What Do Australians Think Of Americans: The Truth!

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Yes, a lot of us are having this conversation in our minds. Why do you think? The perplexing dilemma that “America” – as we see on the screen – is not what we perceive.

Then there is the generalizing of the country based on an American’s behavior in Australia. Can you believe the whole culture we see on TV is not what it really is? 

I mean, what have they not achieved? Name a movie, a TV show, songs, political feuds, tourist spots, and thousands of novels releasing each year. The whole world watches as the Americans create histories! 

So, how are they out of their border – their land? How does an Australian view an American as he/she walks out the nest and into the outback?

Views On American Politics

If I ask you about the recent political activities of a small country, I bet you will have to Google it first. 

However, some things about America are just world-known. 

Donald Trump

I mean no offense to anybody, but Australians never favored Donald Trump. On the other hand, there is significant diversity of culture, origins, ethnicity that the partiality may differ. 

As the world watched the governing of this public figure in the U.S., some of us grew bitter toward the American citizens. This is entirely a biased opinion! 

Honestly, no one can deny that he posed some negativity on the whole government. It sort of personified the Trump supporters. As a result, general Australians found it difficult to welcome an American who thought Trump was the best American president!

The Gun Attitude

Frankly speaking, Americans are nice. They are friendly to anybody who reciprocates the sentiment. 

Then, the gun attitude was instigated. I do not know if any of my fellow Americans will admit it, but this attitude is super annoying! Besides, it does not make sense when an American gives you an account of how many guns he/she proudly owns. 

I am not saying that Australia is a strictly no-gun zone. Many own licensed firearms, but to an extent. 

The point is not about the permits; it is about how you show off with them. We are all aware of the significant number of people dying each day in the U.S. after getting shot. 

Think about the students at schools who went through the nightmare because someone kept a firearm in the house – unguarded. Let us not even talk about the lost lives. 

So, I will immediately dislike the American who loves to boast about owning a firearm for personal vendetta. 


There is nothing wrong with loving your country. Nevertheless, if the person delivers false information/stories to claim historical facts, it is downright degrading. 

I am not an expert on history, but I know enough to discern between the white lies some Americans blindly believe. I have nothing against them, though they should know it only creates an amusing moment for Australians. 

For instance, there have been many Americans who believe that democracy was invented in their land. I do not know what to say to that except that no other country – to my knowledge – had ever claimed such notion. 

One more thing, Australians are slightly ignorant of their politicians. That does not mean we have no love for our country. We simply do not make a scene out of it. 

As admirable as what an American does to show how superior their country is, it is not the belief but the bragging that marks down the benignity.     

World out of America

Now, patriotism toward the country is respectful, but I have to tell you that there is a whole world out there! 

Some questions that Americans ask the Australian visitors leave me wondering if they had ever watched anything international. I am confident the millions of Americans definitely do not possess the same mindset. 

Yet, the majority of the population asks backdated questions regarding other countries. It is as if these lands have never moved on as America fast-forwarded to the future. 

For example, an American asked my Middle Eastern friend if he still rides in a camel. He and I had to suppress our laughter out of politeness. 

Of course, there is the funny belief of Australians living amongst the kangaroos right into the open landscape. 

The world has changed my American friends. And you see it on social media platforms every day. Then why make yourself ask such ridiculous questions? 

Views on American Media 

What was the last movie you watched or the music you listened to? Also, have you seen the creative thinkers taking over the mic without a fight? 

Hollywood and Music Industry

This is a famous field which has shown the world about what one can achieve if given opportunities. Because of such windows toward immense creativity, I find Americans a delight from their nation.

The names Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp, Scarlett Johansson, etc., are only the tip of the highly talented actors from the country. 

Plus, who does not know the awesome Bon Jovi, Metallica, Linkin Park, Michael Jackson, etc. The fact that you can publish a novel just by writing all the names of celebrities from America says it all. 

Thanks to their passion, hard work, we get to appreciate many forms of artistic concepts. Our future generation will continue to enjoy them too.

So, if an American speaks to me regarding these evolutions, I will gladly buy him/her a coffee to talk more.

Artists Who Are Not Celebrities 

There is something about the mind of an American. If the person has unimaginable creative thoughts, all the more reason to pay attention. I am not saying that they are utterly different from the rest of the countries. 

Talent is something you cannot judge based on nationality. Nowadays, the community in America is changing. It is encouraging children from different backgrounds to learn diverse cultural philosophies. 

Hence, the artworks you come across from such American students will profoundly transform your thoughts. Such colors and meanings that run deep should be enough to make any American proud. 

This is a country where ideas are conceived and applied for a better cause. If I view my opinion from that angle, I have to admit that I will always be in awe of their visionary thinking and performance. 

Good People Exist On Both Sides! 

One cannot place a verdict on a nationality just because someone was impolite. Similarly, we cannot point fingers at America because an American did not behave right outside the country. 


The best thing about the Americans is that they arrange charitable events to support a cause. It can be to feed starving children in a distant country or provide finance to build a shelter for flood/fire-affected families. 

Once again, Donald Trump kind of eradicated the understanding for the immigrants since the Mexican border subject. Let me tell you that the majority of the Americans were against it. 

And all the Americans I have met so far have made it clear how they found it disappointing from their former leader as well. 

Still, helping the needy has not ceased by any means. You will still find little organizations that actually send these donations right at the doorsteps. 

Americans In Australia 

How does an Australian picture an American if asked to? An Overweighed human being who is always out of breath and tries to explain everything in English despite the language difference. 

Some even see them as people who break the queue as if he/she is superior to be in the back of the line. 

To tell you the truth, I have seen both versions of Americans in my life. There had been those who break the queue and make a scene for no reason. 

On the contrary, some would gladly let the elderly take their spot because it is simply courteous. In short, you will learn much about individual Americans once you get to know them. 

Sure, they have their faults; they are fun to hang out with. Their frankness might be questionable to the conservative societies. It is still a trait I find relatively reliable. 

The characteristics of Americans are varied among wide communities spread across the country. Hence, it is always a wonder each time you meet one.  


To sum it up, Australians find almost everything about Americans a joke, as harsh as it sounds. However, it is entirely different when an individual is standing before you. 

So, will I like an American who I have just met? Darn right, I will, only because of their open approach toward a random topic!

Besides, they have come so far and accomplished so much. It is one of the reasons how the whole world recognizes the country and its people. My mind freezes each time I try to think of their list of achievements.

But if I have to look at the whole country in general, I better stuff my mouth with food to avoid laughing at the wrong moment. Sorry!

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