Libertarian Vs Republican, What Is the Difference?

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The USA is mainly dominated by a two-party political system. One of them is Libertarian, and the other is the Republican. And you might have already heard this before that some people usually refer to Libertarians as off-brand Republicans.

But is that actually true? Are both the political parties the same? Well, on this topic of libertarian vs republican, we will discuss everything that we got to know about hours of research. And through them, hopefully, you will get the answers to all the questions that you have in your mind right now.

The Libertarian Party

If we were to focus on the origin, the Libertarian party first came out to the world in 1971. It was a relatively young political party and did not have that much of influence in politics. 

As the Democratic party was pretty old and substantial at that moment, people did not really think that this party will not be able to come this far. For comparison, the Democratic party came into the political scene in the 1820s. So, you can imagine how new the party was at that moment.

However, the Democratic Party and the Libertarian Party are not the same. And it is not that hard to point out the differences that are between them. They do not have the same philosophy, nor do they operate in the same manner. That is why they are not to be confused with being the same party.

But if you get a little bit deeper, you will find that the Libertarian Party falls somewhere in the middle of the Republican and the Democratic positions. And by definition, the Libertarian Party is socially liberal but fiscally conservative. That is basically what makes them highly unique.

Other than that, in some of the issues, they will lean a bit more on the social factors because, in the end, they are socially liberal. And we believe this trait of the party is what leads it to be this popular and accepted by the people. 

Also, you know by now how essential the moderate and independent voters are because they are highly emphasized in different news and articles. But we still do not have any idea regarding what to exactly call them, considering the political situation we are currently in.

Philosophy Of Libertarians

The philosophy that libertarians follow is pretty simple. In fact, it is simpler than what most of the other parties follow. It is basically bounded by the non-aggression principle, which we all know by NAP. That means the people will not be able to use any sort of force for any reason.

Additionally, no one from the party will be able to aggress with violence or coercion with it. However, there is one exception. The members will be able to do all of that if it is to defend their own rights. In other words, they are not the ones that someone would want to mess with.

On that note, the Libertarians have only one thing to say. That is that the people have the liberty to express their words, eat, sell, buy, smoke, and learn. They also promote the overall freedom of the people by stating that the people have the liberty to do anything they want.

However, there is a catch. They are strongly against violence. Their state of advocating freedom is against hurting anyone or stealing something. And the main motto that they roll by is “live and let live,” which states that a person should enjoy their life without interruption or disrupting other’s life.

The Republican Party

Many people will refer to the Republican party as GOP. And that stands for Grand Old Party. It originated back in 1854, which makes it pretty old, to be honest. And as it came to the pollical scene and the Democratic Party, people took this party pretty seriously at this point, which was not the case for Libertarians.

Additionally, as the party consisted of the opponents of the Kansas Nebraska Act, it allowed the expansion of the Chattel Slavery. And the potential expansion went all the way to the western territories.

During the early days, the party mainly focused on classical liberalism and the reformation of the economic condition. And they were strongly against the expansion of the slavery act.

That being said, the first Republican President that the USA saw was Abraham Lincoln. And under his leadership, the party banned slavery all across the USA. And the GOP was highly dominant in the era where the USA had a Third and Fourth Party System. In that period, the party was pretty strong.

On that note, during that era, the party mainly focused on protectionism and the tariffs to the very core. However, in the 20th century, the whole party began shifting to the free-trade philosophy.

Philosophy of Republicans

In the year 1912, the Republican party had seen a massive undergo in terms of ideological shift. They basically shifted to the right and followed the Civil Rights Act. And due to the Voting Right of 1965, the core shifted even further. In that period, the Republican was not the same party as it was before.

After the supreme court decision, the party opposed the idea of abortion, and it had strong support among the evangelicals. And in the 21st century, the ideology shifted a bit more. Now, the GOP supports free-market capitalism, lower taxes, restrictions imposed in terms of immigration, and restrictions of labor unions, deregulation, and abortions.

That being said, the 21st century also shifted the demographic base skews. It went towards men, members of the silent generation, people living in the rural areas, and white Americans.

On that note, the most recent republican party that the USA saw was Donal Trump. And he served as the President of the USA for four whole years.

Republicans Vs Libertarians

Now that you have a proper idea regarding the parties, their philosophy, and their origins, let us discuss what makes them similar and different. 


There are some ground policies that are totally similar for both of the political parties. They are both in favor of economic freedom, respect for property rights, national defense, and the right to bear arms for self-defense. These similarities are what make people think that Libertarians are off-brand Republicans.

But that is not entirely true. Yes, they do have plenty of similarities in terms of the things that they support, but they are certainly not the same political parties. Similar things are something that most of the other parties support as well. Those are basically a single ground that those parties stand on.


Whenever the topic of social issues comes into play, the two parties become very much different. For example, the issues of same-sex marriage, abortion, drug legalization are some things that are supported by one party but heavily opposed by the other.

Basically, the republicans will always have something to say against those. But just like Liberians’ motto, “live and let live,” they will basically have nothing to say anything against those up until the point someone is getting hurt, or property is getting stolen. They will generally have a “you do you” vibe.

Pro-Market Instead of Pro-Business

Libertarians always have a slight quibble with the claims of the GOP. They will have something to say when the GOP claims to be the advocate of the free market. And from their research, they state that there are loopholes, special privileges for large corporations, and subsidies in terms of tax.

Liberians will often argue that the free market does not exist. And they are pretty strong with their claim that the market is more like corporate welfare. If the business can not be initiated or completed without the help of the government, it should not be called a free market. And their theory is pretty much valid.

That is where the Libertarians set themselves apart. They are not “pro-business.” Instead, they are all in the pro-market wagon. In fact, they are so into the pro-market that they will advocate opening up the border, which is definitely not something that most of the other political parties are going to agree upon.

If we think calmly, we can certainly say that their plan of advocating the opening of the border is not invalid either. This will open up plenty of opportunities and will allow free movement. And it will also lower the labor charges across the borders, which will enable the business holders to become more productive.

Final Words

In a nutshell, Libertarians feel that the government scope and size are pretty much excessive and want all the business sectors to be equal, not just the big corporations. Also, they are very much different from Republicans. And that should be the main takeaway from this topic of libertarian vs republican.

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