What Font Is Make America Great Again? A Slogan That Shook America

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The “make America Great Again” (MAGA) cap has become one of President Donald Trump’s most recognized symbols in both his 2016 and 2020 campaigns. Trump’s campaign hats and t-shirts had the slogans and phrases “make American great again” boldly written.  

The hat is made in the United States, and you can buy the cap on Donald Trump’s official campaign website. However, unofficial merchants make them elsewhere and import them into America.

Before you land in any of Trump’s rallies, you will stroll through a sea of merchants selling Trump-supporting souvenirs. And frankly speaking, the attractive and iconic MAGA hats were one of the best-selling campaign souvenirs of all time.

Now let’s revisit the main question.

What font is “make America great again”?

The campaign logo has two fonts. The Akzidenz Grotesk Bold Extended font for the lettering “Trump.” The FF Meta bold font is used for the text “make American great again.” All letters are in uppercase.

A box surrounds the logo, and it’s topped with five stars. It appears that the hat’s simplicity is what engraved it on the minds of both supporters and opponents.

 According to CNN’s study of campaign data, the Trump team purchased $2.8 million in headwear from the major manufacturer, 

These statistics don’t even include the vast number of knock-off MAGA hats sold during the campaigns.

Was Make American Great Again Hats Produced Made In China?

According to some social media posts, President Donald Trump’s campaign has its trademark red hats made in China, while former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign utilizes a U.S. manufacturer. 

The images used in the posts compare a pro-Trump, including a pro-Biden hat and their labels.

This rumor went around on social media for years and has resurfaced as the Trump administration engaged in a tariff battle with China.

However, just because the red MAGA hat in the posts has a label that says the cap was made in China doesn’t prove that the hat was from Trump’s campaign team.  

The Trump campaign’s website, on the other hand, claims that all of its “official” hats are “Proudly Made in the USA.” The campaign team also pays two companies in the U.S. to create and distribute its hats.

In addition, Brian Kennedy, President of Cali Fame of Los Angeles, debunked the claims. He confirmed to the press that his California-based company in Calif, Carson produced the hat. 

Politicians Who Used The “Make America Great” Slogan

The make America great again is a motto adopted in American politics but made famous by Donald Trump. 

The slogan became a contemporary cultural icon, with many versions appearing in politics, arts, and entertainment. The motto was also used by supporters and opponents of Donald Trump’s presidency.

The slogan became popular during Trump’s campaign and administration. However, some American politicians used the winning mantra “Make America great again” before Donald Trump.

Let’s find out who they are.

Alexander Wiley:

“What is the way?” said Republican senator Alexander Wiley in a speech to the 76th United States Congress. This congress was during the third session in preparation for the 1940 presidential election: 

According to Wiley, America requires a leader who can coordinate the workforce, economy, and administration. He should be a leader who can encourage business people and instill in them the attitude that will lead to vision. This leadership will make America great again.

Barry Goldwater:

Barry Goldwater was a Republican presidential candidate. The make America great again slogan appeared in some of Barry Goldwater’s campaigns in 1964. However, his presidential ambition was unsuccessful.

Ronald Reagan:

Ronald Reagan is a former President of the United States. In Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign, the slogan “Let’s Make America Great Again” was famously adopted.

 At the time, the United States’ economy was deteriorating due to hyperinflation. Thus, Reagan used the slogan to stir patriotism among the public. In addition, he used the country’s economic crisis as a platform for his campaign.

Reagan promised to restore hope to people who have lost hope. He also gave his words to welcome them into a great national movement to make America great again.

Bill Clinton:

Bill Clinton used the slogan in his 1992 campaign speeches as well. 

In a radio advert for Hillary Clinton’s presidential movement, Bill Clinton used the term again. However, Bill Clinton said Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” is a racist statement.

Celebrities Who Wore The Make America Great Again Hat

Many celebrities believed in the Donald-Trump presidency and fancied the slogan, “Make America great again.” They even wore the souvenirs to the ex-president’s campaign. Let’s look at some of them.    

Caitlyn Jenner:

Caitlyn Jenner boldly showed her support for President Donald Trump just days after slamming his “partially” transgender military ban.

People spotted the reality star wearing a red cap with Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.  

She was sighted in a classic Ford Spitfire sports vehicle. She complimented the outfit with shaded eyeglasses and a white polo shirt.

Kanye West:

Kanye West doesn’t care if his political views irritate you. So while the world was mesmerized by the rapper’s views, the star went about his business as usual.

The 40-year-old artist walked out of his office in California, wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap.  He wore the MAGA hat with his phone in hand after a full day of over 80 controversial tweets. 

Kanye West, who had distanced himself from politics, reaffirmed his support for Donald Trump in a series of tweets to start the New Year. In some of his tweets, he expressed his admiration for President Donald Trump.

Kanye West revealed that he was fascinated by the “Make American great again” hat because the hat represents a fact. To Kanye, the Trump hat means that people can’t tell him what to do because He’s black.

Chef Pete Evans:

Chef Pete Evans is a controversial celebrity who was dropped from the lineup by Channel 10 after his controversial tweets. 

Many Twitter users called for Evans on a particular evening after he had tweeted a cartoon of a caterpillar on a “Make America Great Again” hat from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in the United States. 

In his carton video, the caterpillar discussed with a butterfly whose wings represented the Black Sun wheel.

LeBron James:

LeBron James was set to make his first knockout appearance in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform. However, before wearing the purple and gold kits of the team, the NBA superstar wore a shirt and hat to pass a powerful message.

His hat read, “Make America Arrest the Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor.” This cap was an imitation of President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. 

Lil Pump:

Lil Pump wore a ‘MAGA’ cap to a Trump rally in Florida after proclaiming his support for the president.

It was observed at the rally that there was no one between the rapper and the stage except what looked to be Secret Service agents. People implied that the Gucci gang rapper was given a front-row ticket to the show.

Make America GAY Again

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is ridiculously tackling anti-LGBTQ views. They ripped off Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan for a good cause and a better message. 

Neighbors of the home where Vice President Mike Pence lived also supported this parody slogan. They hung a rainbow-colored flag on a stone pillar at the end of both residences’ driveways near Aspen’s luxury ski resort. 

The slogan on the banner reads “Make America Gay Again,” which is an imitation of Trump’s “Make American great again.”

The “Make America Gay Again” hat is HRC-approved. The hat is also one of the most sought-after summer accessories, especially by the LGBTQ community.

The slogan is also available on t-shirts and tank tops and has been seen on several celebrities. Celebrities who wore the new slogan include Charli CXX, Miley Cyrus, DevHynes, and Finn Wittrock. 

All the profits made from the Make America Gay accessories go to HRC’s struggle for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equality. 

To the LGBTQ community, it’s never been easier to look nice while doing well.

The “Make American Great Again” Song

Trump Supporters wrote many songs, and they are a range of music genres like hip-hop or dance. However, only one piece appears to have gotten approval from Donald Trump himself.

Gary Moore, a 73-year-old former music director of the megachurch, wrote the approved song.

It’s full of classic evangelical stuff musically, with trumpets, high pitched vocal melodies. 

The song has hymn-like lines, which may be called holy. However, the song lyrics have no mention of God or government.

However, critics oppose the fact that songs like ‘Make America Great Again’ exist in a database of so-called ‘worship’ songs. 

They claim that the song demonstrates the extent to which American Christianity has sold its soul to a religion of power and self-interest,” 


The campaign logo has two fonts. The Akzidenz Grotesk Bold Extended font for the lettering “Trump.” The FF Meta bold fonts for the text “make American great again.”

Even people who opposed Trump’s campaigns created their versions. They created parody hats such as the Human Rights Campaign’s blue “Make America LGBTQ Again” hat.

No matter what you think of Trump’s MAGA campaign hats, there’s no doubt that the caps have become a symbol of present-day American politics. As a result, the MAGA hat has a great appeal, even among Trump’s detractors.

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