Is The Old Republic Canon? The Ultimate Star Wars Quiz

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With the announcement that Star Wars: The Old Republic will not be made canon, fans are up in arms. 

Should they be? Is the Old Republic Canon?  The future of Star Wars has been a hot topic for discussion this past year.

 Today we’ll be looking at what it means to canonize something and whether or not the new Star Wars Old Republic should be canonized.

Is The Old Republic Canon?

Currently, The Old Republic is non-canon. Most of the Expanded Universe elements have been deemed non-canonical, but future Star Wars creations will refer to the existing material and, in that essence, will remain canonical.

What Is Canon?

 Canon is defined as the storyline of the events that simultaneously happened/occurred in a timeline of a video game. To put it simply, if an event didn’t happen, then it isn’t canon.

Another definition of canon is, the works of a particular author or artist that are generally found acceptable because it’s genuine and remains authentic. 

In the Star Trek universe, canon is simply the primary repository for all works of fiction, fact, and research. 

It consists of Memory Alpha, a collaborative wiki opens to anyone with an Internet connection, and Memory Beta, an internal database maintained by members of the production departments at Paramount Pictures. 

Browsing through Memory Alpha is most helpful when doing basic research into any given point.

What Is Not Canon?

In an era of reboots and remakes, what is the value of a canon? In my opinion, it has little value. 

You can revive a series without being rebooted or remade. It can be picked up again after a long time off the airwaves with no loss.

Why The Old Republic Is Not Canon

This article will discuss the often controversial subject of what is not canon in the Old Republic. 

The subject has been brought up a couple of times on Star Wars discussion forums, and it seems to be a very hot-button issue. 

While some claim that all of the Expanded Universe is not canon, others say that only material produced after Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm is not canon. 

Officially, Star Wars Old Republic is not canon because the ownership of Star Wars changed from Lucasfilm to Disney when Disney bought the ownership rights from George Lucas, the author and founder of Old Republic.

Disney does not like the information out there and decided that all the Star Wars narrative non-canon.

Star Wars can seem like a big, unstoppable machine. There are movies, books, games, and TV shows set in the same universe with events that affect each other.

To many people’s surprise, most of it isn’t canon. It’s not official Star Wars lore. It may be part of the expanded universe (EU), but that doesn’t mean it will always be there for us to enjoy.

The Old Republic took place approximately 3,653 years before the Battle of Yavin. It also takes place in a period when the Jedi Order is well-established (c. 25,053 BBY), and it features many characters that are Force-sensitive.

The galaxy featured in The Old Republic is ~36,000 light-years across and contains over 100 billion stars (~2700 times larger than our own Milky Way).

My biggest issue is that the Old Republic era was when we fell in love with Star Wars for a lot of us. It was the first time we were presented with an era to play in, expanding our imaginations. 

While I can accept that Lucasfilm may have quite a few stories planned during these eras, I am sure I would be very disappointed if they decided to go outside of what has been already established. 

Even if they don’t just copy/paste old content into a new story engine. The Old Republic is an iconic part of the Star Wars universe. 

And for a lot of fans, it gives them a sense of nostalgia. While the games themselves are not canon, their existence has been integrated into the new Canon as Legends. 

However, others still want to know whether the Knights of the Old Republic is now canon or not. IN 2013, EA and BioWare released the Old Republic. 

A game that wipes out the old expanded universe. The question is, can they wipe it out? Can they make up a new one? 

To be canon, you must have an official state, but with Star Wars being owned by Disney now, who is to say what canon is? Also, there are two sides to this coin. 

Some want the old expanded universe to remain canon for nostalgia reasons or simply because it was before Disney bought it.

Three years have flown by since the release of Bioware’s The Old Republic. Many fans have debated whether this game is canon or not. 

In the original plan, the game was supposed to take thousands of years before the rise of Emperor Palpatine, during an era known as the “Dark Age.”

However, much like Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR), Bioware decided to make several changes to the timeline to include elements from various Star Wars films.

The Old Republic And Its Characters 

The Old Republic is a name given to the 400 years preceding the 3rd Episode – Sith’s Revenge and the rise of Emperor Palpatine’s Galactic Empire. It is generally accepted to have lasted from circa 25,053 BBY until circa 1,000 BBY.

 During this time, it encompassed three separate galactic governments: the millennia-old Jedi Order and its Republic-aligned counterparts, the peaceful but isolationist Old Jedi Order, and an expansionist democratic union called the Galactic Republic. 

With its roots deep in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, The Old Republic is a game that has creatively managed to steal the hearts of many fans. It’s also received some criticism for not living up to expectations.

 Despite this, many people are still in love with this game and want to share their passion with others.

Television producer George Lucas has stated that his intention for Star Wars is to “create a whole universe” of storytelling. 

Since 1977, this “Expanded Universe” has been established and expanded in a series of books, comic books, and video games.

Major Characters 

1. Revan

 Revan is the main player in the 1st game and one of the lords of Sith with a case of amnesia, which, because of his condition, is reassigned to fight in the Republic army. 

He is a predominantly male character of the light side path, but if a player decides to join the Dark Side, they can choose Raven has female the player can choose to be a female player when they decide to play in the dark side path.

2. Jedi Exile

Jedi Exile or Exile is another main character of Star Wars original Republic. He Is the main protagonist in the second game. During the game, a player can choose to play either gender with this character.

Other Characters

The other recurring characters are many and to name a few here;

1. Bastilla Shan

Bastilla Shan, a Jedi who conquered and influenced Revan’s deflection to the light side before the beginning of KotOR. 

Most of the 1st quarter of the game focuses on looking for her aboard the “EndarSpire” after the protagonist Darth Malak devastatingly ruined it, and she flees the party once she is rescued. 

Still, Malak successfully overwhelms and charms her to the other side.

2. Mission Vao

Mission Vao, a teenager of Twi’lek origin and a bosom friend to Zaalbar. She accompanies the player to Taris in the Old Republic immediately after encountering each other in the Undercity.

3. Carth Onasi

Carth Onasi, a Republic soldier and pilot, served under Saul Karath during the Mandalorian Wars. He later sought revenge on his mentor. 

After an attack on their ship by the Sith, Carth is introduced to the main player Revan during her attempt to flee.

Main Antagonists

1. Darth Malak

Darth Malak is Revan’s old Sith apprentice in the 1st part of the game. He is said to be the evil mastermind of all time. 

2. Darth Sion

Darth Sion is another main antagonist of The Sith Lords. Trained by Darth Draya, both Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus, later on, betray her. 

He restores and preserves himself and his damaged body using the forces of the other dark side. 

3. Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilus, another antagonist, appears in the Second Old Republic as one of the titular’s Lords of Sith. 

He is famously known as the Hunger Lord, who can suck the life out of anything that lives, and he tries to control the entire galaxy. 


While the future of the Star Wars canon is still up for debate, one thing is clear. This new era will be great for fans, giving them more access to their favourite stories than ever before. 

The future of Star Wars canon is a controversial subject, with fans divided on whether or not it can be considered canon. We’ve seen some great points from both sides, but we’d like to know what you think!

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