A Beginners Guide On How To Keep Animals From Despawning In Minecraft 

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In the world of Minecraft, animals bring a breath of fresh air to the game. Apart from that, animals help Minecrafters survive and travel too. So, it is somewhat disheartening to find an animal disappeared when you were busy with other work. 

However, there are a few ways on how to keep animals from despawning in Minecraft. These anecdotes will ensure that you never lose an animal you were fond of or in need of. 

Follow this guide to understand what Minecraft is in a nutshell and how to prevent animals from despawning in your game. 

Minecraft In A Nutshell

Minecraft is a three-dimensional video game world constructed out of blocks that players can break to form a structure. Minecraft is enjoyed in both single-player and multiplayer modes. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a lone wolf or a people person; Minecraft has you covered!  

At the same time, you can find living things known as mobs in this game too. There are three main types of mobs: passive, neutral, or hostile. Mobs like passive mobs do not harm you aside from a few exceptions, while some neutral and hostile mobs can harm you provoked or unprovoked. 

Animals are considered passive mobs as they can be tamed and are not as menacing.  

When you start playing, you spawn in a world made of 21×21 blocks that gradually start increasing as you start exploring the game. Eventually, you will find villages, villagers, and animals begin to spawn. 

In the lonely world of single-player Minecraft, an animal can become a fun companion you travel by, tame, or keep as a house pet. At times you can also eat them to satisfy your hunger. 

However, you will be caught off guard when an adorable Minecraft horse, dog, or sheep disappears out of thin air. This act of disappearance of animals from time to time is called despawning. A number of things can trigger despawning. For example, moving too far from the animals or not taming the animals. 

How To Stop Animals From Despawning In Minecraft?

It is somewhat disappointing to discover that when you were distracted by an orange patch of pumpkin, the animal you adored had disappeared out of the blue. 

However, there are a number of ways to prevent such setbacks. So, let’s look at some of the ways on how to keep animals from despawning in Minecraft.

Make Sure To Be Close By To The Animal You Want To Keep 

When you find an animal in Minecraft, you need to make sure that you are not far away from them. If you are at a distance from them, they despawn or disappear. One way to ensure that they don’t disappear is to be 128 blocks from them. 

Besides, another way to ensure that the animals do not despawn is to keep them contained in 20×20 blocks. 

Apart from that, you will find that sometimes animals disappear after a set amount of time too. Additionally, items start to despawn in Minecraft generally after reaching the five-minute mark. 

However, other aspects like weather change, time of the day, among other things, cause an item to despawn at less than five minutes too. Therefore, although animals are not items or objects, it is better to tame or restrain them before the five-minute mark in Minecraft.

Give A Name Tag To Your Animal

Apart from adding a personalized touch to a game, name tags are a way to ensure that the animals you want to keep do not despawn. However, it is relatively difficult to come across a name tag. Therefore, you have to be vigilant to acquire these valuable buggers. 

Nametags can be found in treasure chests, or you can trade emeralds for name tags with a Master librarian. After finding a name tag, you should make an anvil. Once the anvil is ready, you can use it to write a name. 

After that, store the name tag in your inventory and double-click your mouse on the animal to give it a name. Thus, by doing this, you will ensure that your animal does not despawn.

Secure Animals To A Fencepost By A Lead 

If animals have the leeway to move around, then they will despawn. Therefore, you must not let the animals travel more than 20 blocks from you to avoid any despawning. 

However, at times you would need to mine or collect goodies, then what? You can simply tie your animal to a fencepost to prevent them from wandering away. You can tie them to the fencepost by using a lead which works as a rope. 

It is pretty easy to make a lead and a fence post. All you need for a lead is four strings and a single slime ball. For a fence post, you need four wood planks and two sticks. Once that is ready, you can throw the lead towards your animal and secure it to the fence post. Your animal then is unlikely to despawn. 

Keep Your Animal In A Boat Or A Minecart 

Apart from restraining an animal to a fencepost, you can also keep your animal in a boat or a minecart. The small dimensions of a boat and Minecraft do not give animals the freedom to jump or move away from that; as a result, they do not wander away and despawn. 

When left in a boat, the animals stay put in the small minecarts or boats that have just enough space to host one animal at a time along with a human. This is an excellent temporary solution, especially when you are discovering an underwater world of Minecraft. 

In addition, it is relatively simple to make a boat and minecart. All you need are five oak wood planks to construct a boat. You can also restrict your Minecraft animal in a minecart too. Making a minecart is a piece of cake as it just requires five iron ingots. However, it is a struggle to acquire iron ingots in this game. 

Tame Your Animals 

The pixelated Minecraft animals can look endearing, and they can liven up your Minecraft house. The good news is that these pesky nuggets can be tamed. However, animals have a reputation of despawning, but you can prevent animals from despawning in Minecraft by training them. 

By training them, they can be domesticated then they recognize you as a friend. Since they will be familiar with you, they will remember you and associate with you, so follow you. Hence, there will be fewer chances for your animal to despawn. 

Each animal has distinct methods of becoming domesticated. The most common way to train an animal is to feed it. For instance, wolves and dogs love bones and meat, so feeding them bones and meat will help you domesticate them. 

As soon as they are tamed, a collar will appear around their neck. Likewise, if you want to tame a cat, you should feed it some form of raw fish, and soon enough, it will start following you. 

On the other hand, horses and donkeys have to be saddled and ridden to tame them. This is only fit as they help you to travel from one place to another in Minecraft. Additionally, if you are fond of birds and find a Minecraft bird endearing, you can tame it by feeding it seeds. 

Make A Fence To Restrain Animals In An Area 

Surviving the Minecraft world is difficult, but an easy way to stay is to have constant availability of food. Animals can provide you with a continuous supply of food, so it is good to farm them. Breeding animals on a farm enclosed with a fence also ensures that the animals do not despawn. 

Like real animals, Minecraft animals need space to move around. Specifically, Minecraft animals need 20 blocks to move around; otherwise, they will despawn. Therefore, you can create a farm by enclosing an area larger than 20 blocks with a fence to restrain them in one area. 

It is very easy to make a fence; all you need are four oak planks and two sticks. To help get in and out of the fence, you need a fence gate, which is very easy to build too. To build a fence gate, you need two wood planks and four sticks. 


Minecraft is a fascinating game that revolves around you surviving each day by building a shelter, befriending animals, farming for food, breeding animals, and fighting obstacles to survive. 

Hence, it is depressing to see that the animals you wanted to befriend or farm just despawn. We discussed a few methods on how to keep animals from despawning in minecraft in this guide. 

In brief, tactics like staying 128 blocks from animals, leaving 20 blocks for the animals to move in a fence, giving them nametags and food to tame them, or restraining them to a small space like a boat can ensure that the animals do not despawn in your favorite game. 

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