Is Rob Lowe A Republican? Rob Lowe Political Affiliations

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Robert Lowe is a producer, director, and actor. He is American and started his acting career with ABC at fifteen. 

He became so prominent in the ’80s and a teen idol. The popular films he had roles in were; class, oxford blues, outsider, about last night, and many more. 

After a millennium, his acting career resurged, and he chose to go back into television. He started with a famous political drama known as “The West Wing.” 

The show was remarkable, and it received various nominations, such as two golden globe awards and primetime Emmy awards. 

Rob Lowe loves politics, and he has always been quite reasonable about politics. Picking sides has never been his thing. 

He believes that both sides are struggling and that they both have a way to benefit society. 

However, all men have a stand. Today we are going to look at Rob Lowe’s political support and beliefs. Let’s find out.

Is Rob Lowe a Republican?

Rob Lowe is more of a Democrat than a Republican. However, he does see both sides positively. He believes that each side has something great for the people. 

Additional Information

He Speaks Great of All Politicians

However, in years his actions and money have always gone the democratic side. In 1988 he gave a contribution of around $1,000 to the democrats. 

He was behind Michael Dukakis, a Democrat who wanted the presidential seat. He was even a part of the campaign trail for Dukakis. 

Honestly, knowing the political stand of Rob Lowe can be pretty tricky. Others cite him as a republican because of his quotes. 

One of the quotes says that liberal politics is solely built on empathy, unlike the conservative, which is made purely on logic.” However, both empathy and logic are great things. 

Rob Lowe’s Interest in a Political Career 

Rob Lowe has always dreamt of a career in politics. However, the fierce rivalry between the Democratic and Republicans has made actor Rob abandon his dream of serving the country. 

Bob Lowe does appreciate several politicians who serve the country in a significant way. He is also keen and quick to criticize those in the government for their gains. 

He believes that the rivalry between these two popular parties seriously impedes growth in the United States. However, Lowe continues to play as a politician on screen.  

Personal Life

Lowe has been in marriage since 1991. His wife, Sheryl Berkoff, is a make-up artist. 

The two met on a blind date today. They have two sons who are John Own Lowe and Mathew Edward Lowe.


Fame and alcohol are always on the same road. Lowe was a heavy drinker when he was a teenager and loved partying. 

He decided to quit drinking two years after the release of the scandalous sex tape. 

He completed a rehabilitation program in 1990 and has stayed sober ever since. According to Rob, this is the best decision he ever made. 

The Sex Tape

It happened in 1988 when he was only 24 years old. The sex scandal was over a videotape. He did record a video of him having sex with a young girl of 16 years. 

They allegedly met in a nightclub. It happened in Atlanta, Georgia. The great thing is that the legal age in Georgia at that time was 14 years. It was raised to 16 years in 1995. 

Meaning they were of legal age and could engage in sexual acts. But the legal age for recording a sex tape was 18 years. 

During this time, he was also campaigning for Michael Dukakis. Later, Lowe mocked his behaviour, and his career made a rebound. 

Law Suit Cases

Lowe has had issues with some of his employees. In 2008 he filed different laws suits on three of his employees. It was about contract breach, intentional distress, and defamation. 

He accused an ex-nanny of spreading malicious lies to hurt him and his wife. Another ex-nanny was accused of claiming to have an intimate relationship with Lowe. 

She claimed that Lowe tried to force himself on her. Lowe then claimed that one of his former employees had sex on his bed while out of town. 

Plus, the employee overcharged them, stole his prescription drugs, and destroyed some security cameras. 

Another former nanny known as Jessica Gibson, who was 24, made twelve allegations against Lowe. All the allegations were about sexual harassment. 

By the end of 2009, the allegations had been dismissed in Santa Barbara after the case attorneys sought the dismissal.


Lowe has been a part of many philanthropic activities. In 2000 he was the first male spokesman for the popular fundraiser “Lee National Denim.”

The fundraiser helped to raise education and research money about breast cancer. Lowe has known cancer and has been surrounded by it. His mother died of cancer in 2003, plus his grandmother and great-grandmother. 

He has a foundation, the homeowner Defense Fund that is headquartered in Santa Barbara. It’s a local non-profit organization that focuses on land use transparency and control by the government. 

Early Life

Lowe’s birthplace was Charlottesville, which is in Virginia. His mother, Barbara, and father Chuck Lowe profession was teacher and trial lawyer, respectively. 

He had a young brother, chad. Their parents separated while they were still so young. 

His baptismal church is the Episcopal Church. Rob Lowe grew up in an American setting in Dayton, Ohio. 

He schooled at Oakwood   Junior and then moved to Point Dume in Malibu, in California. He moved to this place with his young brother and mother. 

He got admitted to Santa Monica high school, which is located in California. It was in this school that he met Charlie Sheen.


Lowe knew what he wanted from a young age. He could call every movie theatre to ask if they have any acting jobs for a young kid. 

He landed his first professional acting job at age 12 in 1976. He played a role of an errand boy in “Sherlock Homes.” It took place in summer theatre at Wright State University. 

He was paid $150 for the errand boy role. In 1979 he got a role in the comedy “A New Kind of Family. The comedy was not a success but did put him on the map.

In 1983 he got a role in the Thursdays Child TV film. It helped him get his first nomination in the golden globe award. It was because of his remarkable performance as a supporting actor. 

The breakthrough role to the big screen was in 1985. He was a cast in “The outsiders.” In the film, he was Soda pop Curtis who was the brother to the main character. 

He played other significant roles in great shows and series in the ’80s like “Square Dance.” After the “Square Dance’ he got his second nomination by Golden Globe Award. 

It was again for being the best supporting actor. In 2003 he got a role in “The West Wing” series. He got the part because of his love for politics. 

Plus, he had a great relationship with actor Martin Sheen who played the role of president in the cast. The series earned him two nominations for Golden Globe Awards as the best actor plus a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.  

Lowe was the lead in “The West Wing” when the show premiered. But after some time and the introduction of other great actors, his role was not as important. 

Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the famous TV series, and Rob Lowe had issues with NBC for interfering with Lowes character. 

Because of issues with NBC, Lowe left the show and was followed by the executive producer/ producer Thomas Schlamme and Aaron Sorkin. 

In the 2011 final season, he came back to “The West Wing” series. He assumed his previous role. 

Rob Lowe left the show because he felt that he was not given enough respect. Other leads received pay raises while he did not.

Lowe’s acting career has been great and successful. Listing all his works here is possible, but we can’t. The mentioned are some of his early achievements. 

Today he continues to do remarkable things and still has a significant following.  For example, in the summer of 2020, he started a podcast titled “Literally.” 

His guests were notable figures such as Conan O’Brien and Chris Pratt. He always had a role in the Lone Star series. 

The 2021 claims say that Lowe will be an executive producer and star of “Dog Gone” which is a Netflix movie. 


Lowe is a popular figure in the United States. He has been a big fan of politics since childhood. Many think of him as a republican, but he throws his solid support to the Democrats. 

However, it’s had to know his political stand. He is a more republican and more likely democrat. In the 90’s he played a significant role in the Dukakis campaign. 

In this article, we have talked about Lowe’s politics and ambitions, plus his life. Hoping the information will be helpful.

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