What Does PCT Mean In Football? All You Need To Know

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The National Football League (NFL) is American heritage. It’s pretty unique when compared to other sports. 

It’s a professional American football league having thirty-two teams. The teams have been equally divided into NFC (National Football Conference) and the famous AFC (American Football Conference). 

The NFC is known to be the highest professional American Football league in the whole world. It has an eighteen weeks season that takes place between September and January. 

Understanding the NFL league is so hard, more so for the non-Americans. Though very interesting, it’s uniquely American and has very different rules compared to other sports. 

American football uses several abbreviations. Knowing them will help you understand the game better. Let’s check out.

What Does PCT Mean In Football?

PCT is undoubtedly the percentage. This is depended on what you are measuring. For example, if a team record is 12 4.750, the team did complete the normal season with twelve wins, four losses, and its winning percentage was seventy-five (12/16). 

In addition, if it’s writing about the team’s quarterback, it can be 27 36 .750. This means the football team’s quarterback manages to complete the season with 75% of passes attempted (27/36).

Roles Of Special Teams In American Football

As mentioned, American football is unique and has got individual roles too. In football, the players whose foot to the ball are referred to as specialists are part of the special team.

The kickers, who include punter, placekickers, and the field goal kicker, are also essential in the special team. However, they alone are not the players on the field during the kick. 

In the game, we have a punter. When this person attempts a punt, the other ten remaining special players on the punting teams have demanding roles to play:

  • They are expected to do a cover run for the punt.
  • They should protect the kick from being blocked by the opposition

At this time, they are only facing ten men who are trying as hard to destroy their play and slow them down. 

They do this by targeting and taking a hit on the players who’s to catch the punt. This player is known as the punt returner.

The punt returners are consistently among the fastest player on the team and are also specialists in some ways.

The special teams are aware that single players cannot cover up all the situations. This led to the formation of four special units in the team. They do perform various functions, which are:

  • Taking care of kick of returns
  • Players that are responsible for punts, punt returns, and kick-offs
  • Group of players accountable for attempting extra points and making a field goal
  • Another unit that does block the opposition from attempting extra-point and goals

The special team unit has other roles like maintaining a good field position. Another is keeping opposing in the worst possible field position. 

The primary objective of kick-off is to pin the opponent far away from its end zone certainly. The kick-off covers the team’s strive and should also put the opponent away by 80 yards and ensure they do not score. 

Reasons Why American Football Is the Best

American Football is not just an American favorite. It’s quickly gaining popularity around the world, plus it does captivate.

The Americans find it as the best sport. You can see children in the hoods playing games. Parents also try hard to groom their children, hoping that they’ll become the Americas finest one day. 

Its game is action packed and has intense rivalry too. This is what makes the family-friendly game fun and gives it a unique charm. 

This part of the article highlights how the NFL is the best sport for you, your family, and your friends. 

The Excitement and Drama

Other sports like basketball and baseball can get stale at some point. With football, it never goes wrong. 

You’ll get to enjoy every bit of excitement. The great this about football is it’s not that predictable. 

A team that hasn’t performed excellently in the league can pull up an impressive play to land a spot in the super bowl.   

American Football is rated as the only non-continuous motion sport. It’s adrenaline oriented and tends to get very dramatic fast. You’ll surely get to experience the most incredible nail-biting moments. 

For example, when your favorite quarterback leads the team down the field with only seconds remaining. 

It’s the unpredictability of the game that makes it great. Many historic American football events happened in seconds. 

Super Stories

American Football is a game that’s got lots of Cinderella stories. Most of its successful professional footballers have stories of starting from rags to riches. 

Some players come from hoods that are poor and have lots of crimes. We have Kurt Warner, who was once a grocery bagger. 

He pushed to become one of the most significant offenses in the history of the NFL. Plus, he was at the forefront in leading the Arizona Cardinals once up to the Super Bowl. 

Mike Livingston, a second-year quarterback, took charge of the position in 1969 in Kansas City after its two quarterbacks sustained injuries. He did run the show and gave out exemplary performances. 

These are some of the super stories the NFL has produced.

Fabulous and Friendly Fan base

The American football game is known to have a diverse fan base. It’s not discriminative of age, race, or gender.  We all have something unique to enjoy and get excited about in the game. 

The younger generations might be the only group that finds it hard to comprehend the nuisance of the game. 

However, they’ll have some fun in escorting their parents, putting on jerseys, and painting their faces. 

In football, the rivalry increases the fan. Having parents that support a different team will make it more fun. 

The rivalry in the house will make you want to watch the games together with your parents. This builds the family bond by letting you know more about your parents or siblings. 

The game is also easy to comprehend; hence you can watch it with a friend or a partner who does not understand the game. 

Giving the rules is relatively easy. All you’ll need to do is tell them about the two local teams playing at that time, key players, and the basic rules. 

The Parties

Who doesn’t love having fun? The Super Bowls are always on another level. The excitement starts with getting the super bowl tickets. 

It’s a one-year classic event that hosts the best football teams in the National Football League (NFL). 

This is always the right time to get together with family, friends, and other acquaintances to cheer your favorite teams. 

Whether you are doing it from home or in person, tailgates are another great way to celebrate. Put on some comfortable sports gear and grill yourself, then proceed to some pre-game antics. 

You can carry beer, chips, burgers, and any other great feed to the Super Bowl. Thanksgiving football is also another great grand occasion that should not be missed. 

During the day, you’ll get the chance to enjoy pumpkin pie, turkey, and the mashed potatoes while watching a stunning game.  

Weekly Intrigue

Other sports like basketball, hockey, and baseball tend to have many games. Basketball and hockey have 82 games, while baseball has 162 matches. 

On the other hand, football has only 16 games. This makes every game exciting, and losing watching a game feels wrong. This will cut you out of the spot. 

No sport in America can match the week-to-week urgency and excitement that is always present across America. 

The games are always played on Saturdays and Sundays. The games are exciting, and every minute is meaningful.

Defensive Excitement

No sport has a very intriguing defense like American Football. In baseball, we often see great diving catches, while in basketball, it’s the blocks. All these cannot match the power and excitement that a football game brings.

The defense in football generates very different emotions. The offense is king and always lovely to watch. 

The defense touchdowns are epic, and people enjoy watching the monster hits and the adrenaline that they contain. 

The way a team executes its defense will have a significant impact on the overall game. The fun part about defense in football is that a team can take the ball and score itself. In other sports, the defense can also lead to scoring opportunities.


American Football is among the popular sports in America and the world. The game is so American and is characterized by special rules. Understanding the rules is relatively easy and watching the game is so fun. 

It’s always packed with the next level of adrenaline, and this is what makes it fun. In the article, we have explained what PCT means in football. 

Understanding the meaning of such abbreviations will give you a better understanding of the game. 

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