Does Donald Trump Wear Diapers? What Exactly #DiaperDon Mean? 

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If you have been on Twitter recently, you must have seen #DiaperDon trending. But do you know what it means and how it got initiated in the first place? Well, if your answer is no and if you are still unsure why people are asking does Donald Trump wear diapers, you have come to the right place.

We have watched the footage that started this whole topic. And we have done a good amount of research regarding what our former president wears under there as well. And in this article, we are going to spill it all out. So, get into a relaxing position and continue reading.

The Emergence Of #DiaperDon

#DiaperDon is not a thing that started recently. There is a history regarding it. And after discussing that, we are going to state the latest video that shows evidence regarding Donald Trump wearing adult diapers.

The Early 2000s

Thanks to the outrageous and unsubstantiated accusation, #DiaperDon was a pretty famous topic in the early 2000s. This trend first started when he first hosted “The Apprentice” on NBC. 

There were things that backed up the accusation. And they made the whole thing pretty much believable. First of all, some of the Hollywood liberals, including John Leguizamo and Rosie O’Donnell, started to share a video in which a standup comedian brought out the issue.

In that video, the standout comedian, Noel Castler, claimed that Donald Trump would often soil himself. He also added that when he was in the Apprentice set, they would have to frequently stop the show. And the reason behind that would be just to change the clothes of Donald Trump.

Noel Castler also added that he worked on the set for at least six years. And he was also in the beauty pageants that was ran by Donal Trump himself. However, his IMDB page does not have any reference regarding “The Apprentice” show. But he stated that the requests for the additions were not responded to immediately.

The 2020

After that embarrassing statement has been floating around, the hashtag #DiaperDon become a trending topic on Twitter. Well, it emerged again in the year 2020. During an event in Greenville, North Carolina, he was spotted wearing a soiled diaper. This made social media go crazy over the image.

The image basically showed that the crotch area is quite swollen, which indicates that the diaper ( if he was wearing any) has leaked. Also, the crease of the pants gave an illusion that the area was a bit wet. From that point, Trump has been trolled around for wearing diapers.

Right after that incident, a parody account named @Donald J Drumpf was created. And that account published a close-up video of that event. There the person mainly cropped right into the crotch area to show that the diaper has been soiled. Also, the wet region, which was basically an illusion, was focused as well.

This video uploaded by a parody account tweeted with the caption that his diapers have leaked and asked not to retweet the post. However, Twitter is Twitter. Within a few hours, the video achieved 128k views. And the total amount of retweets was about 14k.

The Thanksgiving Press

There was another talk about Donald Trump wearing diapers. It was initiated from the press briefing that Donald Trump did at the White House. The image consisted of Trump sitting on a comparatively smaller desk. And as the photo was in a side-angle, it allowed the editors to have a blast.

Basically, the editors poked fun at his voluminous legs. They did not even leave the glute area behind. And many of the viewers stated that the glute area indicated that he was wearing diapers. 

Again, #DiaperDon began recirculating again. And people posted the picture of him sitting on that table by having a bib and toys around it.

Did Trump Wear His Pants Backwards In The North Carolina Speech?

Like we have mentioned, the footage of Trump presumably wetting his pants went viral. And that video zoomed way into the crotch region. Upon closer inspection, it can be seen that there was no fly visible. That indicates two things. One is that he was wearing his pants backward. And that is very much possible.

Now, the reason behind why we are stating that he might have been wearing his pant backward is because of the crease. That crease is generally found on the backside of the pants. And Trump might not have noticed that he wore his pants backward and went on top of the stage without caring too much about checking it.

The other theory that is circulating regarding the topic is that Trump was probably wearing a pant that had no fly or zippers. Well, that might be true as well. As someone who might feel the need to wear diapers, there is really no need for zippers.

However, a pant that has no zippers usually means that there is elastic on the waist region. And when there is elastic on the waist region, the pant does not really remain straight and as smooth as his pants. So, there is a high chance that the pants did have a fly, but it was on the other side.

Does Donald Trump Really Wear Diapers?

Donald Trump is older than 75 years. At this age, people start to face many different problems. And at this age, the doctors will recommend you to stay closer to the restroom, no matter where you are. The recommendation is not something that doctors give without any reason.

Among all of the problems people will face during this age, bladder problems are the most common. And to mitigate this problem, one either has to stay reasonably dehydrated or has to wear diapers. But if someone stays reasonably dehydrated, that person will have less mental acuity. So, that is totally out of the option.

That means that a specific person is left with one option now, which is to wear diapers. And Donald Trump might have opted for that option. And that is why you can notice a circular diaper-like bump on the crotch area.

Now, even if you argue that a person who was the USA president should be capable of controlling his bladder, you will surely get it when you are older than 70. And in that age, no matter how much power you have in your hands, you will not have proper control over your bladder.

In a nutshell, even if Donald Trump was wearing a diaper, we should not really make fun of it. And it is quite natural for someone that is aged like Donald Trump to wear a diaper.

Did The Diapers Of Donald Trump Leak During The North Carolina Speech?

Due to the circular bump, many are believing that Donald Trump wears a diaper. Well, as for his age, it is not really a big deal for someone to wear diapers. However, the theory that the diapers might have leaked is something that people still talk about.

Now, people started that topic right after the video from the parody account went viral. As we have mentioned in that video, the user zoomed right into the crotch region. And it seemed like that the area was wet. 

From the previous segment, it is pretty clear that Donald Trump had worn his pants backward. There was a crease on the front and no zippers. And the front part usually has zippers, and the crease remains on the back part of the pants.

As the fabric was shiny and due to him wearing the pant backward, it seemed like the diapers had leaked. But that we believe that that was simply an illusion. The crease made it look like that the region was wet. However, if the diaper did really leak, it would not discharge the fluid in a straight line, would it?

Considering that, we think that we can end the debate regarding the topic of did the diapers of Donald Trump leak during the North Carolina speech or not.

Should #DiaperDon Emerge Again?

Due to the fact that Donald Trump is now a former president, we think that he will not be seen that much on the TV and in the press. However, even if he does participate in a press and it becomes quite obvious that he is wearing a diaper in that press, we really should not start the trend of #DiaperDon again.

As we have stated earlier, he is an old fellow. And having problems related to the bladder is quite common at the age he is at the moment. There is a high chance we will face the same thing in the future when we grow old. Considering that, the trend should not really emerge again.

Final Words

To conclude the question of does Donald Trump wear diapers or not, the answer is a yes. He might wear adult diapers, and it is completely normal for someone who is going to hit the 80s pretty soon.

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