Why Did Vegeta Turn To Stone? Vegeta’s Greatest Sacrifice 

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Dragon Ball is one of the most watched animation actions on the planet. The number of kids, teenagers, and adults that watch the show put it on top of many lists. One of the biggest stars of Dragon Ball is Vegeta.

The scene of Vegeta turning to stone is one of the most iconic and inspiring moments of Dragon Ball. Every movie fan loves a big explosion, and nothing inspires more than a hero’s sacrifice to defeat evil.

It was a big way to end the story of an incredible hero in the show, and many fans wonder why Vegeta turned into stone after using his abilities so let’s get into it;

Why Did Vegeta Turn To Stone?

Vegeta was fed up with Buu, and he decided to finish him off once and for all. To do this, he created an extraordinary explosion using all his Ki at the same time. 

His body could not withstand such a high amount of energy, so he got scorched by his power. The self-destruction turned him into compacted ash, not stone.

Where Did Buu Come From?

Buu is one of the most potent and mysterious villains ever to get featured on Dragon Ball. His origin has always been unclear in many stories, and you need to get a better idea of where he comes from, so let’s get into it.

To understand Buu’s origin, you need to know Aladjinn, the embodiment of negativity, evil, and darkness. 

This entity helped in creating the 12 universes that we know of. He watched over the universes for billions of years after the creation.

He then created a son in his image, Buu, in some of those billions of years he spent guarding the universes. 

This creation was his way of going to the mortal plane because, as an entity, he cannot go there. He sent Buu to the mortal plane and gave him all his darkness and chaos to go with.

Bibidi created a Buu in Aladjinn’s image, but he couldn’t give him the power he needed. 

Bibidi makes a deal with Aladjinn to give Buu power, and in return, he pledges his allegiance and that of anyone he would come across to Aladjinn.

Aladjinn agrees with this deal and gives Kid Buu the power that turns him into the powerful villain we all know. His origin from Aladjinn and his aspect of darkness and evil make them say that he was a presence in the Universe.

This darkness is seen when he reverts to Kid Buu. He is all just demons and can’t even speak.

Differences Between Gogeta And Vegito

These two were considered the strongest and greatest Dragon Ball characters, and they have many similarities. They are, however, two separate characters, and here are some aspects that differentiate them from one another;

1. Name and Appearance

Despite both characters being a fused form of Vegeta and Goku, they have different names. Gogeta being a combination of the names Goku and Vegeta it speaks more to the participants involved in the fusion.

Their appearance in terms of body structure and face makes them different. Looking keenly at Gogeta’s face, you can see he is a fifty-fifty split of the two participants’ faces. On the other hand, Vegito takes after Vegeta since he was the dominant character in the fusion. 

2. Fusion method

Both these characters go through fusions that give them an incredible amount of strength. However, the fusions are performed differently. Gogeta fuses using the fusion dance.

The fusion dance is a technique Goku learned after he died in the soul games from a group of people called the Metamorns. 

The dance needs two people of the same power level and almost similar physique taking a series of poses in sync. 

Vegito’s fusion is done using the Supreme Ki’s earrings. Any two people of any power can put the earrings on opposite ears, and they will immediately join bodies. This method is a more reliable and safer option compared to the dance.

3. Their Power

Depending on the participants, there is no formula to predict how powerful a fusion will become, but the earrings make for more potent fusions. 

This difference is because the fusion dance cuts down on power level while the earrings do not.

It is for this reason that both participants in a fusion dance must have equal power levels. This requirement is a disadvantage since one participant has to lower their power to match the other participant’s.

4. The Length of their Fusion

The fusion dance keeps the characters fused for only 30 minutes. This time is, however, beatable depending on how powerful a character is. Gogeta can hold his fused state for just a few minutes before splitting up.

The earrings, however, do not have this flaw. This fusion cannot be broken by time alone; there has to be some magic to end the fusion.

Top Most Powerful Dragon Ball Characters

Dragon Ball is a show that will take you away from our boring world and introduce you to a new world of possibilities. 

The best part about Dragon Ball is the characters and each of their abilities. These characters at times go toe to toe, but here are the most powerful of them.

1. Grand Minister

The Grand Minister is Whis’ father and parent to all the angels in the Universe. The Grand Minister’s strength is unquestionable, although we are yet to see him fight. Considering the role he plays in the movie, it’s clear that he would be mighty.

There are repeated mentions of his skill and power by Whis and several other characters. He can cross through the multiverse in an instant and cause devastation without raising a finger. He can even locate any soul in the Universe regardless of where it is.

2. Whis

This character is elegant, highly knowledgeable, and sassy, which come into his fighting skills and make for amazing scenes. 

As seen in how Whis controls Beerus, it is undoubtedly one of the best commands of power in Dragon Ball.

He beat both Vegeta and Goku with seemingly no effort, which says something about his skills. He can even control time with a single click of his staff. Reversing time requires a lot of power, and his showing this puts him high on this list.

3. Goku 

From the first time we saw him unleash his power; everyone knew that this was a character that would dominate the tournament. 

Goku has cemented himself as one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball, and he has only gotten more awesome with time.

He has taken up several forms, including the Blue, which makes him even deadlier. He recently slipped into the realm of Divinity because of the ultra-instinct force. 

This force has given him a significant advantage over Jiren, and the other characters fear his might.

4. Jiren

Jiren is such a skilled warrior with a lot of spirit that Goku could not defeat on his own. He took out multiple contestants during the tournament of power, including Vegeta, without breaking a sweat.

It took Goku unlocking the power of Ultra-instinct to stand a chance against Jiren. Although he lost in the end, there is no doubt that his power will be much more devastating the next time we see him.

5. Vegito

The supreme Ki confesses that Vegito has more substantial powers than Beerus, and it is clear. This character takes advantage of his blue form and can use his blue form, and he completely overwhelms Zamasu, who is, in fact, immortal.

Unfortunately, he was too strong to hold power for long. If he had managed to contain it, they would have been perhaps the most powerful Dragon Ball character.

6. Beerus

Beerus is one of the most powerful entities in Dragon Ball, as seen in his calm disposition and fight scenes. 

He tells Goku that he was too weak to make Beerus max out; he preferred to die over maxing out on such a weakling.

This god of destruction proved to be a deadly foe when he went up against Goku and nearly killed him virtually effortlessly. 

Beerus did not destroy the planet because he liked the food; otherwise, no one would have stopped him.


It is important to note that Vegeta turned to ash when he exploded and not a rock. He used all his Ki at once to create an explosion that he thought could kill Buu, but his body could not take it. The intense amount of energy scorched him and compacted the ash, making it look like stone.

Buu has been one of the worst Villains on Dragon Ball, which can be attributed to his origin. 

Buu was born from Aladjinn, who is a creature of darkness and negativity, which defines Buu. This darkness is seen when he goes back to Kid Buu, and he is all demons.

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