Retail Vs. Fast Food Job: Which Should You Consider?

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Organize an online survey on the most difficult decisions most people have to make in life. You’ll discover that one of them is regarding choosing a career or sector to work in. 

The retail vs. fast-food job comparison has been on for ages. While most people favor working in a retail shop, many prefer fast food for reasons best known to them. 

However, both business niches have their pros and cons. Thus, if you’re looking to pursue a career or earn a living working in any of these industries, get yourself acquainted with their advantages and likely challenges. 

In this post, we’ll provide a detailed comparison of the fast food and retail jobs. After reading, you should be able to decide the right job for you.    

What A Retail Business Is

Alright, let’s begin with retail. First off, what’s retail? 

Retail businesses focus on selling services and goods to end-users or customers. They also sell goods and services via various channels for profit. 

Examples of businesses that come under retail include clothing stores, restaurants, corner shops, grocery stores, hair salons, and car dealerships. 

What A Fast Food Business Is

Firstly, the fast-food business is a unique type of restaurant business. They boast fewer tables and offer fast food cuisines.  

Fast food joints aren’t difficult to identify or locate. There might even be one or more close to your place of residence or work. 

There are many top fast-food restaurants out there. Examples include Nandos, KFC, Burger King, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, etc. 

Why You Should Consider Choosing A Retail Job 

If you’re having challenges choosing between retail and fast-food jobs, you’re not alone. 

However, most people would prefer retail jobs, while some fancy fast-food jobs. Several factors can also affect one’s decision on which to choose. It could be a matter of choice, the benefit of the job, and the opportunities available. 

However, if you’re seeking more reasons to choose retail jobs over fast-food jobs, the ones here should motivate you. 

Pay is higher:

Money isn’t the only priority for choosing a career or job, but it’s a reason, if not the most important.  

If you can pay your bills and take proper care of your family, you will be comfortable going to your workplace every day. 

However, if money is a top priority, retail jobs will be a better choice than fast-food jobs. A retail associate earns an average of $12.67 per hour. And that’s $5.5 above the United States of America’s minimum wage. 

Fast-food workers earn a little bit less, though it depends on the fast-food brand. On average, a fast-food worker earns $10.81 per hour. 

Less chance of developing acne:

Who doesn’t want to look good? Everyone does. However, working in a retail store doesn’t mean you’ll be healthier than someone working in a fast-food restaurant. 

But if you don’t want your face to turn into an acne mess, a retail job is a wise choice. Why is that so? As a fast-food worker, you have greater chances of having acne than someone working in a retail store. 

Why? In fast-food restaurants, oil and grease are higher in the air. And if any of them falls on one’s skin, it could plug the hair follicles, causing them to swell. And this could turn into something else.      

So, if you want to lessen your chances of developing acne on a job, working in a retail store should be your priority. 

You also need to understand that acne isn’t a death sentence. It would only make one’s skin look unappealing. And this could affect one’s self-esteem too. 

Reduced chances of injury:

Yes, retail jobs can be risky. But the risk level isn’t as high as in fast-food jobs. 

One of the injury risks associated with retail jobs is manual handling. The load you’re carrying could be too large, heavy, unstable, or difficult to grasp. 

However, you can decide to carry them gradually, provided they get to the final destination. You can also use other methods to transport heavy items to avoid sustaining injury. 

Working in a fast food restaurant is far more dangerous. Chances are you might suffer work-related burns at some point. 

Fast-food workers also face a lot of pressure to move faster most of the time. They’re either rushing to attend to a hungry customer to take the orders or rushing to get the food ready. 

As you already know, in a fast-food restaurant, chances are you will work with knives, hot oil, machines, hot cookware, and fire. 

All these pose injury risks to fast-food workers. But you won’t encounter such injury risks in a retail store. 

The retail experience looks a bit better on a resume:

It’s important to list job experiences when applying for a new role. Who knows, you could have the experience the employers need. 

Unlike fast-food jobs, the retail experience would appear more convincing on a resume. You can learn several skills from retail jobs and apply them to other industries. 

A Handy Tip: When listing retail job experience on a resume, ensure it looks good. How? Use the right keywords, deploy action words, quantify your skills, and emphasize any related skill and related academic experience. 

Low chance of weight gain:

Let’s be real. Can you work in a fast-food restaurant and not eat or taste the food you cook daily? It’s not possible. You can’t be working in a fast-food restaurant, and at break time, you dash off to another restaurant to eat. 

With more food or the opportunity to eat whenever you feel hungry comes the risk of weight gain. Before you know it, you’ll become too big for your most cherished outfits.

With retail jobs, you can have lunch as usual. But you won’t be seeing free food to eat every second or anywhere you turn to. 

So, your chance of gaining weight is low with a retail job. But that doesn’t mean you can’t become overweight as a retail worker. You can if you don’t take good care of yourself. 

Retail jobs are less intense:

If you happen to be someone who can’t work under pressure, steer clear of fast-food jobs. 

Fast-food jobs are pressure personified. The pressure would even be more intense on some days. However, the retail job has its pressure. But it won’t be as intense as the one a fast-food job has. 

Why You Should Consider Choosing A Fast Food Job

Most people have so many positive things to say about fast-food jobs. They have spent years in the industry and know how one can benefit from working there. 

Fast-food jobs are better than retail jobs in some areas. So, if you’re thinking of working there, know how fast-food jobs are better. 

Alright, let’s walk you through some of the reasons.  

Locating a fast-food job is much easier:

The truth is people can only make a choice when they have a retail and fast food job opportunity to choose. What happens if you can’t find a retail job, even though it’s your preference?  

If you aren’t desperate for a job, you’ll see the cons of working in a fast-food restaurant as a complete turn-off. But if you are desperate, you won’t.

It’s easier to land a fast-food job than a retail job. Fast food restaurants are likely going to hire more workers when their customer base starts increasing. 

Opportunity to receive free food:

Depending on the fast-food restaurant you’re working, you can go home with free food now and then. 

Getting free food might not sound like a lot. But if you consider the cost of feeding these days, you’ll know that you could save a lot of money by bringing food from work home. 

On the other hand, if you were working in a retail store, you wouldn’t be getting free groceries. The best you can get as an employee is a discount.  

Flexible work hours:

If you fancy securing a job with flexible working hours, fast food restaurants are a wise choice. They usually open for business throughout the week and stay open for many hours too. 

So, if you choose to work in a fast-food restaurant, you would enjoy flexible schedules. But mind you, there’s a downside. You have to work on holidays and weekends sometimes. 


Retail vs. fast-food job comparison is what this article is all about. If you’re at a point where you have to choose between both, this post should guide you. 

For the record, retail and fast-food jobs have their pros and cons. So, before deciding which would be an ideal industry for you, learn more about them.

We stylishly included the challenges and benefits of both jobs. So go through the post and make your decision.  

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