Who Is Stronger Spiderman Or Captain America? Check Out This Analysis

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If you are familiar with comic books and movie series, Spiderman and Captain America will ring a bell.

Spiderman (Peter Parker) made his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962). And the movie, Spider-Man is the brainchild of Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and John Romita. 

On the other hand, Captain America (Steve Rogers) made his first appearance in Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941). And Joe Simon & Jack Kirby created Captain America.

The question about both character’s strength is an age-long debate, but how do we know which guy is stronger?

Now, the answer…

Who is stronger, Spiderman or Captain America?

By strength, Captain America is stronger, while by Agility and Speed, Spiderman wins the debate. However, Spiderman’s long history triumphs over Captain America in combat and tests of strength. Could they be cases of pure coincidence?

Captain America is far stronger than Spider-Man, but not by much. We can say that his strength is between 10 and 15 times greater than Spider-Man’s. 

If we assume that the power of the spider (as opposed to his webbing) is 0.5 times himself, then he is stronger than Spider-Man by about 15 times.

Spider-Man is about 16 times stronger than the average man of his height and weight. For Captain America, we can assume that he is about 50 times stronger than an average man of the same age. This feature makes his strength greater than Spider-man’s.

Are you not satisfied with the response to the question? Alright, keep reading to know more!

Captain America And Spiderman Comparisons

Firstly, we know that Captain America came out due to an experiment that went wrong. After failing to become Captain America during World War II, Steve Rogers later became the super-soldier project’s first successful experiment. 

He later led the Avengers team of superheroes: Iron Man, Thor; Ant-Man; Wasp; and Yellowjacket.

Captain America’s main advantage is that he comes much closer to the ground than Spiderman. This feature enables him to exert more force than Spiderman because his center of gravity is lower.

Captain America also has a greater mass and larger muscle mass, so he may have greater endurance during strenuous activities like running or grappling and increased strength from force production in his muscles.

We need to look at similar factors when comparing the two titans: their agility, body composition (bone structure), and reflexes.Spiderman has a quick but less powerful leg kick. He relies on his reflexes and agility to avoid harm. This is a feature that Captain America does not have and cannot learn.

Captain America does not have any special abilities that would help him in a hand-to-hand fight with Spider-Man. He relies on his strength to overpower the webbed avenger. However, to do this, Captain America must get close enough to take hold of Spiderman or knock through an obstacle that blocks their path. 

So, Spider-Man is more agile with more incredible reflexes and can avoid having his bones broken. Captain America’s leg muscles are larger and stronger than Spider-Man’s. This feature enables Captain America to leap faster and higher than Spiderman and may give him a few additional inches in reach.

Legs are probably the most powerful muscles in the body since they do all of the work for walking, jumping, sprinting, kicking, etc. Although Captain America has better leg muscles than Spiderman, Spiderman has far superior agility & reflexes. This trait enables him to avoid Captain America blows long enough to land one of his own.

In addition, Captain America’s legs tend to be larger and more robust than Spiderman’s. This might give him a quicker reaction time to dodge an attack and even increase his overall power.

Who Would Win A Fight, Spiderman Or Captain America?

Captain America’s main advantage over Spider-Man is his greater strength and stamina. But he loses when it comes to reflexes and agility. Both can be considered more significant than average. At the same time, they are not so great to make a considerable difference in a fight between them.

One thing is for sure: Captain America only relies on his strength to overpower the webbed avenger. 

Spider-man’s fantastic agility and spider-sense enable him to have better reaction times than Captain America. So, Spider-man will quickly learn about Captain America’s intention to attack him and dodge his blows. Also, he will be able to hit Captain America a lot of times without getting hurt much.

Spiderman is agile and can run faster than Captain America. Also, he can dodge Captain America’s attacks quickly.

If we compare the two superheroes’ agility, Spider-Man would be greater by a little bit. But if we compare the two superheroes’ reflexes, Spiderman is much more agile than Captain America. Notwithstanding, he is younger than Captain America!

Spider-Man’s agility and reflexes are much more significant than Captain America. Additionally, Spiderman is faster, more flexible, and he can jump higher than Captain America. Captain America relies on his strength and stamina to overpower Spider-Man. He will try to use his shield as a weapon to beat Spiderman.

It is a brutal fight to predict because it depends on the situation they fight in. But if you were to choose, you would say that Captain America would be stronger in terms of power, but Spider-man would be faster and have better agility.

Who Can Defeat Spiderman And Captain America?

There are several superheroes, but some of them have more powers than others. So we put together a list of superheroes that could (maybe) defeat Spiderman and Captain America in a fight.

You might not be surprised to hear that the list is pretty much entirely the characters from the Marvel comic universe. They have the best banter and the most impressive abilities. 

Doctor Strange:

The first hero on the list is Doctor Strange, who is a master in both mysticism and martial arts. He can also freeze enemies in place using his magic staff or teleport them out of the way. Spiderman has tried before to get Strange involved in stopping bad guys – but as Doctor Strange puts it, there’s always something more important to do instead.


Next up on the list of likely superheroes who could beat Spiderman and Captain America is Wolverine. He has superhuman strength, healing abilities, and razor-sharp claws.

Spiderman has tried to take on Wolverine in the past – but while he’s never beat him at fighting, he’s usually able to outthink the former X-Man. But Spiderman might have his work cut out for him if he decides that this is a fight he simply must-have. 

The Punisher:

How about the Punisher? He can easily take on Spiderman without even breaking a sweat, with his extensive arsenal of guns and weapons at his disposal. If you want someone who can beat Spiderman without a problem, go straight for The Punisher!

And who isn’t going to beat Captain America? Well, Steve Rogers can take on just about anyone without breaking a sweat. He’s unbelievably strong and has the power of vibranium. 

Like Spiderman, Captain America has challenged Wolverine to a fight. But he managed to escape with his skin still intact, leaving Wolverine beaten and humiliated.


What about one of Spiderman’s most famous foes? Venom – who is almost always able to evade all attacks? Venom is always on the lookout for new targets for his taunting webs, and so he’s made it through more fights than you might think.

Green Goblin:

Do you remember Spiderman’s nemesis, the Green Goblin? He might not have a super-suit like Spiderman, but he can fly. His mask also contains many different weapons built into it, so he could probably take on just about anyone. If you want someone who’s going to win a fight – you need to take a look at the Green Goblin!

The Juggernaut:

How about “The Juggernaut?” He might not fly like some of these other characters, but he doesn’t need to when he has his power armor. Spiderman has stood against The Juggernaut in battle before, and others have too, but they’ve all failed miserably.

The Vision:

If you want to know who can beat Spiderman and Captain America, look for someone with great strength. Such a person can have other abilities such as telepathy, and that’s where The Vision comes in. He has the power of a hundred men, he can shoot lasers from his eyes, and he can even fly.

But what if Spiderman can outsmart The Vision? Well, The Vision has another weakness – Scarlet Witch! Wanda Maximoff might not have any powers of her own when she’s by herself, but she is capable of messing with other people’s minds.

Many characters might struggle against Scarlet Witch – but we’re just not sure that Spiderman would be one of them.


It appears that there’s a thin line of comparison between Captain America and Spiderman. With Captain America leading with body mass and physical strength, Spiderman bridged the gap with agility and spider-sense.

Notwithstanding, none of these matter to millions of fans who love both characters. 

Over to you, who do you think is stronger? Who is your favorite, Spiderman or Captain America?

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