What Happened To Ash’s Pokémon? Here Is What We Found Out 

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Pokémon stands for Pocket Monsters. It’s a Japanese product (media franchise) owned by Pokémon Company. 

Pokémon Company was founded by Game Freak, Nintendo, and Creatures. 

It’s one of the best-selling Nintendo games right now.  The number of copies sold is more than 380 million-plus one billion downloads. This has made it to be among the most successful video games. 

All the characters in Pokémon are fictional and are known as Pokémon. In Pokémon, humans who are the players are known as Pokémon trainers. 

The unique role of the gamers is to catch and train Pokémon. The trained Pokémon is to battle in sports with other Pokémon. Currently, Pokémon has 898 species. 

The protagonist in Pokémon is Ash Ketchum. He is popularly known as Satoshi in the Japanese language. 

The Pokémon series has several strange mysteries which often leave the fans wondering. Today we are going to look into the unique character “Ash Ketchum.” Let’s find out.  

What Happens To Ash’s Pokémon?

As mentioned, Ash Ketchum is the main character in Pokémon. Ash and his Pikachu feature in all the Pokémon series. The two always leave their previous region for new and better adventures. 

Each time Ash moves to a new region, he only goes with his best friend and Pokémon, the Pikachu. The last team is always forgotten, and Ash looks for new friends who will help him challenge the gym leaders.  


Throughout the Pokémon journey ash creates deep and personal connections with his Pokémon. He bonds well with the new companions who join his team to help him in his quest. 

The series focuses on creating great personalities for these Pokémon’s. 

Some gamers and viewers do fall in love and get attached to these Pokémon. Most become upset when a new season starts in a new region, and all the previous Pokémon characters are forgotten. 

Professor Oak

Ash has a special storage box known as the Professor Oak. The Pokémon that Ash leaves behind in the previous region do have a place to call home. Professor Oak helps to create space for a new companion in the following region. 

All his previous partners are always stored in the unique box when he embarks on a new journey. I can only imagine how all the Pokémon from the eight generations fit in the box. It must be so crowded. 

All in all, it’s good to know they are not destroyed and that one day they might be given a second chance. This is what most of the fans wish for. 

However, it seems like this will never happen any time soon. It’s because, throughout Pokémon journeys, Ash has had several opportunities to visit the Oak lab. 

He had a perfect shot while in the Kanto region, but he chooses not to use it. Bringing back the previous Pokémon will be a great idea. The fans will surely be happy to see the long-lost familiar faces. 

Pokémon’s Sword And Shield: Pier’s Battle

The Pier’s battle is one of the most unique battles ever in Pokémon. In the previous games, the gym battles have been handled so differently. In the pier battle, many odds have been defied.  

The gym battles in Pokémon do take place in stadiums that have been filled with noisy fans. This has transformed the battle from a one on one challenge. The setting makes it, so spectacle and is celebrated as a major sports event. 

Almost all the battles are always in this format except one, which is the Piers battle. He is the only gym leader who does not use Gigantimax and Dynamax when facing Ash. 

Piers is a unique character and also the 7th gym leader in Pokémon. He lives in a beautiful town known as Spikemuth. 

He is the first dark type gym leader in the game. He does write songs when practicing brutal battle techniques. 

This characteristic makes him a fantastic character.

In the previous town, the gym is located in a stadium. But Piers is exceptional. His gym is situated in an alley somewhere in town. It has a make-shift arena on the side of the dilapidated stage where he performs his songs.  

The stadium is not the only thing missing in this episode. 

There is also no Dynamax power spot. It’s the reason why Piers cannot use Gigantimax and Dynamax. 

However, they do not limit him, and he believes he can still win the battle without them. He is still a ruthless opponent. His attacks are pretty heavy, and one has to use a careful and unique strategy to survive. 

What Is Brilliant Pokémon

It’s an excellent addition for Pokémon sword and shield lovers. The new mechanics that have been introduced help in hunting Pokémon in the wild area. 

The Pokémon do wander freely on the maps. The developers have decided to make particular Pokémon special and more noticeable. 

The unique and special spawns are referred to as brilliant Pokémon.  They do offer a lot of benefits to anyone who manages to catch them. 

When starting the game, the brilliant Pokémon do appear randomly. But as the player captures more Pokémon, the chance of catching the brilliant Pokémon also increases. 

Suppose a player does catch more than 100 Pokémon the chance of capturing a brilliant Pokémon in the wild doubles. To reach this milestone, you should try and capture as many Pokémon as possible. 

The brilliant Pokémon offer several boosts in the game. This makes it worth the chase. 

A brilliant Pokémon does guarantee you two maximum IVs. It also has a unique egg move. 

The move can be accessed only through careful breeding of the different Pokémon species. It’s some good news for players who are tired of breeding and hatching Pokémon from the same species. 

The brilliant Pokémon also become shiny at times. The shiny encounter does increase only when the player captures the same species or continuously battles. 

Shiny hunting offers the best chances of finding a shiny Pokémon that has excellent stats and certainly moves. There are several shiny hunting methods in the game. 

The basic one is most gamers commonly use the chain and capture method. It’s best for hunters who love the grind, making capturing more fun and worth the time. 

Encountering and capturing the brilliant Pokémon is not limited to the overworld. They can be found in various places like fishing spots that are scattered. 

Like with the Pokémon freely wandering in the walkaways and grass, it’s easy to catch the brilliant Pokémon from fishing spots. The bright fishing spots give a halo of golden light. 

The light is always above the unique location. The players only have to toss the fishing rods into the spot. 

The brilliant Pokémon will be automatically captured. The good thing about brilliant Pokémon is that they encourage capturing and encountering other Pokémon in the game. This helps the players to continue with their Pokémon journey successfully. 

Best Pokémon Games

It’s true; Pokémon has taken the gaming world by storm. The game was developed over a quarter of a century ago by Game Freak and Nintendo. They quickly turned it into the household name it is today.  

The game has spawned massive hype and has brought about several theories. Today the game has more than hundreds of species. 

The gamers have the task of collecting them and battling. Here are some of the best Pokémon games. 

The Pokémon HeartGold And Soul Silver

The second generation of Pokémon is the strongest. Crystal, silver, and gold have been worthy sequels in all the original games. 

They kept the players immersed with various elements such as “The region of Joto” (New) and “Return of villainous team rocket” (Old). 

The first generation game was also epic. Most of those who missed the first generation feel they can still get the epic experience from the second generation. To say it has got you covered. 

The fans were quite happy to find out that once they win against the Johto elite four, they can go back to Kanto and go through the original games again. 

It was two games in one. It also made the final battle feel more like old school, attractive to old school fans. The “HeartGold and SoulSilver” made immense improvements in the game. 

The graphics were updated, while it still maintained all the old greatness. The pictures are eye-popping, plus it contains fun features and two regions. 

New elements were added, like allowing the lead Pokémon to move around with you outside the battle.  These qualities indeed make “HeartGold and SoulSilver” one of the best Pokémon games, if not the best. 

Pokémon Platinum

Platinum is the improvement of “Diamond and Pearl.” Generation four came with advanced features which steered Pokémon to Nintendo DS. 

Dual screens characterized it. The screens made the various item and menu management a cinch. The game has diverse locations which can be easily differentiated using multiple climates. 

There is the introduction of a  new Pokemon group and several upgrades on some previous Pokémon to make them more viable. 

The entire mistakes in “Diamond and Pearl” were rectified. Another addition is the distortion world which became one of the most trippy locations in the game’s history. New characters like detective looker, who was a fan favorite, were added. 


Ash Ketchum is the main character in the Pokémon anime. He does have the least number of deaths than other characters. 

Ash has been killed various times in the series. However, death mostly happens in the movies. But he always resurrects. 

The Pokémon game is among the most played and downloaded games in the world. Its storyline is epic, and this makes it so interesting. 

It also has several characters with different abilities. Download the game to get the chance to meet the famous Ash Ketchum and other Pokémon. 

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