How Does Trump Comb His Hair? Why Does It Look Like That?

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There is an old saying that states that it is possible to say a lot of things about a man by noticing the way he combs his hair. Now, if you are a firm believer of that, let us be the bearer of the bad news that it generally means nothing. A person can leave his hair completely messy, and it will still not say anything regarding him.

Talking of hair and combing hairs, one specific topic has been catching a lot of attention lately. People really want to know how does Trump comb his hair. Well, we did a lot of digging related to the topic, and we have found out how he combs his hair. And we will discuss this in this article to feed your curious minds

Donald Trump And His Different Hairstyles

It is quite normal for a person to change his hairstyle. Well, Donald Trump is no different in that regard. He has shifted from one style to another throughout time. And we are going to discuss them all in this segment

The 1976

In the year 1976, Trump went out and showed off his plans for the future of Grand Hyatt. It was basically a city official event that took place on East 42nd Street. That being said, there are a couple of photos of him being in that event on the internet.

If we take a closer look at his hairstyle, it is pretty tasteful and had a dash of organic looks to it. Considering the era, it was quite uncommon to see men having that hairstyle. However, he did not settle for that hairstyle right there. He is pretty adaptive when it comes to hairstyles.

The 1985

Upon further investigation, we could find a picture of a different hairstyle than the one we noticed in 1976. In that picture, it can be seen that his hair is parting from the left to the right, which is something he doe to this day.

But that hairstyle has plenty of differences compared to the one that we can see him implementing today. First, his hair had a lot of volumes, which is something that all of us lose with age. Secondly, that hairstyle had more hair in the upper forehead region.

The 1988

In the year 1988, we found another picture. It was at the U.S Open. And in that photo, his wife, Ivana, has basically the same hairstyle as him. However, there is really no change in terms of his hairstyle. It stayed the same, which is a sweep towards to right from the left. But the hair volume seems a bit more in that picture.

Circa 1990

At Circa, 1990, another picture of Donald Trump can be found where we can take a look at his glorious hairstyle. Here, he is accompanied by Rachel Hunter, Rod Stewart, and Clive Davis. And many debates that a lobotomy scar can be seen on the head of Trump.

However, that theory is not true at all. That is not a scar. Instead, it is a problematic area that he has to deal with regularly. That indicates that his scalp is getting compensated.

Press Event 1991

If we dig a little deeper, we can find a good side-view of Trump. He was in a press event in the year 1991 in that photo. And in the photo, his then-girlfriend can also be seen.

That being said, in that photo, if we take a look at the hairline, it is meeting his eyebrows. It is basically contagious with eyebrows. This states that he might have gone through a scalp reduction. 

And that statement becomes a lot more clear if we consider the divorce papers that Ivana filed. There, it was allegedly stated that he had gone through a scalp reduction, which is probably why his hairline is meeting his eyebrows in that picture.

Apprentice 2003

The producer of Apprentice is generally known for experimenting with white roots and the filament of the light. And Trump, in the photo of 2003, is seen to have the hairstyle that we generally see him having now. His hair had a much golden look to it, and the white roots were clearly visible.

Emmys 2004

Looking through the photos that were published in the year 2004, we found one photo that was from the Emmys. The photographer took a high-quality photo from the back. And in that photo, the hairline of Donald Trump is pretty much visible. This indicates that he has lost a lot of volume.

However, we were not very sure whether he changed his hairstyle or not, as there was a gust of wind that messed the hair around. It seemed like a good bunch of his hair was flying around.

2006 Press Event

There is a photo on the internet that dates back to 2006. In that photo, it can be seen that Trump is with his son. And the son, Donald Trump Jr., had the same sweep as his father. However, the hairstyle was not totally identical, but it had plenty of similarities.

That being said, his hairstyle did not have that many changes. It is basically the same left to right sweep. And the hairline is the same as before.

2013 Red Carpet

The All-Start celebrity of Apprentice made quite an appearance. And the photos show no change in his hairstyle. In fact, in those photos, his hair is in place. He probably has used some sort of hairspray to fight the gust of wind that generally gets his hair flying.


Finally, during the present days, the same left to right sweep is still present. However, he did lose a good amount of volume. And most of his hairs have are more lenient to being white instead of gold. But both of the things are something that the age did to him.

How Does Donal Trump Comb His Hair?

The combing style that Donald Trump follows is quite simple. And it should be pretty easy to recreate the style by yourself. So, without further ado, let us give you the steps

Step 1: Comb the backside

First, you would have to start with the backside. Here, he combs it all the way to the back of his ears. And then lets the hair drop down to the nape of the neck. It generally matches with the length of the hair that is in the rear. So, you would have to follow the same procedure and have the same procedure as well.

Step 2: Work on the Forward Hair

Trump usually combs the top of the head before sweeping all of the hair. And generally, he would put all of the top hair to the side and comb them straight down. Follow the same procedure to get the same side that looks like his

Step 3: Sweep to the Left

As you know by now, Trump is well known for his iconic sweep to the right. And he starts that sweep starting from the very left. He will generally take his comb, start from the very topmost left area and sweep right. That makes the hair achieve a partition on the right side, which shows some portion of the scalp.

However, if you want to follow the same procedure, we would recommend combing all the topmost hair forward first. Then sweep all of them from right to left. But if your hair is as smooth and silky as Trump, you can skip the step of moving all of them forward. 

Step 4: Apply Hairspray

It goes without saying that Trump uses a lot of hairsprays. That is why his hair is so shiny in all of the photos. However, the exact name of the hairspray is still yet to be found out. But we believe any of the sprays that aim to keep the hair in place will work.

Start from the very back. Spray some and make them set. Then work your way towards the side. Here, follow the same principle, which is to apply the spray and make them set. Do a gentle dab if you have to. Finally, move along to the front area.

On that note, when you are in the front area, do not put the hairspray from left to right. Instead, follow the same sweeping maneuver that you have followed while combing the hair. Start from the very left, spray and then move along to the right. Again, you might have to dab a little with your palms to make them set.

Final Words

We hope that you found the history of Trump’s hairstyle pretty interesting. And hopefully, after going through the steps that we have discussed above, you now know how does Trump comb his hair. So, if you want to recreate his style, just follow them properly, and you should end up with a perfectly similar hairstyle.

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