Why Do People Vote Republican? Understanding 28% Of Americans

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The United States of America is one of the greatest countries on this planet. 

It has achieved this status due to cooperation between various leaders and civilians in the country. A big part of this is showing respect for each other’s beliefs.

For America to stay great, all Americans have to stick to the values that build this country. Which means that they have to understand and respect the political opinions of fellow Americans. Let us get into the details of this;

Why Do People Vote Republican?

Whether or not you have strong political opinions, you need to understand everyone’s views. This understanding will put you in a better position to work with them and build a more peaceful society. So why do people vote Republican? 

One of the biggest reasons for Republican supporters is religion. White evangelicals wildly vote for republicans, which is one of the most significant advantages the Republican Party has. 

This support is because the ideals perpetuated by the Republican Party go with the church. The Republican’s uncompromising stand against abortion is one of these factors. 

Most religious people share this belief, so they lean towards Republicans because they have common ground. This section makes up to 1/3 of white voters vote for the Republican.

The whole Republican plan seems to be putting Americans above all else, and it appeals to morality. 

This aspect might come off as racism since most Republicans are white, but that is not the most significant factor here, although it is an element.

Statistics from the last election show that more uneducated people voted for Trump, a Republican candidate. 

This finding is because they are easier to sway by ideas that learned people know are not factual. 

And so, by this logic, a large percentage of educated Americans tend to vote Democrat because it has a more progressive means of reasoning. 

Republicans also get most people on their ideas of freedom, both social and economic. These choices make more people want to go with the Republicans since we all like to control our lives. 

This, to most people, translates to being able to reach their full potential, so they vote republican. The Republicans sell the idea of personal freedom and accountability that comes with the freedom they offer.  

People feel like the Republican is a way to ensure a free future for their children and all coming generations.

The Republican pushes every American to be responsible for their county. Most Americans vote Republican because it pushes for a judicial system that interprets the law to serve the Americans justly and swiftly. 

The values instilled in most Americans are that you need to do more for your country than your country does for you. 

This idea that the Republican Party is pushing conforms to most people’s values and makes them more agreeable to the population.

The Republican Party has tapped into the moral ideals that most people hold, which has helped them significantly raise their candidates to the White house. 

As much as the gap between the two parties is thin, the republican still holds a considerable population.

History Of The Republican Party

To understand the present, you need to take a trip to the past and see what caused the present to be as it is. 

The same concept applies to political parties like the Republicans. Let us look at where this party came from to understand its structure currently;

Anti-slavery movements in the 1850s formed the GOP, and during this time, the Republican Party was the progressive party in politics. 

Abraham Lincoln would become the first Republican president, which partly set the stage for the civil war.

Lincoln won the war and freed the slaves. However, after Lincoln’s assassination, the Republicans punished the leaders of the Confederacy by denying them the right to vote and hold offices. 

They also gave slaves the right to vote, which turned the south against them. In 1896, the Republicans had a large holding in the Senate. 

This period cemented them with conservative social policies, low taxes, and anti-government interference in the economy.  This policy remained so even during the great depression after the stock market collapse. 

This abandonment led to Roosevelt winning the white house with 413 electoral votes, and he stayed in power for three consecutive terms. 

The Republicans didn’t want to lose control for that long again, so they passed the 22nd amendment, which limited presidential terms to 2.

In 1964, democrat Lyndon Johnson passed the civil rights act, and this move defined both the democrats and Republicans as we know them today. Republicans took in the white voters that were abandoning the democrats.

This led to them changing most of their social issues, and the Republicans seemingly switched opinions with democrats. 

The Next best leader the Republicans had was Ronald Reagan despite Nixon and the Watergate scandal. The scandal was a blow to the Republican party, and it would hurt their reputation in the future.

The Downfall Of The Republican Party

Of course, the Republican Party still exists, but it is not as popular as it used to be. A series of events in its recent history has led to this, and we need to look into them. 

These are events that happened in the last five presidencies, so they involve most people; Reagan was the father of modern conservatism, which involved a massive military and tax cuts buildup. 

Regan was preceded by George Bush, who cemented most of his predecessor’s policies, but everything didn’t go so well for him.

The 2001 terrorist attack made the Republicans seem good since the Americans were scared by 911. 

This would lead Bush to invade Iraq and Iran and drain the US budget, which led to a drop in his approval rating.

This mistake would lead the people to vote for Obama, a Democrat and the first Black president of the US. 

Obama moved quickly with his reforms in the HealthCare system and economy. Republicans, at this point, used the media to stir passion among their white supporters.

The Republicans in Congress didn’t repeal the Obama policies, which frustrated their voters and led to Trump. 

In the eyes of most Americans, Trump was embarrassing himself, but his outlandish behaviour made him a favourite by primary voters.

Trump eventually took the white house, and to most Americans, he made a mess out of it. His policies and intolerance with a hint of racism were not appealing to most Americans who are colour blind, and this ruined the Republican’s reputation.

The Changing Republican Party

The Republican party has a long history, and it would seem that their popularity is reducing. We need to understand why this is the case and how their changes affected their voter numbers. Let us give this issue a keen eye and unravel it;

The first thing that has changed is the aspect of morality. The Republicans have most of their voters because they use religion and moral ethics to connect with voters. 

This strength has become a problem for them since the morality of the party is deteriorating.

This is a matter that has been seen in other elections where the republicans dug up dirt on other candidates to use it as a tool to get them out of office. 

This tactic has been off-putting to a population of their voters, and it has damaged their reputation.

The Republican Party has changed the standards which made it so popular in the first place, and now it is losing voters to independent candidates and the Democrat party. Having Trump as president and flag bearer for them only made matters worse.

Trump used policies and had beliefs that the coming generation of more socially agreeable voters wasn’t okay with.

His vaguely racist speeches and anti-immigration policies made Trump look like a warlord, and this reflected on the party that put him in office.

During his time in office, Donald trump nearly started a nuclear war that could devastate the entire planet. 

In recent years, the Republican Party has only grown less popular. This is clear in the 2020 election where Joe Biden won over Donald Trump. 

Most Republicans are shifting to the Democrats because the Republicans don’t feel like the right choice for them anymore. For the same reason, independent candidates are becoming more popular in the US.

This is because expectations from their respective parties do not tie them down, and they can work because they serve voters from each party. 

If the Republican does not adapt to include all its voters, it will reduce popularity and eventually die off.


28% of Americans are republican supporters from the 2020 elections polls. This is a significant population, and most of these people are in the Republican Party because of the moral appeal.

The Republican Party supports ideologies that most Americans connect with religiously, and this has made them popular. 

In recent years, there has been a drop in Republican following since the party dropped most of its original values.

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