How Long To Become A Web Developer- A Guide To Becoming A Professional Web Developer

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A web developer can be described as a programmer specializing in the development of World Wide Web applications with the aid of a client-server model. The person also deploys a web content management system to develop and maintain the web applications. Contrary to popular belief that the job of a web developer is to create an intuitive website, the developer also helps in maintaining and fixing issues with an already developed and launched website. A web developer may also double as a software programmer or work with software programmers to add all responsive features on a functional website.

So, How Long Does it takes to become a Web Developer?

It can take between 4 and 6 months to become a web developer depending on your learning speed. This period is the total time it may take to learn web development skills from scratch. 

Who Is A Web Developer?

A web developer creates websites for clients or themselves. They possess the tools and knowledge to create different types of websites for various purposes from scratch. Web developers have strong knowledge of UX designs and can create prototypes and even maintain the health of your website permanently. 

Reasons Why You Should Become A Web Developer

Web development for a long time has become one of the most promising careers you can choose today. Internet-based e-commerce has grown rapidly, especially with more people transacting businesses online and the demand for web developers growing daily. 

Web developers enjoy higher-than-average salaries and have flexible working conditions that give them more time to do other things. 

Many people often believe that becoming a web developer is difficult, but that is not true. Though it is pretty challenging and requires a great deal of attention and practice, web development can be fun once you master the principles. 

One reason why you should become a web developer is that the profession is in high demand. Due to the shortage of web developers worldwide, the wages for people with such skills are high. Whether you work as a freelance web developer or for a major corporation, you will get hired. Today, all businesses want to be online; hence, web development will be a massive plus for you.

As a web developer, you can work remotely, and that is another benefit of the job. Since this career allows you to work remotely from any location, relocating should not be your worry. Many web developers work on their schedule, and you can even travel around the world while making substantial income steadily. 

With a web developing skill, you can create websites for yourself and do other businesses there, just like you build websites for others. 

Where To Learn Web Development

As mentioned earlier, it can take between 4 and 6 months to learn to become an expert web developer depending on your learning speed and interest. 

While six months is the average learning time, some people can take up to a year or more to learn the necessary skills. Also, all resources for building the most advanced websites may not be available when designing a website or learning the skills. 

Fortunately, you can find several resources online that can help you learn web development quickly. If you are a novice, perhaps one-on-one physical training will be your best bet to become a web developer. 

Though many colleges and universities are beginning to incorporate web design and other modern IT skills in their curricula, you may still not find the contents of such gifts enough in those institutions. 

Universities and colleges may only give you a general knowledge of computer skills, but you still need to find an online or offline tutor to put you through web development. 

You can find online courses and resources for web development at sites like Coursera, FreeCodeCamp, Code Academy, Udemy, Lynda, and Team TreeHouse. Many of the contents on these sites are free, and for some, you need to pay a token to access the contents. 

Alternatively, you can consider learning web development at Coding Boot camps. These are alternatives to traditional classroom settings. Experts organize coding boot camps, and they teach you everything you need to know from the basic to the professional levels. Many boot camps come with mentors and career coaches. You might be fortunate to find a boot camp that provides job placement opportunities. 

How To Learn Website Development

To become a professional web developer, you need to understand the fundamentals and principles of web development. There are aspects of web development that everyone who aspires to become a web developer must learn; these include programming, web design, and structure. It is essential to learn web development from one stage to the other, and it is equally important to practice what you learn from day today.

The first step is to master the terminologies involved in web development. This means you need to know the differences between Front-end, back-end, and full-stack development. You must also be aware of the static and dynamic web pages. 

It would be best to learn how web pages are laid out, and you should be familiar with web design principles. When you know to see things from a web designer’s perspective, you will create smoother web layouts. 

It would be best if you also considered learning some SEO basics. Though SEOs are not the primary jobs of web developers but that of content strategies or writers, a web developer can use some basic SEO skills to identify ways of improving a site, especially for a specific niche.

Learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript is the next phase of learning web development, and this is where it gets more serious. Learning the basics of CSS and JavaScript is particularly essential because HTML determines a website’s structure, while CSS determines how a website looks. 

When added together, HTML and CSS form the basis of all web development applications. Once you have learned the HTML and CSS basics, your next step is to learn how to code. It is the coding language you use that will make a website responsive or function.

It would be best if you considered learning the JavaScript scripting language, though several other programming languages you may want to consider, for further learning; these include; Python, Ruby, and C++. 

Python is more popular than others, and it is designed for its ease of usage. With Python programming, you wouldn’t run into as many errors as you would with some other programming language. The issue with the Python language is that you may find it challenging to find valuable resources or finding help.

Ruby is not just popular, and it is more practical than many other programming languages out there. Many of the top popular websites today were designed with the Ruby programing language. For instance, Github, Shopify, and Twitter are top websites created with the Ruby programing language. 

C++ comes with a very steep learning curve compared to other programming languages; hence it is not recommended for beginner web developers. This notion does not mean you should run from the programing language because it offers very great features for any website. 

It is more versatile than any other programing language out there, which is why it is an excellent programing language to learn. It is an ideal option specifically if you are going to building more websites in the tech field. 

Now that you know the components of web development that are critical for you, the next step you should take is to research deeper into the user interface and user experience. User interface (UI) and User experience (UX) will make your web development process a lot easier. 

You may also want to go deeper into database components like SQL and PHP; likewise, you should learn a little about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With constant practice and interest, you will eventually master all these things in no time. 

As mentioned earlier, becoming a web developer is an excellent step towards earning a higher-than-average income and becoming financially dependent. However, it is something you cannot achieve overnight, but this guide should put you through. Once you complete this learning procedure, you should complete your first responsive website a day or two after you finish the learning. 


Improving your web development skill is a thing that never ends; you need to practice to boost your creativity continuously. Don’t be afraid to add some tweaks and twists into an existing website designed to see how it looks. As you can see, many websites may look similar on the internet, but they always have some minor differences because of the creativity of the web designers. Fortunately, today, there are pre-designed platforms like WordPress that have simplified the job of web developers. You can use these online web platforms to create different websites in different niches for different clients.

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