What Was In The Envelopes At Bush Funeral? – Uncovering A Major Mystery

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George H. Walker Bush was the United States’ 41st president, and he ran with the Republican Party in 1988 after serving as vice president. 

The Bush funeral was one of the saddest events in American history, and numerous powerful and rich people attended it. 

Virtually all National TV stations recorded the funeral; thus, the footage of envelopes getting passed is well viewed. 

Many controversies and questions came up when agents gave envelopes to some people present at the funeral. 

Some of the recipients had rather shocking reactions when they saw what was in the envelope, and this is a puzzle we hope to solve; Let us get into it to see the real picture;

What was in the envelopes at Bush’s Funeral?

The content of the envelopes has remained as much a mystery as the way they were presented. The real contents of the envelopes were never disclosed to the public. 

But it seemed to be a shocking or terrifying topic, as seen from the reactions by those who opened the envelopes. The envelopes will remain a matter private to the Whitehouse and those close to it.

Who Received The Envelops At Bush’s Funeral?

The envelopes are visible, getting passed to some family members and other powerful figures in the Whitehouse. 

Let us get into specifics to see some people who were given the envelopes and any other people that might have seen it.

  1. George W. Bush. If you have access to footage of the funeral, you can see a Secret Service agent pass the envelope to George W. Bush, who then gives it to his wife.
  2. Laura Bush. George W. Bush passes the note to Laura, who looks at it and is shocked by it, then shows its contents to Jeb, who looks horrified. His whole body stiffens up, and he quickly changes his facial expression.
  3. The Obamas. Michelle is given the envelope, and she partly covers it while leaving a side of it open or Barrack to see. He takes a look at it then looks away.
  4. The Clintons. Hillary Clinton has the envelope, and it is in a file which she shows to Bill Clinton. She points as if telling him what to look at and then gives it to him, and he reads the content.
  5. Joe Biden and Mike Pence. VP Mike Pence was also given an envelope, and several videos show Joe Biden and his wife seeing the content of the letter. They both look quite angry or upset by the contents.

George H.W Bush Life And Career

George H. Walker Bush was a Vice President, Business leader, and war hero. According to Bill Harlow, the CIA spokesman, George Bush had the strongest resume for anyone who ever contested the presidency in history.

The 41st president of the USA was born on 12th June 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts. Bush’s father was a prominent member of that society, and he eventually became a senator. 

Bush attended Boarding school at Philips Academy in Massachusetts. Bush met 16-year-old Barbra Pierce at a Christmas dance in 1941. 

As soon as he turned 18, he enlisted for the US Navy and became the youngest recruit in the US Navy during WWII.

He flew a torpedo bomber airplane which was shot down by enemies in 1944. He spent hours out in the Pacific before he was found and rescued by a US submarine. 

After this, he was awarded several medals, including the Distinguished Flying Cross. Bush flew a total of 58 combat missions in his military career. 

In January of 1945, George married Barbra Bush, and they would have six children. At the end of his military career, he went to Yale University for higher education.

He was a member of the University’s Baseball team. Bush graduated from Yale with a Degree in Economics in 1948.

After University, he went to Texas and started a small oil company which would become a big success. Then, in 1963, Bush became the Chairperson of the Republican Party in Harris County, Texas.

He contested for the US Senate and lost, but in 1966, he was picked for the US House of Representatives twice. George then became the United Nations ambassador.

He was later on picked to head the Republican national committee. Next, President Ford asked Bush to become the US Envoy to China, then, later on, Ford appointed Bush to head the CIA.

Bush was highly credited for restoring the CIA’s credibility throughout the government and Capitol Hill.

In 1980, Bush made his first run for the US presidency, but he lost the Republican nomination to Ronald Reagan. 

However, President Ronald realized the potential in Bush and picked him as his running mate, and they won the election over Jimmy Carter.

Bush served as Vice President for two terms before running for president in 1988. He won a clean victory over the Democratic candidate, making him the first sitting VP to be elected president since 1837.

The Soviet Union crumbled during Bush’s presidency. Panama’s dictator Manuel Noriega was removed from power by the US Military. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, which was full of oil reserves.

Bush put together an international coalition and forced Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait after long failed attempts of a peaceful resolution. 

After this, the US forces came back home, and these quick and efficient strikes made the Bush government more recognized internationally.

The Bush government was not doing so well domestically. The economy was failing, and in 1990, George Bush made a deal to agree to some new taxes, which went against his campaign promise of no due taxes.

In November of 1992, Bush lost his bid for re-election to Democrat nominee Bill Clinton, but his public service did not stop. 

He was part of numerous humanitarian operations raising money to help victims of tsunamis, hurricanes, and other disasters.

He was an inspiration to his children, so much so that two of his sons went into politics and became governors. 

He left a legacy of a moral man who was a patriot that served his country both in times of war and peace.

George Bush’s Greatest Achievements

George Bush served only one term as president and two as Vice president, and during this time, he made a lot of impressive accomplishments both in and out of politics.

He might have gone wrong in the eyes of the Americans; thus, he didn’t get reelected, but here are some of his accomplishments;

1. His Military Career

Bush enlisted in the US Navy at 18, making him the youngest serving Pilot during World War II. He flew a torpedo bomber aircraft, and despite getting shot down once he pushed on. 

He flew an impressive 58 combat missions which got him the Distinguished Flying Cross among other military honors for his outstanding service to the United States Military.

2. His family and children

George H. W. Bush had six children with his wife, Barbra Bush, and 17 grandchildren. The story of Bush is that of an inspiring and loving father and wife since he was together with his wife till her passing. 

His influence on his children is clear in his sons pursuing politics. This led to the president of the US, George Bush, who was a son to George W. H. Bush. He was a family man that left a legacy for his children and grandchildren.

3. The Bush-Clinton foundation

Bush lost his re-election campaign to Bill Clinton, and they had a lot of rough patches. Despite all these, he finally fixed their relationship, and together they started the Bill-Clinton foundation to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. 

The foundation raised almost 110 million dollars to help Americans get back on their feet after Katrina. This sent a strong message to all Americans about peace, unity, and making new friends out of old enemies.

4. World-changing historical events he caused

Bush ruled for only one term, and the domestic picture was not that good. However, he made a lot of moves that affected the world in a big and positive way. 

Some of these include Operation Desert Storm, in which the US military drove Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait in just 100 hours. It was also his government that led to the removal of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega from power.


George H. W. Bush was an American President that made some of the biggest ripples in the international picture.  

This caused many powerful people to come to his burial ceremony, but none attracted the attention of Americans, like the mystery envelopes passed around.

The content of the letters has not been officially declared to the public; thus, only those who received the envelopes know for sure what they contained. 

As a president, George remained a patriot going out of his way to help American allies. Even after his presidency, Bush continued to help Americans through the Bush-Clinton foundation that helped victims of Hurricane Katrina. 

In addition, Bush’s influence has been and will continue to be felt through his children and grandchildren that carry his legacy. 

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