Does Walmart Drug Test? How To Work At Walmart

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Walmart is one of the biggest companies in the United States, and it makes sense that you would want to work with them. 

They pay relatively well, and you would not complain about the working conditions, depending on the customer you deal with.

Most big companies try to protect their reputations, and so they keep a tight leash on their employees. Is this the case with Walmart and drug testing? Let us look into the topic and give you an answer;

Does Walmart Drug Test?

Yes, they do a drug test. Most big companies do this to ensure they minimize issues with drug abuse and misconduct from their employees. They primarily do the drug test after you pass an interview, and they want to welcome you into the company. 

First, you will have to provide your urine sample, and they are serious about it. In addition to this, they perform random drug tests during the employee’s time with them. This is mainly done before promotions, in an accident, or at random because it is a big deal.

What Is Drug Testing?

Drug testing is a process of detecting drug use using blood, saliva, or urine within a limited use time. 

A person having drugs in their system doesn’t mean that they are impaired then, but they were exposed to the drugs at some point.

This is because drug tests spot the metabolites in the system left behind after the body breaks down the drugs. Some metabolites stay longer in the system, and it differs between individuals.

Random drug tests are legally carried out in safety-sensitive environments. For instance, those working with machines, drivers, and other key personnel could get random drug tests in Walmart. 

Reactive drug tests are conducted when a party is suspected of using or after an incident like an accident. 

Regular drug testing can be used by courts for treatment or monitoring programs or in spots to prevent athletes from cheating.

Human rights, individual consent, and privacy have to be upheld during any drug test. A qualified tester must collect the samples and send them to a lab for analysis for a drug test to work. 

Urine testing is the most common type of drug test in the working environment. Blood tests can detect a broader range of substances, but it is uncommon in employment situations. 

Saliva testing is not approved in most countries, and it is ineffective.

What Happens If You Don’t Pass The Drug Test?

As mentioned, most big companies like Walmart take a keen interest in drug testing their employees. 

There are some ways you can pass a drug test, but you could be wondering what happens if you fail the test.

Before we get into that, we need to understand the situation a company is in. Americans tend to express their feelings and opinions strongly on the internet and the streets. 

This means that any company that wants to succeed has to conform to American ideals.

Drugs are a problem in our society, and the war on drugs is a big issue in most states. Therefore, any company that does not support this movement will be at odds with society.

Walmart is enormous, which means many eyes on them, so what happens to you if you fail their drug test? 

They offer good money for most of their posts, and it will be a big help for you financially if you passed.

If you fail the test, you won’t get the job. Passing the drug test is a qualification for getting the job, so getting caught with drugs in your systems will get you out of the employment bracket. 

You can’t be employed if you are a potential setback, so get yourself clean before looking for a job at Walmart. Otherwise, you will miss out on ample opportunities.

For those already working at Walmart, the consequences for failing a drug test could differ depending on your situation. 

If you don’t pose a safety threat to the company employee, reputation, or customers, you might get let off with a written warning.

However, if you are in a post in which drug use makes you potentially harmful, things could get worse for you pretty fast. 

For starters, you will get fired, especially if you were on drugs while working or did drugs on site.

You could also get reported to the authorities if you put people in danger. For instance, a truck driver for Walmart would get arrested for using drugs because of the risk he puts road users in. 

In such a case, the DMV could easily suspend your license, and you might end up in jail. 

Considering that driving will be your primary source of income, I can’t stress enough how important it is that you pass the drug test.

Advantages Of Working At Walmart

There is a lot of hassle you have to go through to get a job at Walmart, and you are probably wondering if it is worth it. Let us get into some advantages that come with working at Walmart to give you a clearer picture of this;

1. The Discount Card

As a Walmart employee, you will get 10% off everything you buy in any of their stores except for groceries. Produce and frozen goods like milk, cheese, and so on are included in the discount program.

You can only get this discount after 90 days of active employment at Walmart, so it needs you to keep the good work for three months before you start enjoying benefits. 

If you work on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, you will get another discount on top of the 10%.

This addition will get you a one-time discount of up to 35% on whatever you buy. In some months, December, November, and January, you might also get a discount on all foods.

2. 401K Benefits

This is available to both part-time and full-time employees, but you have to work there for more than a year to get it in part-time. When you get it, it will be a big help to you.

Their plan is 6% full, matching your salary. This means that you will get a 6% of your salary contribution from Walmart on top of your salary. This is a lot considering other companies typically use 2.5%

3. They pay for parental leaves

Most people think of Walmart as a family-friendly company, and the paid leaves prove this. They offer their employees paid maternity and paternity leaves.

This allows their employees to bond with their infants while getting an income to sustain their families. 

This is helpful, especially to the ladies, since they can build a family without worrying about how childbirth or pregnancy will affect their jobs.

Paternity leave is what makes them stand out since most companies don’t offer this to their employers. However, to get this benefit, you have to be a full-time employee.

In addition to this, you will get paid time off. We all need a chance to unwind and relax a bit, so Walmart gives you some space for this.

4. Employee medical covers

Walmart safeguards the well-being of its employees since they are vital to the success of the company. This means that they keep a close eye on your health.

You will get dental and vision covers from the company, and the contact is pretty comprehensive and will be helpful. 

They also have a well-drafted healthcare plan for all their employees, and you should be able to access these services with ease.

5. Degrees for a dollar-a-day program

This is a program that Walmart has started recently, and it is incredible and there for all employees. Walmart will pay for you to get a license in a trade or a degree in several programs.

All you need to do is contribute a dollar each day, and they will cover your education. They will cover books and your trainer, which will save you a lot of cash. This is a big help for you, and it will save you a lot of trouble, especially if you are a student.


Walmart does drug tests on all their employees before they start working and even during employment.

This ensures that employees don’t work under the influence of drugs as it could put the company, employees, or customers at risk.

If you fail the drug test during the interview process, you will miss out on a big job opportunity. If you were already working then fail a drug test, you would probably get fired. 

It gets worse if you are in a post that deals with the safety of civilians or other employees.

Walmart has a lot of opportunities to offer, and it is worth the detox. If you work there for over 20 years, you will get a lifetime 10% off card even if you stop working there. 

Walmart takes care of its employees, so they expect the best services from them.

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