Who Would Win Between Captain America And Luke Cage? A Fight Between Two Superheroes 

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Marvel has created some of the most compelling fictional characters in history. These include superheroes that are strong, skilled, funny, and deliver a good show anytime, any day. 

Unfortunately, comparisons often arise amongst fans of different characters. With over 60% of adults between ages 18-44 as fans of marvel and over 7000 marvel characters, it is impossible to avoid comparisons. 

One common comparison is between Captain America and Luke Cage. A lot of people are confused as to who will come out victorious if both superheroes engage in a fight.  

So, let’s answer the question. 

Who would win between Captain America and Luke Cage?

Captain America would most likely win in a fight with Luke cage. Although, it would be a tough win. It is almost impossible to hurt Luke Cage, but Captain America has tactics and skill on his side. 

It would be difficult to win a battle with someone who is practically indestructible. But if anyone can find a way to maneuver Luke’s impenetrability, it would be Cap. He would control the fight and put Luke in a position to give him the edge he needs to win. 

Every Marvel fan knows it would be an excruciating win, but you can’t put it past Captain America. Of course, this doesn’t take away the fact that Luke Cage is both tough and capable. 

Are you eager to know more about the comparison between both characters? Keep reading! 

Captain America’s Best Fights 

Captain America is most definitely one of the most skilled marvel fighters. He is tough and mostly unyielding even when he is outmatched. 

His tenacity and resilience are most likely why he has been in some of Marvel’s biggest fights. It is almost impossible not to see his toughness. Here are some of his memorable fights:

Battle of New York:

The battle of New York was the first time the Avengers came together. And it was a huge moment for many marvel fans and cinemas all over the world. 

The part where people attest to having goosebumps was when Loki’s army descended in New York, and the Avengers all stood, back to back, prepared to give their all. 

Captain America’s fans thought they had gotten the best from him and didn’t expect him to blow their minds more than he already did. But he did. 

He showed great strength and leadership qualities in this battle. He was constantly putting himself in harm’s way for the safety of New Yorkers. It was a memorable watch. 

The airport fight:

This fight was in the movie Captain America: Civil War. Although it was hard for many fans to see their favorite superheroes going against each other in a fight, it was still a good fight. 

It is not unlike Marvel to combine serious issues with bits of fun. The airport fight was a perfect blend. Captain America, as usual, did his thing. The part where he went off with the newly recruited kid-Spiderman stood out for most people. 

The fight with Iron man:

This fight was at the end of Captain America: Civil War. This particular fight wasn’t as fun as the airport fight because it involved friends. 

Iron man found out Buck (who was friends with Captain America) killed his parents a while back, and he set his mind on avenging them. 

Tony Stark wasn’t going to let this vengeance go. That scene shows viewers a whole new side of Tony Stark. Cap had to protect one friend from the other, which wasn’t an easy task. 

Even if it were a fight, the viewers wouldn’t have chosen. It still showed how much skill Captain America has. 

Battle of Wakanda:

The battle of Wakanda happened in the Avengers infinity war. However, he didn’t get as much screen time as most people would have liked. He maximized the few appearances he got. 

Two scenes stood out for most people—the scene where Thanos’ forcefully entered Wakanda. The Black Panther, alongside Captain America, ran towards the battle with their army right behind. That moment deserves to be framed. 

The second scene was when he held Thanos’ hand for a brief moment with all the strength he could muster. That moment was beyond anything we had seen before. The brief shock on the Mad Titan’s face sealed the deal for many fans. 

The fight with Thanos:

With the little screen time Captain America got in Infinity Wars, many people couldn’t wait for him to go off with Thanos in the End game. He did get his time with Thanos, and it was iconic. 

Captain America goes against Thanos alongside his colleagues, Thor, and Iron Man. They got into a fight. But in the first stage, he gets beaten badly until Captain America wields the legendary hammer-Mjolnir and starts beating Thanos, mercilessly. 

Luke Cage’s Best Fight

The comic hero has had some legendary fights that got people wondering if there is a battle he cannot win, with his super strength and bulletproof skin. He went from being a hero on the streets, engaging in small fights to taking on real villains. Here are some of his memorable comic victories:


Every marvel viewer knows that Juggernaut is one of the strongest Marvel characters. He has lived up to his famous line, “Nobody stops the Juggernaut.” 

Juggernaut got his power and strength from Cyttorak’s Crimson Gem. He has found himself apart from the power of the gem on different occasions. It was on one of these days that Luke Cage fought with him. 

It is worthy to note that fighting Juggernaut without the gem’s power is not easy work, but Luke Cage made it look easy. Luke became Juggernaut’s leader for a brief period due to certain circumstances, and Juggernaut turned against him, which was the cause of the fight. 

Many don’t count the fight as much because Juggernaut wasn’t at his “full” capacity. But anybody who knows Juggernaut knows that he isn’t an easy opponent with or without the power of his gem. 


Karl lykos’s father took him on a journey when he was a teenager. The mysterious place was where his father worked as a private bodyguard for a certain rich man and his family. 

While on this journey with his father, they encountered mutant Pterodactyls. Karl got bitten while he was protecting the rich man’s daughter. The bite turned him into an “energy sucking vampire.” 

He later fell in love with the rich man’s daughter, but her father didn’t think he was the right fit for her. He left their house and became a scientist. 

It was during this period that he Crossed paths with the Xmen. He was trying to suck out the energy from Havoc when he became a mutant Pterodactyl. 

He took on the X-men several times and won. In the New Avengers arc, he was the main villain, and he went against the newly reformed Avengers, Luke Cage included. 

Luke Cage knocks Sauron down with one punch. It was an incredible moment! 

Doctor Doom:

In the comic series Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #9, Luke was given a job as a mercenary by somebody who worked for Doctor doom. He did the job well, and it was time to get his promised $200. Doctor Doom thought it wise not to pay up, and Luke wasn’t ready to let go of his money. 

He asked for his money several times, and Doctor Doom refused to pay up. Remember that Doctor Doom is one of the most feared and powerful villains in Marvel. He has gone up against so many heroes unscathed. 

Luke goes to the fantastic four to borrow a Rocket that would take him to Latveria, Doom’s home. He got to Latveria when the coup against Doctor Doom was in full force. He fought his way to Doom. He saw Doom and said the famous four words, “where’s my money honey?” 

Luke defeated Doctor Doom by continuously punching one part of his armor till he penetrated it. He would later collect honey and save Doctor Doom as well if this isn’t an iconic act! 

What Are The Most Popular Luke Cage Pairings? 

Marvel fans are always comparing different Marvel characters with each other. There is a long list of marvel fights that fans want to see happen. So, there is the question of who would win if they fight with another hero. 

Maybe because of his impenetrable skin, Luke Cage’s fighting abilities often get compared to other Marvel heroes. Here are some of the most popular comparisons:

  • Luke Cage Vs. Thor 
  • Spiderman Vs. Luke Cage 
  • Luke Cage Vs. Hulk 
  • Luke Cage Vs. Jessica Jones 
  • Luke Cage Vs. Iron fist 

What Are The Most Popular Captain America Pairings? 

Captain America has been in so many fights, but there are people he hasn’t been able to beat for years. There are also certain characters that many people think he needs a rematch with. Some of these people are his friends and fellow Avengers. There is a long list of names, but here are a few: 

  • Doctor Strange Vs. Captain America 
  • Captain America Vs. Ghost rider 
  • Spiderman Vs. Captain America 
  • Hawkeye Vs. Captain America 
  • Captain America Vs. Cyclops 


The two superheroes, Luke Cage and Captain America are both strong and tough. But in a fight with each other, Captain America would win because he is more tactical and has more skill. 

This post is an overview of the outcome of a fight between Luke Cage and Captain America and some of their beat fights. 

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