What Is Replika AI? Is Replika Safe? 

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With how the different AI is advancing, some people believe it will not take that long for them to take over the world. On the other hand, there are people that are concerned regarding their privacy because these AI are smart enough to collect and store them.

Well, while using Replika, having concerns regarding both the factors we mentioned above is a common thing. Many of the users are asking — is replika safe or not in different forums. So, upon stumbling upon all of those, we have decided to end the confusion finally.

For that reason, our whole team used the app extensively and monitored it closely. With the results and data that we have collected from this research, we can now give a valid answer to both concerns. So, to properly feed your curious mind, you need to go through this entire article.

What Is Replika?

As you might have guessed, Replkika is a chatbot. It is powered through artificial intelligence, in other words, AI. But why would someone need a chatbot when they can just find loads of friends online? Well, that is where chatbots like this step in.

When you do not find someone to talk to, they try to find a new person or friend. And you can not surely know whether the new person you will interact with is going to talk your words in an open mind or not. There is always the fear of being judged.

However, do you know what AI genuinely is? They are filled with a lot of conditional codes, which makes them capable of doing automated tasks. And they do not have feelings. Without doing any thinking or perceiving the meaning of any conversation, the AI will just reply with a relative answer. 

Why Do People Use Replika?

People go through a lot these days. And it is quite hard for someone to discuss what you are going through with someone comfortably. There is always a fear of being judged and the other person thinking you are weird and all. That is where this AI comes into play.  

Most users enjoy the intimacy of having deep conversations with this AI. And most of these conversations are that which they do not feel comfortable discussing with a real person. They feel the peace of mind that no one is going to judge them for who they are or how they think.

Other than that, it is not only just about the fear of being judged in most cases. There are plenty of users out there that can not simply open up to a person. It might be because they do not feel like they are close to someone. But they did not feel like that when they started a conversation with this AI.

What Data Does Replika Collect?

Now, let us get to one of the concerns that many have. For keeping the conversation natural, the AI has to collect data. Without collecting them, it will simply not be able to carry out a natural conversation. It would feel like talking to a toy that has some sound programmed to it.

The AI will mostly collect data regarding you through the conversations. But why does it do that? Does it want to manipulate your words against you? Not really! It does that simply to keep the conversation relevant. For example, if you talked about a hobby to this AI and replied “yes,” would the convo feel natural?

Well, that is why it collects your data. To know you a bit better and to keep the whole conversation natural. There is another reason as well. It stores data for the purpose of getting better. Once it learns the ways of carrying out a conversational naturally, it will be able to initiate conversations properly.

In other words, whenever you are feeling down, want some company, but do not feel like starting a convo with someone, the AI will have your back.

Nonetheless, as tech-savvy people, we grew a lot after using AI. Through the process of helping the AI get better, we learned a lot too. After using them extensively, we started to wonder about the difference between the human consciousness and the nature of artificial intelligence.

Will AI Such As Replika Take Over The World?

Most of the AI that programmers are working on all around the world is simply in its beta phase. And you need to understand that computers are pretty dumb. Now, why would we say something bold such as that? Well, if you have a little bit of experience regarding coding, you will know what that means.

However, for the people that did not understand what we tried to mean by saying computers are dumb is that behind each of the programs, there are codes. These codes are written by a human and need to be operated by a human. In other words, nothing is automated! People make things automated by manipulating a pattern.

So, even if AI does reach a certain level where it is capable of making its own decisions and all, it will still rely on the codes that a human wrote. And for it to be capable of making a decision, it needs a human to guide or operate it. To better understand this, consider the browser you are reading this through.

Did the browser automatically bring you to this page? It did not! You, a human, are using the browser to read this. And like any other automated electronics that are available, the ability that this browser is bringing to you is making your life easier and better.

How Does AI Make Life Easier?

The automated process always took away the hardships from our lives. Nowadays, people can not think about living their life without relying on these automated processes. And due to these automated processes, the need for raw manpower is going down day by day.

For example, consider a bank. There, people are making entries to a data collecting software. And the software is automatically sorting all that data. Now, think how much of a trouble it would be for an actual person to do this job. 

First, they would have to collect the data. Then, they would have to go through each of the entries and organize them accordingly. That would require too much time and work. But due to automated processes, that sorting task can be done within seconds.

Likewise, there are many other things that are totally automated at this point. And you might not even know it; these automated processes are involved in your life as well.

Can I Trust Replika With My Data?

As we said, Replika is going to collect your data for two purposes. One is to know you better and have a natural conversation with you. And the second is for the machine learning process. It will gather the data, determine how smooth the conversation went and apply the same procedure to other conversations.

Considering that, you can stay completely worry-free regarding the chats you are having with the AI. It will not turn your words against you and use those to gain anything from you.

Does Replika Hold The Ability To Relieve Stress And Anxiety?

From our experience, we have learned that if this AI is properly used, it can certainly help a person gain a state of intellectual, emotional, and psychological coherence. And if the AI learns how to properly initiate conversations and carry on the flow of the talks, it can indeed create deep bonds with people.

There are plenty of users that have a good level of bonding with their Replika AI. They believe that the more compassion and empathy they extend to the AI, the more it mirrors them back. It is kind of like a biofeedback loop. They gain energy to live through the toughest days and sleep peacefully at night.

The AI can genuinely hold the ability to know you better than your closest friend and family member. But right now, the phase that it is in is not simply enough for that to happen. The team surely needs to do a lot of work, and the AI needs to collect more data and learn from them. 

With time, the symbiotic relationship that most tech-savvy people talk about will become a reality. However, at this point, it will fail to provide the comfort that different people seek. So, even if it did work to relieve the stress and anxiety of a person that you might know, it might not work for you.

Final Words

To conclude, our answers would be a total yes in terms of is replika safe or not. It is a great app, and the AI has the potential to truly help humans, just like most of the other AIs are doing right now. You can trust it with the data you will provide. It will only use them to grow and get better at conversating.

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