How To Permanently Disable A Car: 8 Simple Ideas You Should Try

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If you’re seeking ideas on how to permanently disable a car, you’re in the right place! Everyone knows how expensive a car is. Even the so-called least expensive models cost thousands of dollars.

Car theft happens to be the major reason why many people are disabling their cars. Statistics on car theft show the crime rate has reduced. But the thing is, such crimes still happen now and then.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that one car gets stolen every 6.5 minutes. Daily, over 156 vehicles go missing. 

By disabling a car, you can prevent criminals from stealing it. But the question is, how is it done? 

This post will explain everything in detail. So, read from start to finish. 

How You Can Disable Your Car Permanently

You can disable your car in several ways. Use one method or combine two or more for a better result.

The most important thing is getting your car disabled. With this, theft or unauthorized use of the car won’t be possible.

So, how can you disable your car permanently? Let’s explain the different ways you can achieve this. 

Method#1: Have the battery terminal connectors removed:

A car engine can’t start when the battery terminals are off. Plus, it will disable your car unless the battery terminal connectors are re-attached. 

This method is quite simple and less time-consuming. But if you’re disabling the car to prevent it from being stolen, you haven’t done anything to prevent that. 

Any experienced criminal would know that you had disconnected the car battery and find a way to reconnect it.

Only consider using this method to disable your car if you’re looking to prevent a drunken friend or aged relative from driving the car. 

If you also want to ensure your kids don’t drive the car while you’re away, remove the battery terminal connectors. But make sure your children aren’t watching you when doing this.

Method#2: Remove engine or automatic shutdown relay:

Automatic or engine shutdown relay is a crucial device that makes it possible for your vehicle to run. 

It’s also called the ASD relay. The device supplies switched 12-volt to a car’s ignition coils and injectors. It allows them to produce a spark and make fuel available.  

So, if you want to disable your car so that criminals cannot steal it, locate the ASD relay and remove it. 

Once you remove this engine relay, nothing on earth would make the car start. It will only give a sign that the car wants to start when you turn the ignition. But that won’t happen. 

You can also use this method to disable your car if you want your drunk friend or kids not to tamper with the car. 

Method#3: Remove the ignition switch fuse:

Even a fuse blown in your car’s starter circuit can prevent it from starting. Your car won’t start if you decide to remove the ignition switch fuse. 

Where’s the ignition fuse switch located? 

You’ll find it underneath the hood, in the relay and fuse panel. This component provides power to the ignition system, including some of the components of the fuel system. 

So, find your car’s ignition fuse and remove it. Then try to start the car. The moment you remove this fuse, you have disabled our car. There’s no way that power can get to the solenoid. 

Method#4: Deflate the tires:

No criminal would be stupid enough to steal a car with deflated tires. It’s not like deflated tires will keep a car from starting. It will only make driving the car a chore.   

No human would enjoy driving a car with deflated tires. It’s highly stressful and discomforting. So, if you want to prevent criminals from stealing your car, deflate the tires.

It would take roughly about 30 to 40 minutes to fix each deflated tire, which is a big discouragement for anyone with evil intentions towards your car. 

If you don’t fancy deflating the car tires, you can puncture them. Use a nail or knife to puncture and condemn the tire. But endeavor to hide the spare tires where they can’t be found. 

If you don’t feel like deflating the tires or puncturing them, you can jack the car up and loosen each tire. With this, you have rendered your car immobile. 

Anyone that wants to use such a car needs to spend several hours re-attaching each tire. You don’t expect criminals to have such patience.    

Method#5: Use engine immobilizer:

An immobilizer is designed and used in vehicles to prevent theft. It helps ensure if the person behind the wheel is the car’s owner. If not, the immobilizer would decide against turning on the engine. 

A Handy Tip: Immobilizers are effective for carjackers using mechanical or crude techniques. They’re no match for carjackers using sophisticated techniques or cutting-edge technology. 

Method#6: Temper with the distributor cap or rotor:

If you’re looking to disable an old car permanently, you can do so from the distributor cap or rotor. 

Even a broken distributor cap or rotor can prevent a car from starting. When it happens, the voltage will be unable to reach your car’s spark plugs. Consequently, your engine will be unable to fire. 

So, if you want to disable your car, pull the rotor off the distributor cap. That’s it. Your vehicle won’t start again. 

Method#7: Remove fuse of the fuel pump:

No vehicle can start, let alone move, without fuel or proper fuel supply. So, if you have a new car, you can disable it from the fuel pump fuse. 

Where’s this fuse located? 

You’ll find this component situated in the vehicle’s fuse box, in the engine bay.  

This fuse acts as the main electronic switch, which controls power to a vehicle’s fuel pump. 

Locate the fuel pump fuse, and take it off. Now, you have disabled your car permanently. 

The car might start and travel some distance even with the fuel pump fuse off for the first time, but it won’t travel far turning off again. 

Once it turns off, you won’t be able to start the vehicle again until you re-attach the fuse. 

A Handy Tip: You should always remember replacing a damaged or lost fuel pump fuse with a fuse with the same rating. Please don’t change it. 

Method#8: Install a kill switch:

Whether you’re eager to prevent car theft or prevent relatives from using your car while you’re miles away, the kill switch has the answer. 

This switch is connected to several crucial starting parts of the vehicle. These include the ignition system, fuse box, battery, and fuel pump, etc. 

The kill switch prevents electricity from reaching the battery, ignition switch and disables the fuel pump. 

So, even if a carjacker succeeds in gaining entry into your vehicle, they won’t be able to steal it.

A Handy Tip: It’s important to hide a kill switch so that carjackers won’t find it easily. If anyone decides to look for the switch, the person would likely be caught before locating it. 

Why Do People Disable Cars?

There are many reasons most people prefer to disable their cars. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new or old car. Disabling a car can be beneficial in diverse ways. 

Let’s look at the reasons people disable their cars. 

Prevent car theft:

One of the popular reasons many have chosen to disable their cars is to prevent car theft. Even though the numbers of stolen cars have dropped over the years, it’s not a yardstick for car owners to let their guards down. 

Disabling a car can make it difficult for carjackers to steal your car. But bear in mind that some methods used in disabling cars are more difficult for carjackers to undo than others. 

Prevent an old relative from driving:

If you have a stubborn grandpa, grandma, or senior parents that want to keep driving, even though it’s not healthy for them, then disabling the car would be a wise decision.

But firstly, try to talk them out of driving. If the person refuses, which is very likely, then go ahead and have the car disabled. 

Prevent children from hurting themselves:

Children love anything that would bring adventure their way. They also enjoy doing what they find grownups doing. 

So, there’s a chance that your kids may want to drive your car in your absence. Don’t let this happen. You can hide the car keys or use any of the methods explained above to disable the car. 


So, these are the techniques to disable a car. You can use any of the methods on any car of your choice. 

People choose to disable their cars for several reasons. But the most important reason is to prevent carjackers from stealing the car.

The methods explained here are also quite simple and straightforward. However, be careful not to damage any parts of your vehicle. 


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