What Does Netflix Original Mean? All You Need To Know About Netflix Original

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In 1997, two idealists decided to revolutionize the entertainment industry. Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings changed the way the public consumed shows and movies. 

They co-founded one of today’s most popular online website known as Netflix. With Netflix, the customers can rent, buy and watch their favorite series and shows. 

In 2010 Netflix started to offer an online streaming service that has millions of viewers today.

 It came through with unique content that was not only entertaining but also very groundbreaking. 

Recently, Netflix has introduced  Netflix original, and many do not understand what it means. Let’s find out.

What Does Netflix Original Mean?

A “Netflix Original” is any movie or show produced and commissioned by only Netflix. Meaning the show cannot be aired on any other network that is not Netflix. 

Netflix has placed several films under the Netflix Original. Here are the most popular shows and films under Netflix Original. These films and shows are streamed internationally in all the countries in which Netflix is available. 

  • Orange is the new black.
  • House of cards
  • The fundamentals of caring
  • The crown
  • Ozark
  • Bird Box
  • Roma
  • The babysitter
  • Ozark
  • Apostle
  • Gerald’s game

Internationally Exclusive Originals

The “internationally exclusive original” is shows or films that have some uncertainties. It’s whether or not some particular shows or films are available outside the Netflix network. 

Additionally, it can be possible that Netflix did not commission such films and shows. The best examples of films and shows under “internationally exclusive originals” are:

  • Black lightning

Original Region: United States 

Netflix Exclusive Region: All other regions

  • Peaky blinders

Original Region: United Kingdom

Netflix Exclusive Region: United States, Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy

  • The Good Place

Original Region: United States

Netflix Exclusive Region: Latin America, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada

Continuation Netflix Original

The “Continuous Netflix Original” is a film or show that has been previously canceled then picked up by Netflix. Netflix does a continuation of the production and distribution of the series or show.  The best examples are:

  • Lucifer: Cancelled at season 3
  • Slasher: Canceled at season 2
  • Star Wars (The Clone): Canceled at Season 5
  • Designated Survivor: Cancelled at Season 2

Co-produced Netflix Originals 

Such shows and movies are when Netflix partners with another network in a particular region to distribute them outside the mother country exclusively. The best example of such are:

  • Frontier
  • Mob Psycho 
  • Troy (Fall of a city)
  • Lilly hammer

What Makes Netflix The Best Streaming Service?

Technology is revolutionary. Netflix was a humble invention that grew to become so popular. The site continues to provide new shows and movies of excellent quality and is improving its functionality. 

Netflix does receive lots of pressure from other streaming sites in the industry. Despite the pressure, it still dominates the streaming landscape and has the most subscribers. 

Many are wondering why and how Netflix is still the king in the movies and shows streaming industry. 

The streaming industry has steadily grown in recent years, with new competitors stemming up. Netflix has been more innovative, which has undoubtedly helped it stand firm and at the top. 

In this section, we shall look at some factors that help Netflix stand out from the rest.

The Addition Of New Functionalities 

Netflix has always been known to have some of the best functionalities. Regardless, the company continues to improve its website by adding significant new features. 

They include “Downloads for You” and “Play Something.” Netflix has also added the revamped “Kids Profiles.” Let’s get into the details of the various features. To find out how useful they are. 

Play Something 

It’s a shuffle button that allows you to choose what you want to watch quickly. The content chosen for you is based on your timely viewing habits. 

This feature highlights the shows you have already watched and new films that are pretty similar to the content you’ve been watching or currently watching.

Kids Profiles 

This great feature is quite helpful when it comes to parenting. Netflix is trying hard to ensure streaming remains safe to even your children.

It offers you the option of creating a profile for your children. Under this feature, you can set an age gate. This ensures that your children only watch content that is favorable or suitable for them.

N Plus 

This feature is still a work in progress. With this feature, Netflix users will be able to customize their playlist. The playlists will contain TV episodes and series that are shareable to friends and family. 

It will be one of the most remarkable features in Netflix after its completion. I can’t imagine having a playlist with all your favorite TV shows and series. However, Netflix is yet to confirm the specific details of this feature and the exact release date.

Quality and Exclusive Content

The pandemic has taught us the importance of entertainment. The various restrictions that were put in place banned people from visiting the movie theatre. Online streaming was the only suitable option available. 

The great thing is Netflix did not fail. Instead, the popular streaming site did produce high-quality content that was so exclusive. It did garner a lot of following during the pandemic period. 

Frequent Movie Release

For sure, Netflix does offer next-level entertainment with its exquisite content. In addition to this, the company has promised to be releasing a new movie weekly in 2021. 

This will include both Netflix original shows and a few exciting acquisitions. It’s a very ambitious plan that will increase its revenue plus offer extra entertainment to its users. 

It Has Put Extra Focus on Netflix Original

The entertainment industry is quickly revolutionizing. The cinema which was once so popular is slowly dying. Netflix is working hard so hard to take over with the new online streaming norm. 

The company did have slow growth in 2020. It has since bounced back and has put lots of funds into the production of quality content. 

It intends to spend around 17 million on content and will focus on producing original content, unlike before. 

You should expect great content from the famous Netflix in the coming years.

Some Of The Underrated Netflix Original Shows

Netflix produces hundreds of shows yearly. It does offer several excellent picks that you can watch. 

Many popular shows are streaming on Netflix, like stranger things and many more. This section will be looking into the most underrated Netflix original shows.

Certified (From 2020 to Present)

The name of the play originates from the word gentrified. It talks about three Mexican – American cousins who are trying to achieve the American dream.

While in the process, their neighborhood begins to disappear, and their lives are suddenly filled with problems. 

You’ll learn the ins and outs of American neighborhoods like Brooklyn and Bronx how the lives of many are being taken away because of gentrification. 

The show is a mix of drama and comedy. It does tell about everything that’s happening in the real world. 

Dear White People (From 2017 to Present)

This show is a comedy. It talks about the black students who attend an Ivy League university (fictional). 

At the university, they have to deal with the contemporary issues that affect African Americans, such as racism and stuff.  

Funny how such a show can be a comedy. However, “Dear White People” has perfectly handled everything. 

The combination of severe messages with dark comedy is exceptionally significant. The different episodes focus on a specific character and show various aspects of their lives compared to others. 

The End of the Fucking World (From 2017 to 2019)

It’s among the most favorite in the underrated shows. The show is basically about two characters: James and Alyssa. 

James believes he is a psychopath. On the other hand, Alyssa is an angry classmate. She meets James and sees him be way out of her everyday home life.   

The show has a lot of twists and turns. The thing you expect to happen does not happen. This makes it so ridiculous and fun to watch.

Living With Yourself (From 2019)

It’s best for Paul Rudd fanatics. If you genuinely love him and his works, you’ll truly love the show. 

The show is about a man known as Miles Eliot. He undergoes successful treatment with the hope of a better life. 

He, however, realizes that a clone has replaced him. The storyline is excellent, and the jokes are top-notch. You’ll surely love this show. 


It’s no secret that Netflix is the most popular and dominates the streaming platform. Currently, the Netflix subscribers are more than 200 million. It has the most number of subscribers in the streaming market. 

It continues to lead the market despite the stiff competition from other streaming companies like Paramount+ and Disney. 

The introduction of Netflix Original has boosted its business. People enjoy watching content which they know is Netflix original. Plus, the content is always high quality. 

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