What Are The Republican News Channels? Understanding The News Channels

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The cable news channels are the primary source of all the political information in the United States. Today there are many news channels in America such as Fox, CNN, MSBNC, and many more. 

About 62% of Americans believe that the news they consume on newspapers, radio, and TV is biased. 

News sources in America have led to polarization of the political opinions of Americans. 

The Republican supporters do watch specific news sources that are different from what the democrats watch. 

Ideally, the news channels are not entirely dedicated to Democrats or Republicans. However, different channels cater to republican or conservative views.

In this article, we examine the news channels that support the republican ideology. We will also look into the impact of these news channels in the United States. To find out!

What Are the Republican News Channels?

Newsmax TV and Fox TV have been rated as right. It means that most conservatives do trust the political information that these news channels offer. Newsmax and Fox are the most popular republican news channels.

What Is Newsmax

The Newsmax TV started airing on 15th June 2014. It is under the Newsmax media, which is best known for its great website and magazine. 

The channel airs news coverage, mainly in the afternoon, plus it has talk shows and documentaries. 

You can live stream Newsmax on its website for free and can also watch it from YouTube. Newsmax news channel is explicitly conservative and republican. 

Most of its media personalities that host shows are conservative and therefore do push the conservative ideologies. 

During the 2020 United States general election, the channel did gain a noticeable following. Most conservatives were dissatisfied by Fox news coverage and opted for Newsmax TV.  

Newsmax TV is a popular news channel in the United States. The channel has simple white, red and blue, plus its name is innocuous. Newsmax channel has grown so popular too quickly. 

Today it could still be a minor channel like many others, but it’s not. The channel is ultra-conservative, and in the 2020 general elections, it was all over Donald Trump, a conservative and republican. 

During this time, the famous Fox News, which has always been republican, did not get behind Donald Trump’s lies. 

Seeing this betrayal, Trump and his supporters turned to other news sources like Newsmax, which spread the message they needed to hear. 

Newsmax Founder And CEO

The founder of Newsmax is known as Christopher Ruddy. He founded this news channel in 1998, but it became a cable channel in 2014.   

I’m sure you have heard about this guy.  Christopher is a longtime supporter of the Republicans. 

This is the primary reason why Newsmax does support and push the republican ideas. Ruddy has always been a part of the high-profile conservatives’ supporters and thinks tanks. 

It automatically gives Newsmax to be more cachet among the politicians who are republican. The news channel is known to interview high-profile conservatives such as Larry Kudlow and Allan Dershowitz. 

It is pretty hard for small news channels to host such high-profile people, but surprisingly, Newsmax has been able to. 

The founder Christopher Ruddy is an excellent ally of Donald Trump, the former president of the United States. 

Ruddy is still a great friend of Trump even after office. Such connections have led to the growth of this news channel. 


Rudy is a staunch libertarian conservative but is not yet registered with the Republican Party. Throughout his career, he has been defending the republican government. 

For example, in 2004, he was so against the Iraq wars. He knew the then republican government would spend trillions of dollars in the war, hurting the economy. This made him lose a considerable number of subscribers.

Newsmax Show Ratings during the 2020 Elections

After Fox News’ betrayal, republican fans made a massive shift to Newsmax TV. It was during this time that Newsmax had the big audience ever. 

The news channel did not push Trump’s lie about voter fraud to the Americans. It’s something that many Republican supporters did want to hear. 

Fox News which has always been republican, did not air or associate itself with the lie. Donald Trump, the former United States president, actually told his supporters to watch Newsmax through his tweets. 

Newsmax channel is still small but is the fiercest challenger of Fox TV. Before the 2020 elections, the average number of Newsmax viewers was about 25,000. 

This was a minimal number, even in any standard news TV.  During the campaign periods, the number of viewers went up. 

Then came the elections, and the numbers spiked. By the end of the election, the average number of Newsmax viewers was 800,000. Before the election, the show could not hit the 100,000 viewers mark. 

Two things made it possible for Newsmax new to have that high viewership. First, it was because of Fox news’s disloyalty. 

Fox projected that Biden would win in Arizona, and this made the republican supporters angry. Another thing is that Fox did not associate itself with Donald Trump’s lie about voters’ fraud. Over that weekend, the number of Newsmax viewers went up.

Fox News

The founder and CEO of this news channel are known as Rupert Murdoch, who is Australian-born. The channel started airing on 7th October 1996. 

Today it ranks sixth in the United States in media companies. It’s behind Disney, Time Warner, MGM, Seagram, and Sony. 

Today Fox News has the highest ratings. It’s only MSNBC that did outshine it briefly in January 2021. Over the years, Fox TV has been known to be conservative. 

Many Republican supporters ditched it for the small news channel, Newsmax. Fox News is known to have robust programs like The O’Reilly, which is the best among all significant news cable. 

It also has two great slogans which inform that Fox News is committed to offering real news.                                        

It’s only in the 2020 elections that it did not want to associate with the likes of Donald Trump about voters’ fraud. 

However, it was a great move, which did have a significant impact on it even though no other news sources match Fox News’s appeal for Republicans over the years. 

Fact About Fox News

The Republicans Trust Fox News More Than Any Other New Source

In politics and elections, around 65% of the republicans do trust this news channel. Most republicans rely on Fox for political news. 

It’s because it leans toward conservatives republicans. However, it does not mean that supporters of other ideologies like democrats completely tune it out. About ¼ of the democrats watch Fox News.

One American News Network

This news channel is commonly known as OANN. Herring networks are the owner of OANN. 

It started airing in 2013. 

By 2019, the channel was in over thirty-five million homes. The news network associates itself with the conservatives. 

During the 2020 elections, it regularly featured the Pro-Trump stories. It was one of the biggest Trump supporters and could air various conspiracies.

Blaze TV

This TV is under the Blaze Media. It offers the latest news and opinions. On opinions, it’s mainly about the conservatives. The news channel was started on 12th September 2012. 

Then it was owned by Beck. Blaze TV is conservative, and its popular hosts include Steve Deace, Pat Gray, Mark Levin, and many more. 

You can access it from Verizon FIOS and Dish network plus through the internet television subscription.

Popular News TV Channels That Support Liberals


The partnership between Microsoft and NBC News led to the formation of MSNBC. The news channel was launched on 15th July 1996. 

Today Microsoft is not a partner in the news channel. NBC Universal bought out its stake. At the time of formation, the network had a great workforce. 

Some of the popular hosts were Brian Williams, Tim Russert, Jodi Applegate, and many more during the days. 

For a decade, the network has always been last in the cable news channel. But in February 2021, it ranked as the highest watched among the news channels. 

In mid-2008, Phil Griffin took over MSNBC as president. Since then, this network station started supporting the liberal ideology. 

They did a significant analysis of the liberal analysis in different programs like the Prime-Time Lineup. It has also had notable media personalities such as Mica Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, the cohosts of Morning Joe. 

Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd were other anchors who worked during daytime plus evening anchors like Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes. 

In the 2000s, the news channel was a stern critic of President Bush. Later it did support President Barrack Obama, and this made people criticize it for liberal bias. 

It has since accepted this reputation since then and is always in support of liberal and progressive ideas.


The main focus in this article has been the republican news channel. Several news channels support the republican ideology. 

The popular ones are Newsmax and Fox TV. Media bias has always been a thing in the United States does have effects during general elections. 

In addition, most biased news channels tend to circulate conspiracies that favour their specific ideologies and defame others. 

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