A Look At The Most Violent Native American Tribes: Check Out Number One

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Most of the brutal wars between the American government and the native tribes occurred on the Great Plains. These savage tribes fought on plains to sustain their way of life. 

Their way of life was the most brutal you could ever imagine. They butchered children and kill older women after raping them. 

However, when opponents kill their warriors, they always feel pressured to seek revenge. The most horrible revenge involved burying their victims alive up to the chin level.

Then after that, these savage tribes would cut off their victim’s eyelids and expose their eye sockets to the scorching sun before death. 

However, it took the US government over 20 years of a long war to end these violent Native American tribes.

You’ll find the list of the four most violent American Tribes below. 

Most Violent Native American Tribes

The most violent Native American tribes are the Comanche, the Kiowa, the Cheyenne, the Apache, and the Sioux. 

These five tribes have ruthless nature and are almost deadly. The deadly Native tribes had major violent combat with the American government on high plains. 

They constantly engaged in violence to preserve their way of life. Their way of life included robbing, killing, and plundering innocent tribes. 

They engaged in these brutal and forceful activities for 150 years. This tribe force became stronger even as the US government discovered. They were just as strong and aggressive as the white Americans, who eventually defeated them.

Continue reading this article for more information on the five most violent Native American tribes.

1. The Comanche Tribe

The Comanche first moved from the Rocky Mountains to the great plains of the American South in the eighteenth century.

The Comanche’s ruthless success was due to their ability to adapt to horses. They had a reputation for being great horsemen. And they were so skilled at horseback riding that they began supplying horses to French and American traders.

Their tribe ended up being more bold and aggressive from the moment they became skillful horse riders. As a result, they became known as the best buffalo killers on the plains.

They fought back against opposing Native American tribes and resisted white invasion on the Great Plains. 

Their principal war chiefs were El Sordo, Quanah Parker, Buffalo Hump, and White Eagle. The Comanche was unofficially at war with Texas for 40 years.

The Comanche Lifestyle 

The Comanche were excellent hunters who chose a nomadic lifestyle, living in teepees on the Great Plains after acquiring the horse.The horse was an essential part of Comanche culture. 

The Comanche tribe wore garments made from soft, tanned deer and buffalo skins. They adorned their clothes with paint, beads, Porcupine quills, and ornamented jewelry. The men and women decorate themselves with pieces of jewelry, particularly necklaces and earrings.

The Comanche tribe survived by eating animal meats like bears, buffalo, deer, and turkey. 

They called themselves ‘Nermernuh,’ which means “real humans.”

Weapons of the Comanche Tribe

Bows and arrows were highly effective weapons for the Comanche. They made the arrowheads from anything sharp. They could shoot the arrows accurately from 100 meters. 

In addition to these arrows, the Comanche used steel knives. 

2. The Kiowa Tribe

The Kiowa were allied with the fearsome Comanche. They were usually associated with the Comanche on the war front, even against the US Army. 

The Kiowa migrated westward from Central America for 50 years. After this migration, they joined the Comanche to raid and trade from the Southwestern US into Mexico.They raided, killing thousands of Americans. 

However, the US government relocated most of its warriors to reservations in 1877.  But some of the Kiowa warrior bands remained wild on the Great Plainseven after the relocation. 

The Kiowa Lifestyle

The Kiowa had lived a life similar to the Plains Indians. They were mostly nomadic. They survived by feeding on buffalo meat and gathering vegetables. Their survival mode was living in teepees and relying on horses for hunting and warfare purposes.

Today, the Kiowa tribe is about 12,000 people. Many of them live in Oklahoma, the US, and other parts of the Southwest. 

Weapons of the Kiowa Tribe

Kiowa warriors utilized a variety of old and contemporary weapons. Their weapons were long daggers, bows and arrows, knives, spears, and war clubs. In addition to their weapons, they added rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and military swords to fight white settlers and invaders. 

3. The Cheyenne Tribe

As more settlers moved to the Rocky Mountains, heavily armed gangs began to raid nearby Arapaho and Cheyenne native communities.

Because of this raid, the Cheyenne decided to fight back, forming several warrior bands. These bands became the now-famous Dog Soldiers. 

The Dog Soldiers stood firm no matter what was thrown at them.The Dog Soldiers of Cheyenne worked with the Arapaho tribesmen to cause havoc on Colorado’s ranching business. 

The Cheyenne has two divisions; the Northern Cheyenne and the Southern Cheyenne. 

The Northern group resided along the Platte River. The Southern group lived near the Arkansas River in Colorado and Kansas.

The Cheyenne Lifestyle 

The Cheyenne tribe adopted a lifestyle to become hunters of nomadic buffalo. They lived in tepees.

The Cheyenne fed on meat from all the wild animals available to hunt. 

Animals such as buffalo, bear, deer, and then wild turkey, were their primary diet. They also ate potatoes, spinach, and wild herbs. 

When food was scarce, the tribe ate pemmican. Pemmican is dried buffalo flesh. The Cheyenne wore Buffalo robes or cloaks to keep them warm and dry in the rain and winter.

The adult male Cheyenne wore beaded, ornamented war bonnets with eagle feathers to symbolize strength and honor.

Their name comes from the Sioux word ‘Shai-Cena,’ which means “Strange Speech People.” Their speech was strange because no one could understand their language when they arrived in Sioux territory.

Weapons of the Cheyenne

The Cheyenne fought with knives, spears, bows, and arrows. In addition, they included the rifle as part of their weapons to combat the white soldiers.

4. The Sioux Tribe

The Sioux tribe was the largest of the Native American tribes. The Sioux were not the first or final tribe to oppose the US government, but they are perhaps the most well-known. The Sioux tribe fought tooth and nail against white invasion on the Great Plains.

Some of their war chiefs included Custer’s Last Stand, Little Bighorn, Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, and Crazy Horse. 

The tribe was divided into three groups based on their region, dialect, and subculture.  They regrouped into the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota during their trek west to the Great Plains. 

They used the words “Allies” and “Confederates” to describe the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota tribes.

The Sioux Lifestyle

The Sioux were known for their hunting and fighting traditions. The men hunted buffalo on the Great Plains (bison).

The Sioux tribe resided in tepees, which were tent-like dwellings. The Tepee was made of wooden poles that were coated with tough animal hides like buffalo hides.

The buffalo provided the tribe with all of their needs, including food and clothing. In addition, the Sioux males wore Face paint at religious events. 

They also painted their faces during wartime to make Sioux warriors appear fierce. The Sioux believed that the paint designs have magical and protective powers. 

The Sioux name comes from the Siouan word “Nadowessi,” which means “Little Snakes.”

Weapons of the Sioux Tribe

 The Sioux Indians used a double-curved bow as a Sioux weapon. They made these bows from Green Ash.

Their arrows were all made of wood. But, apart from wooden arrows, they also make their arrows from sinew arrowheads, bones, and stones. 

5. The Apache Tribe

‘Apache’ is derived from the Zuni word ‘apache,’ which means “enemy.” The Apaches were very strong and fit. They were a ferocious, strong, and warlike nation.

Legends claim that an apache warrior has enough strength to run 100 miles a day without getting tired. In addition, they can climb a tall mountain without running out of breath.

The American soldiers so much hated the Apache that they would attack whatever small unit they came across. They constantly attack the Apache for fear of them mobilizing in numbers to cause war. 

The Apache had great chiefs like Victorio, Geronimo, and Cochise. 

The Apache Lifestyle

The Apaches were a nomadic hunter-gatherer tribe. The Apaches were nomads who slept in wickiup or brush huts. These brush huts allow them to move swiftly without carrying heavy items like wooden poles and hides. 

The Apache tribe’s diet was small animals, such as rabbits, goats, and lambs were part of their diet. They ate these small animals along with maize, sunflower seeds,beans, and squash.

The Apache wore decorated robes and sashes. They designed powerful symbols like the sun, stars, clouds, moon, lightning, rainbows, centipedes, and snakes on their robes. 

Weapons of the Apache tribe

The Apache people used bows, spears, and war clubs as weapons. They produced the weapons from trees and buffaloes.


The most violent Native American tribes are the Comanche, the Kiowa, the Cheyenne, the Apache, and the Sioux. 

These violent tribes used a mixture of old weapons like bows and arrows, knives, spears, and daggers. 

They were constantly at war with the US army. Hence, they added rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and military swords to fight white settlers and invaders.

They engaged in brutal and violent acts for 150 years. However, the US Army eventually defeated them after 20 years of constant and strategic wars.

 These Native tribes are now part of the Modern-day American populace.

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