One Punch Man Webcomic Vs Manga: Exploring The Differences And Similarities

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The Webcomic is the original. The famous manga is an adaptation of the Webcomic. 

All its content is based on manga. However, Webcomic has made more considerable strides in comparison to manga. 

It has excellent content like the Garou, which ends in one punch man webcomic at chapter 97. Garou is currently extending to chapter 112. 

Manga is also currently pushing to add more content that is not available in the Webcomic. It aims at reaching the fifty-chapter mark. 

However, the ideas in the contents under manga and comic are still the same. Manga has done it a bit differently by including additional sub storylines and fights. 

Webcomic and manga have several differences. At the time, people wondered whether Webcomic is even a cannon. 

Many think that webcomics are created by fans. Let’s make a comparison between comics and manga. 

One Punch Man Webcomic Vs Manga

This part of the article is highlighting some of the differences between Webcomic and manga. It shall also look into how much the two influence each other. 

The one Punch Man is one of the most popular anime in the world today. 

This is because it offers graphic art, action and story. ONE is the creator of this anime and is also a Japanese manga artist. 

The manga was published on the website in 2009. 

Art, Style and Quality

Webcomic and manga do have considerable differences in style. It’s the main reason why people question whether Webcomic is canon. 

You will find a question asking if Webcomic is the work of fans or it has been created by the original author. 

The creator “ONE” is a great artist and has immensely improved over the years. He is pretty strong in some elements like creating a unique atmosphere and mood plus facial expressions. 

However, it’s not easy to notice the difference when comparing comics to the excellent drawing talent of the famous Murata in Manga. 

To me, I will vouch for the Webcomic. Its style is excellent, but if the art style is not your stuff, it’s no big deal. You can wait for the content to be transformed into the beautiful Murata drawings. 


A deep storyline characterizes the Webcomic. In addition to this, comics and manga have various notable differences. 

Manga is dependent on webcomic content. It expands the webcomic original content by adding different stories.  For example, the tournament arc did not take place in the Webcomic. 

Other existing stories about arc in the Webcomic have been fleshed out and improved in the manga. 

Various characters have been given an enormous power boost. Many characters that do not appear on the Webcomic have made an appearance in the manga. 

Where To Read Webcomic And Manga

Both Manga and webcomic publication schedules are not fixed. The great thing is that the updates are pretty consistent. 

New chapters are always sent within two to three weeks. Meaning you won’t have to wait for a long time before getting a chance to read your favourite stories. 

The amounts of pages do vary widely during the updates. The best way to learn about the release of a new chapter is by regularly visiting their main website. 

Do not worry. Murata does make an announcement each time he uploads a new chapter. The notifications are mostly done through Twitter. 

After successful translations of the new chapters, relevant links are usually sent within 12 hours.  You can also find the links from the subreddit. 

You can access the raw scans of manga publicly from anywhere once it has been approved by ONE. 

Meaning you can read it from any website. However, if you want to support the author or artist, purchase the published version. Most of the volumes are in English and are available on Amazon. 

The Murata’s Influence On One Punch Man’s Story

Murata is quite essential in the development of stories. Murata does not makeup all the extra story developments by himself. 

He does not have as much influence on the stories. 

Murata, however, is known for his excellent drawing skills. With the skills, Murata can add extra panels to a specific fight. 

Plus, he can change the dialogue if needed be. However, all the changes made by Murata have to go through ONE. Under ONE, the changes receive mixed reactions. 

Mostly ONE is usually so enthusiastic about the new changes. Here is one of Murata’s works that got a positive reaction. 

Murata’s story additions to the fight between Saitama and Boros were perfect. He did have an excellent idea, and he indeed brought it outright. 

Murata did portray Boros as having dignity against Saitama. This made him redraw the entire fight from the beginning. ONE who is the final say just added some comments on the work.  

However, at times ONE does not approve the changes that Murata has made. For example, in the fight between Garou and Metal bat. 

Murata did include an effect shot. Metal bat, a character, used the metal shot to hit Garou on a sewer grate. 

ONE felt that this did not fit the Metal bat style in any possible way. The scene did not make it to the final and last stage of publication.

Do Fillers Exist In One Punch Man Manga?

Most of the Manga stories are from Webcomic. It does add several story elements to comic works. 

This has made many people believe that these different stories are fillers. You might be wondering what a filler is. 

Do not worry; I shall be giving a brief definition of the phrase. Okay, fillers are the element in a story that an author adds to stretch for time. 

The authors do this while still sourcing more materials and stories. They are not canon. 

It’s because the canon stories do not move forward. For example, the comic lovers do think the Tournament Arc is from Murata’s imagination. 

However, the possible explanation is that ONE had a load of work. So he gave Murata enough source materials that could help in the continuation of the story. 

But this is a misconception. Murata produced the extra elements of the story after the request of ONE. 

How The One Punch Man Manga Started

ONE started the Webcomic in 2009. He produced and published several chapters, which became a success. 

However, it did not generate enough income to cater to the bills. He then opted for a real job after one year into comics. After some time, he came to a discovery that the office job was not for him. 

ONE decided to take a break from his job for one year and try it as a manga artist. During this period, Yusuke Murata contacted him. 

Murata was a big fan of webcomic comics. At the time, Murata was so sick and had been hospitalized once. 

His organs were infected, and this led to swelling of his windpipes. Breathing became so hard for him, and he feared that he wouldn’t make it. 

Murata was already a great writer, but his life events motivated him to push for the best.  Working with ONE was the best available option. 

The timing was perfect, and they made a quick agreement on their collaboration. They did pitch several story ideas together. In 2012 One-Punch Man was accepted for publication. 

The two agreed that ONE was the best person to make a redraw on all contents. It’s because he did have a strong belief in himself. 

He thought he would do a better job while working professionally than when he did the project as a hobby. 

He did the redraw stuff for some time before realizing it did not sell well under his style. He decided that he will use the help of Mob Psycho 100 in drawing his work. 

One-Punch Man: Things That Webcomic Did Differently

The Webcomic has undergone a transition. The transition has been to manga and anime. The necessary details in the one-punch man’s plot, art and character have been changed. This has been done as a way to improve the content. 

The A-Class Heroes Power Levels Vary

The manga has several key A-class heroes. The heroes have not been given too much power but are more potent than their counterparts in the Webcomic. 

The Atomic Samurai’s disciples plus others have proven to be capable of tackling minor threats without help. 

The A-Class heroes are strong enough to handle any monster that appears. At times they do lose the non-web comic renditions. The loss is not always that bad, and they do not fail often. 

Blast Is Not Introduced

The blast does appear in the manga but does not feature in Webcomic in the monster association arc. 

In Webcomic, he does not take part in the transportation of cubes. This makes many wonder whether the blast in manga and Webcomic are the same. 


Publishing in One punch man does not follow the traditional way. This is because it does not set exact release dates and has multiple authors who create various mediums. 

This has led to misunderstandings and confusion. Most of them have been discussed in the article. 

Most of the confusion also arises from the connection and differences between manga and Webcomic. The various similarities and differences have been highlighted in the article. 

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