (DWM) applies on all windows.

#6. However, because of the Vsync, a borderless window will cause more input lag.

If you are using Vista/7, you can disable this Vertical Sync by disabling the DWM, or else, you will have to use a different presentation mode and flag.

#7. Borderless window mode makes you run at fewer FPS than the full-screen mode.

Running at fewer FPS is expected because, unlike the full-screen mode, borderless window mode allows the smooth running of other apps in the background, and the system gives them all the same priority.

#8. Borderless window mode allows for flexibility.

However, if the user wants to concentrate on his game fully, probably in a game competition, the full-screen mode is the best option. 

The Usefulness Of Borderless Window Mode

It helps lessen the work. In borderless window mode, users only have to sacrifice a very almost insignificant amount of FPS. Still, they have the benefit of using Fullscreen with all the benefits of windowed mode.

It also helps the users keep their games without it crashing. Many games that allow the use of Fullscreen does not correctly handle the Alt+Tab exit. 

Most times, the game crashes when users try restoring it to full-screen mode. 

Other windows can run in the background with borderless window mode, and the user can make a swift transition from the game (in full screen) to other windows.

With multiple monitors, streamers can easily communicate with other gamers or viewers online without losing focus on the game.

It is perfect for multiple screen setups. It also enables the easy recording of a game.

Sometimes, performance is the reverse depending on the game you are playing. The borderless average is sometimes more than that of fullscreen.


Borderless window mode is a compromise between full screen and windowed mode.

You have the advantage of using a full screen without the taskbar showing. Other programs will run entirely in the background.

You can quickly move in and out, especially using multiple monitors, and still quickly move into your game.

You have no fear of losing your game or the screen blacking out. You also will not suffer the ‘long’ waiting process of moving out and in like it is in full-screen mode.

You only have to worry about a slight drop in your fps.

Borderless window mode seems a perfect choice, but it is still up to the user to choose.

If your PC lacks the borderless window mode option, you can work around it by installing Fullscreenizer.

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