Is The NFL Fake? Unveiling a Mystery

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I’m sure it came as a shock to most wrestling fans when you finally discovered that the WWE matches are scripted. 

There have always been many conspiracies about several leagues like the NBA and NFL being faked, but is there any truth to it?

What roles do officials have to play in the NFL games, and where do the teams get all the money to pay their players those insanely high allowances? Let us peel back the curtains and look into the NFL to get an answer for all these;

Is the NFL Fake?

Yes, the NFL does fake some games though it is not open about it to the public. There are a few games that they admitted to faking, such as the Super Bowl 53 qualifiers match between the Patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

The league acknowledged that some games are faked to generate ratings and revenue for the league. Ramsey did speak out and tweeted, saying the coach told them to throw a game in the 4th quarter since it was best for the league.

Players And Officials Throwing Games 

The NFL is honest and transparent about how the teams get drafted, and the players are expected to play to the best of their abilities. This is sometimes not the case, and there are some cases of players throwing the game.

Sports gambling is legal in the United States as of 2018, and some shady elements take advantage of this to make additional money from the betting. The concept is that a player gets bribed to throw a game that most people thought would win.

By doing this, the team most gamblers had bet on loses, and they lose their money which is a big advantage for those involved with the money. Criminals or NFL officials do this to help the league generate more money. 

There are incidences where coaches and players were told to throw games to make more money for the league. Jalen Ramsey confirmed that their coach told them to lose the game to the New England Patriots. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars players did not want to lose the game, but the commissioner said it was a move that would work best for the league. 

Referees have admitted to giving information about the games and planning to ref unfairly against a team to win bets or according to official instructions. 

When you think about it, if one of the teams is to play at home, the tickets bought and viewership from the league will go high. 

In such a game, the league could have the away team lose to get to play on home grounds and make them more money for them. 

Joe Montana confirmed that cheating had been a long-time practice in the NFL, and it is the reality of professional football. 

Roger Goodell compared the NFL to WWE, and he said it should be no one’s concern if they rig the matches as long as the crowd gets entertained.

This revelation came as a shock to most NFL fans that believed that the games were all real. Not all games are doctored, but most big games are changed to favor the league’s reputation.

Professional football may be messed up, but at least there are lower levels of performance that have less fraud and NFL influence.

How Do NFL Teams Make Money?

Players, referees, coaches, and other officials in the NFL get paid a lot of money since its founding in 1920.

Even after Donald Trump condemned the NFL and its TV ratings dropped in 2016 and 2017, it has still been a big success.

All the 32 NFL teams and their owners are doing well since 28 of the teams are valued at over $2 billion. So how is it that these football teams are worth so much money? Let us get into the details.

To get into the NFL, a team has to pay a franchise fee, which is one source of money. In the early years of the NFL, this fee was about $100, but it has skyrocketed since then. By 1960, the Cowboys had to pay 1 million dollars to get in.

The Houston Texans, the newest team in the league, had to pay a franchise fee of $700 million to join the NFL. 

These teams have grown, but the original founding families still own some. Most of the money comes from the NFL itself. In 2017, the NFL generated revenue of over $8 billion. 

This money is raised from TV deals with sports stations, merchandising, and licensing deals with related companies.

No matter how a team performs, the NFL splits this money equally 32 ways for each team. This means each team got around 225 million from the NFL in 2018 alone. 

In addition to this, teams also generate local revenue. Local revenue is the money a team makes itself through stadium attendance and ticket sales. 

They can also rent out their stadiums for other events that are not football-related. Another major source of money is corporate sponsors. 

Sponsors use teams for marketing their brands through jerseys and ads in the stadiums, and they sponsor the teams in return. Some teams have over 40 sponsors giving them money.

Of all this revenue, almost 50% goes to the players buying equipment and paying them. Stadium upkeep also takes a big chunk of the money, along with other administrative costs. 

The remaining amount goes to the owners of the teams and the officials and training staff. In the end, there is enough money to pay everyone involved in the team’s operations. However, some teams like the Detroit Lions have had problems with finances. 

There is, however, a drop in the number of upcoming sports fans and players. This is mostly because of the concussion debate that made most people feel like football is too dangerous. Despite this, the NFL still has revenue growth.

Becoming A Sports Manager

There are many ups and downs when it comes to being an athlete, and even professionals need people to guide them.

You can be that guide by going into sports management and helping the players achieve their dreams.

Sports connect and motivate humanity in ways that other events cannot match. This is the field where people of all races, ages, genders, and ethnicities come together to support their teams. 

The sense of accomplishment that comes with winning a game is sensational, and it makes sports an important part of our community. 

Even if you are not a player, you can still participate in sports through management and satisfy your passion.

One of the best ways to help players is by helping manage their careers or organizing the games and finances. 

Through sports management, you can do all this and more to help players reach their full potential.

Sports management is divided into sports entertainment, sport support organizations, and sports products. Within these three groups, the career opportunities are almost endless.

You could work in athletic administration to oversee an athletic department’s budget, promotion, logistics, and activities. You could become an event coordinator to make sure the events go on seamlessly.

There are jobs to do with security, transport habitation, and monitoring many other aspects of an athlete’s career. You could become a sport’s team general manager to ensure the team stays profitable.

There are openings for financial and contact analysts for those with a head for business. This will help the teams draft advantageous contracts for everyone involved through a deep understanding of finance. 

You can also use your love for sports by working with local kids to help them build passion and content for the game.

As a community service manager, your responsibility will be to provide social services and community programs to the local population.

There are hundreds of careers to choose from: coaching, officiating, sports marketing, and academic advising for student-athletes. 

The sports industry occupations are projected to grow at a rate of 5% by 2028, which is higher than all other industries.

As the demand for sports entertainment continues to grow, so will the need for officials and sports managers. 

You can even get an online sports management degree that can get you a position and give you goals to work for in the future.


The NFL does fake some games to help them generate more money from viewership and ticket sales. 

This revelation has been confirmed by several players, referees, and even high-ranking officials in the NFL.

The NFL is not directly involved in the game in other situations, but some players or referees get bribed to throw the game. 

This has been a case that brought numerous issues in the NBA, and it is now a concern in the NFL.

You could hope for better days or take action to ensure the situation gets better by getting into sports management. 

This way, you will mentor young athletes and help them understand their role as the future of sports.

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