Why Does Cartoon Network Play Only TTG? Check Out The Reasons

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Stay tuned to Cartoon Network for a whole day. One of two things will happen. You will either hate or love one show: Teens Titans Go! (TTG). 

The show first premiered in 2013 with over 2 million viewers on its first day. It is currently in its seventh season. Warner Bros and DC Entertainment jointly produce the popular show.

We know kids love Cartoon Network. The pay-TV network has been here since 1992.

But the question on many lips is, why does Cartoon Network only play Teens Titans Go?

Why Cartoon Network Plays Only TTG

There are many reasons for this, from both the business and entertainment side of things. 

Let us consider them.

1. Airing Teen Titans Go is profitable for Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network plays TTG because it is profitable for them. Cartoon Network is, first and foremost, a business organization. The primary aim of every business enterprise is to make a profit.

It makes logical sense to infer that Teens Titans Go! Show rakes insufficient revenue for Cartoon Network. Otherwise, they would have stopped airing the show by now.

Cartoon Network also makes money from the sale of merchandise from the TTG show. The show has five characters, each with its characteristic costume and saleable merchandise.

2. The kids love Teens Titans Go

While adults focus on the analysis, kids are enjoying the show. The bulk of the opinions opposed to the series come from adults or older kids who have probably outgrown the show. 

Well, the fact remains Cartoon Network is for kids and kids alone. The kids on the market. And if the kids love the show such that it still has enough viewers to keep it playing all day, who cares about what the adults think?

3. TTG is easy to produce

Teens Titans Go is easy to produce. The dialogue is simple and hilarious. So both the script and the animation are easy to make.  

As a result, production takes less time and resources. Since the producers can make many episodes in a short period, there’s a quick turnover. The viewers also have fresh content.

4. Teen Titans Go is still a popular show

Despite some opposition from adults and older teens, Teen Titans Go is still a popular show.

The show had excellent ratings in its infancy, which were even higher than many popular shows on Disneyworld and Nickelodeon.

Cartoon Network decided to ride on the show’s popularity, airing it as often as possible. The show is still popular and maintains an above-average rating. There’s no reason to stop airing a popular show.

Continue reading for more information about TTG.

About Teens Titans Go! (TTG)

Teens Titans Go! (TTG) premiered on Cartoon Network on 23rd April 2013. The first episode, Legendary Switch, had over 2 million viewers.

By June 2013, Cartoon Network was airing TTG for about 3-4 hours daily. TTG is currently the cartoon series with the highest number of episodes. It took over from Adventure Times, which had 274 episodes.

The TTG show also aired on Boomerang, making the first appearance on 1st December 2014. Boomerang later took it off their schedule on 2nd October 2015. 

Boomerang restored TTG to their screens a year later, on 26th October 2015. Boomerang eventually stopped airing Teens Titans Go on 2nd April 2017.

Teens Titans Go! is a parody of the more serious Teen Titans (TT) animation series. Teen Titans involves heroes and their battles. TTG shows what these heroes do at their leisure. The characters and voices are the same in TT and TTG.

Teen Titans is a comic show that tells of Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Robin, and Beast Boy.

Teen Titans Go plot

TTG is a comic adaptation of the superheroes of the Teen Titans series. 

Teen Titans Go is an animated adventure series that involves four young heroes: Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Robin, and Starfire.

These young titans live together in Jump City as teenagers without any adults to disturb them.

The scenes are crazy and comic. We see the Teen Titan characters in more reduced or exaggerated roles.

Complaints About Teen Titans Go

Some people find it annoying that the show is aired for almost an entire day, every day of the week. They would want their kids to see other cartoon shows to have a balanced development. 

Cartoon Network airs TTG for a record 84 times a week. The closest competitor in shows per week is Amazing World of Gumball, which airs 43 times a week.

Another complaint has to do with the number of reruns. Cartoon Network repeats old episodes more often than they air new ones.

Older people complain that except for similarities in character and voice, the TTG show bears no similarity with the original Teen Titan series. Fans of the TT consider TTG a misrepresentation of the original show.

About The Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

Warner Bros released a feature film based on the TTG – Teen Titans Go! To The Movies – in 2018.

This movie – an adaptation of the TTG series – derived its storyline from events in season 5.

The movie features Tara Strong, Kara Payton, Greg Cipes, Scott Memville, and Hayden Watch in their respective roles and voices.

The movie premiered in US and Canada theatres on 27th July 2018. The movie had a budget of $10 million, grossing over $52.1 million worldwide in box office revenue.

The Teen Titans Go Movie Plot

The movie retains the five characters of the TTG animation series.

TTG plot:

The movie begins with the arrival of the teen titans in Jump City on a mission to stop Balloon Man. 

However, Balloon Man does not recognize the young titans. So, they introduce themselves with a rap song. (Go).

They get distracted in the process, forcing Justice League heroes to intervene and eventually defeat the Balloon Man.

The young titans consequently received criticisms for being unserious about their superhero status.

Robin – the team’s leader –  then attends a movie premiere. The audience makes a mockery of him in the event, giving him the impression that the movie was about him. 

Nearby, Slade attempts to steal a crystal at the STAR labs. But Slade was stopped by the timely intervention of the young titans. Slade, however, escapes.

The team creates a film the next day to cheer up Robin, but he turns it off. He then goes to Hollywood to make a film for the group.

At Warner Bros. studios, they meet director Jade Wilson, the famous superhero film producer. Jade turns them down, saying she would only make a superhero film about them if they were the only superheroes in the world. 

The titans went back in time to prevent the origin of other superheroes (“crystal and back in time”).

They ended up erasing the superheroes’ existence. Realizing their blunder, the titans went back in time once more to undo their actions. 

Slade arrives at Wayne Tech and tries to infuse the power of the crystal but is stopped by the titans, who arrive on time.

The titans secure the crystals, but Slade escapes again. Their fight with Slade earned them an invitation from Jade, who finally agreed to make a movie about them.

While Robin enjoys a tour around the premises, the rest of the team goes out for an adventure. They found a device called Doomsday, and because they thought it was dangerous, they destroyed it.

Their action did not sit well with Jade. She explained that Doomsday was an acronym for a new streaming service for her current movie project.

She decided only to make the movie about Robin, who agreed to the dismay of the rest of the team.

Robin suggests a parting of ways to the rest of the team as he believes they were holding each other back.

Robin eventually made his movie. However, he regretted the loss of his friends.

In the movie’s final scene, a sleeping Robin had a fall and woke up to find Slade, who revealed that he had been disguising as Jade all the while.

Slade steals the crystal from Robin and traps him in the titan tower. He revealed that Doomsday was a device that could control minds and allow him to conquer the world.

Robin managed to escape before Jade destroyed the titans’ tower. He sought his friends and apologized to them.

The team regrouped and battled their adversary. Although Slade invented means to destroy them, she failed in the end.


Teen Titans Go (TTG) is a popular animated series that airs on Cartoon Network. 

It first premiered in 2013 with over 2 million viewers on its first day—the series is currently in its seventh season.

Many people wonder why Cartoon Network airs the show for almost an entire day, every day of the week. 

The reasons are not far-fetched. Cartoon Network makes a lot of revenue from the series. The sale of merchandise alone rakes in a lot of profit.

Another reason is that the show is still popular among the kids who constitute the main audience.

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